I Know Everything Chapter 249

Chapter 249: One step at the time.

Unsurprisingly, two people from the CBA went to the small noodle shop the next day.

The ones that came were Yu Caiming the general manager of the Zhejiang CBA team and the head coach Hu Dong.

The two were very polite when they met Chen Huan.

“Teacher Lu, congratulations on your epic performance last night!” Yu Caiming started to praise the moment he came up, “Your athleticism and skills are definitely more than enough to play in the CBA. So are you interested in playing in the competition?”

“Don’t worry, our coaches are very professional with cutting edge training. It would definitely help you make some progress so you can develop better in future!”

“I’m not interested.”

Chen Huan pondered for three minutes before he bluntly said.

If it was yesterday before the game, he would have the level of a star player in the CBA and maybe even a superstar.

But after the game ended yesterday and he won the championship, the Good Lord gifted him the ‘Professional Basketball (Intermediate)’.

His skills had been upgraded by several folds.

If Chen Huan went to the CBA now, it would be equivalent to how Big Yao dominated the CBA back then where all teams trembled at his sight. They finally cried in joy and lit up firecrackers when they heard he was going to the NBA.

At that level, Chen Huan couldn’t get anything from it or progress.

The most important thing was that it was impossible for the Good Lord to give him a reward for it.


When they asked, Chen Huan set aside three minutes before he gave his answer to see if the Good Lord would give out a mission.

He wouldn’t improve his basketball skills or get anything from it and it was also very tiring while needing to spend a lot of time on it.

So why would Chen Huan go then?

Yu Caiming nodded a few times, “That’s right, you’re still in high school and need to prepare for college…but we can make some arrangements in advance. We can sign a contract after you are admitted to college next year, how about that? rest assured, the conditions will be up to you! And if there is any conflict with your studies, we will not force it! You can rest at any time.”

There was no example of a college student playing in the CBA but because it was Chen Huan, the owner of the Zhejiang decided to discuss it with the university and come up with a special case solution.

As for the conflict it may have with the studies, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

University courses were very loose and there were very few classes in the evening so Chen Huan could spare some time to play and train.

As long as Chen Huan the Zhejiang team, they would benefit greatly from it as it would skyrocket their reputation, increase their attention on them and also have an opportunity to fight for the championship.

The CBA season was very short to begin with as it would only last three to four month so they believed Chen Huan would be able to handle the intensity.

“It’s better if we don’t. I don’t know whether I’m going to study here or abroad.” Chen Huan said.

“But it would be a waste of your talent!” Coach Hu Dong couldn’t hold it anymore, “Chen Huan, believe me, you’ll definitely become a legend in the CBA. You only need to spend two years in the CBA and get a sense of the game while waiting for your body to grow up while adding some weight to it. Then at 21, you can enter the NBA draft and repeat what Big Yao did or even do better than him!”

Hu Dong played for the national team in the 90s and was a small forward.

He wasn’t very skilled but he had good eyes.

He watched Chen Huan play four times in a row and was pleasantly surprised each time. He discovered that Chen Huan was a superstar seedling.

And it wasn’t a CBA superstar seedling.

As long as Chen Huan kept training and as long as he didn’t get any big injury, he would become a NBA superstar! A superstar like Big Yao!

He thought he would be surely recorded in the anal of history if he trained a future NBA superstar so Hu Dong felt that he mustn’t let Chen Huan stray from the right path.

If nothing else, he could go on TV as a consultant and point at him, “Look, did you see it? This is the NBA superstar and the pride of China that I trained!”… This kind of boasting right got Hu Dong even more motivated.

Chen Huan nodded once at first before he shook his head, “I know that maybe if I follow those steps I might reach them height but my favorite thing to do is still studying. I’m addicted to studying mathematics, English, physics etc… and I can’t extricate myself from it!”

Yu Caiming: “…”

Hu Dong: “…”

Can’t you speak normally?!

What kind of jokes is that?!

Is Chen Huan’s head still asleep!?

But he was an internationally recognized mathematician and many well-known had praised for his boundless future. Was it wrong for him to be interested in a much bigger and respected future?

What could they say at this moment?

Were they going to say that basketball was more interesting than studying mathematics and contributed more to the society?

They would be beaten to death by the media if they said this!

Sports and entertainment could never be compared to natural sciences! This was a very serious topic and they shouldn’t say random stuff.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chen Huan was too obstinate and ambitious.

It wasn’t easy for them to encounter a basketball genius but they had to let it go just like that?

“Teacher Lu…”

Yu Caiming pondered for a bit before he said, “Sports and mathematics are not very conflicting. You can regard sports as relaxation outside of your mathematical studies, can’t you? There are very few games of CBA each year and it won’t delay you much! The training can also strengthen your body so you could cope with the harshness of mathematical research!”

He finally thought of this angle.

Yu Caiming wasn’t dumb.

But his knowledge was limited and he didn’t know much about those science subjects.

Chen Huan still shook his head at the two eager men, “I have hobbies, isn’t writing songs one of them?”

The two were speechless.

They didn’t forget about this point.

They didn’t say playing in the CBA was profitable because they knew Chen Huan could sell a song for 2 million and donated more than 50 million away when he made ‘Life’s Only Love’.

Compared to that wealth, how much did the CBA earn in a year?

It was simply incomparable!

Now Chen Huan said that his hobby was writing songs and there was no way to discuss.

The two people looked at each other before Hu Dong said with rubbing his scalp, “How about this! Chen Huan ,your level far exceeded those of the student league. If you want to train, you can come to our training facilities to train with those CBA players, I’m sure it’ll be fruitful for you!”

Chen Huan felt a bit interested when he heard that, “Wouldn’t that be too presumptuous?”

“No, no!” Yu Caiming’s eyes lit up, “They will be happy if you came! Because you can help polish their skill!”

“Well, if I want to go there to train, I’ll call you in advance.” Chen Huan said with a nod.

“Student Chen Huan…” Hu Dong wanted to say something but stopped in the end.


“No-nothing, you’re welcome to come train as many times as you want!” Hu Dong said with a smile.

“Old Yu, why didn’t you let me speak?” Hu Dong asked in confusion, “Isn’t what we discussed about? He finally agreed!”

“Are you stupid?” Yu Caiming laughed up, “He only agreed to go to our facilities for training but then you said, how about you sign a short term contract and help us for a few games, aren’t you afraid he won’t come when he gets annoyed with you?”

Hu Dong thought more about it and believed it would be possible.

Other people were eager to play in a professional league but Chen Huan didn’t care about the CBA.

“What should we do then?” Hu Dong was a bit frustrated.

“We take it one step at the time! Let’s wait for him to come to us a few times, let him understand us better and form some friendships before we talk about it!” Yu Caiming said, “You should also give him some pointers toward tactics. After our relationship gets better, wouldn’t he be uncomfortable if he didn’t help?”

“You’re right!”

Hu Dong laughed.

Chen Huan’s talent and skills were the best he had ever seen.

It was impossible to compare him with Big Yao since they played different poste.

Maybe Big Yao was stronger than him in the paint but in terms of playmaking, stealing the ball and overall offensive ability, Chen Huan was much better.

Hu Dong felt like Chen Huan resembled Iverson, a super genius that dared to poke at Jordan in his peak.

If their team had one Iverson and even if it was a copycat Iverson, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to sweep away the domestic team!

The fish now had been hooked but could they draw the fish into the pond that was the Zhejiang Basketball Team?

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