I Know Everything Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: Rival’s dilemma.

Chen Huan somewhat expected the Good Lord’s reward but it also confused him a little.

From what Chen Huan understood from the Good Lord’s standard of professional basketball wasn’t based on the CBA at all but it was on the NBA standard.

‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ should be at the level of those bottom tier NBA players around rank 450.

But coupled with Chen Huan’s formula of strengthening muscles and bone marrow to optimize Chen Huan’s physical prowess, he should reach at least the level of those somewhat capable bench players that could low-mid tier contracts.

With ‘Professional Basketball (Intermediate)’ now and such a strong body, he should be at the level of a starting player in an average team. Even though he didn’t reach the level of those core or star players, it should be enough for him to get a good mid-tier contract!

But what was the use of giving such great skills?

Would he be encouraged by the Good Lord to play in the NBA for a season or two?

A great mathematician going to play basketball, that picture was a bit weird, no?

There was such a situation a few decades ago.

For example, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physic in 1922, Niels Bohr, was a very famous goalkeeper.

Many newspapers at the time described this award as “This year’s Nobel Prize in Physic was awarded to the famous football player Niels Bohr!”

( ⊙ w ⊙ ` ) !

There was an even more famous one.

The British biochemist Mr. Chain and won the Olympic sailing gold medal seven years later.

(I did some research and Ernst Boris Chain was the Medicine Nobel Prize winner in 1945 but there was no mention of the Olympics in his Wikipedia page but there was a Britton Chance who won the gold medal 1952.)

Such a double field champion was unprecedented.

Chen Huan pondered about those famous scientists and suddenly felt that the Good Lord may really want him to do that.

Just think about the system’s name!

Nobody is better than me!


But for the time being, Chen Huan didn’t put much thought on it.

He, the team and the coach enjoyed the awarding ceremony and held the trophy happily before he slipped away quietly.

Even the TV station’s interview was skipped and that made the beautiful female reporter feel very dumbfounded.

She thought she could dig out some interesting news out of Chen Huan.

But she didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so shameless as nobody knew when he left the team’s lounge.

Media’s interview was something people wished but couldn’t get as it could improve a player’s status and get them more money.

But this had no effect on Chen Huan.

At that time, many spectators had already left.

Sitting on the VIP seats and looking at those internet celebrities and reporters searching for Chen Huan everywhere while shouting randomly, Zhang Yaya sneered at Shui Qianyu.

“Shui Qianyu, if I’m not mistaken, Chen Huan must have left with Han Dong’er or Bu Yiyi, right?” She watched her rival in deep interest.

“They came all the way here to support him so Chen Huan will naturally have dinner with them.” Shui Qianyu said, “Is there anything strange to that?”

The spectators got quite excited when they saw Han Dong’er on the big screen and also Bu Yiyi in another corner hiding with a hat and sunglasses.

Everyone knew that both Han Dong’er and Bu Yiyi were good friends of Chen Huan.

There was no need to say more about the friendship between Han Dong’er and Chen Huan as they acted as a couple in ‘Love Letter’.

And they even made an epic collaboration in ‘I Sing My Song’ to produce the strongest singing talent show champion, Grandpa Zhao Changshou.

There were many people who insisted that Han Dong’er would become Chen Huan’s girlfriend and that was inevitable.

Bu Yiyi also had an very good relationship with Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wrote a special Yuzhou version of ‘Thank You for Your Love’ for Bu Yiyi and that made her shine brightly.

In addition, there was no secret that Shanhai Streaming was doing a super production detective TV show.

This news was being spread everywhere.

It was said that Shanhai Streaming spent a lot of money on this TV show and that the protagonist they casted was Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi.

Chen Huan made his debut in the Film and TV industry as a Film newcomer and was nominated as the most promising newcomer in the film industry last year so it was a bit unexpected for him to act in a TV series.

Everyone thought that Chen Huan would be in the big screen if he wanted to act and that TV series was a lower step so Chen Huan wouldn’t act in them.

But Shanhai Streaming announced that Chen Huan joined ‘Young Di Renjie’ and his picture was shown on their website.

Compared to Chen Huan, Bu Yiyi joined and attracted much more attention.

It was the Young Flower Dan from Huajin Opera!

This was an actress that had the potential to become a heavenly queen but she actually took a TV series role.

Was money really that omnipotent?

The answer gave people a headache.


The Princess was so bold with her money that she could make two supernovas join her work obediently.

So it was normal for Bu Yiyi to come here to watch Chen Huan and deepen the friendship with her future coworker.

“Hehe, if you don’t go on the offensive and drive out those succubus and hoes, you’ll lose the initiative.” Zhao Yaya grinned, “If that’s the case, even if I win in the end, I won’t feel any sense of accomplishment.”

Shui Qianyu just rolled her eyes at her and was unwilling to talk about such matters with this girl who was in her rebellious phase.

So she changed the subject, “Zhang Yaya, I heard your family’s business is going through a rough patch! If you become a bit more obedient and give up those unrealistic thoughts of you, I don’t mind letting Chen Huan helping you think of a way to help!”

Zhang Yaya rolled her eyes back in turn, “You think Chen Huan can do something that multiple elite managers with an annual salary of several millions can’t do? He’s a genius mathematician, a genius songwriter, a genius basketball player but he isn’t a genius entrepreneur!”

“How would you know if you don’t give it a try? Chen Huan is very amazing!” Shui Qianyu wanted to say but stopped.

“Tsk, I don’t have the time to squabble with you, I’m leaving!” Zhang Yaya gave a fake disdainful glance before standing up to leave.

But Shui Qianyu felt that this little girl was a bit flustered.

She was hiding her nervousness.

The reason was simple.

Shui Qianyu knew that the Zhang’s family large scale supermarket had been greatly impacted by the development of online shopping in the recent years.

For example, Habao from Habao Technology and Jingtong from Yangtze River Group were two super unicorn online shopping websites that were developing like crazy in different markets.

From the initial assault of low prices, to the continuous improvement on the all-around delivery, quality, after sales and other services, Habao and Jingtong had already made their way into people’s lives.

Although the business in the supermarket sector wasn’t bad, their growth had long been stunted in contrast.

The largest supermarket in the world was Walmart, Carrefour and Ito Yokado.

They had a deep foundation and were everywhere so they were basically the top 3 in China.

However, there were 1.5 billion people in China and a lot of demand so they couldn’t cover everything.

So there were also a lot of local brands of supermarkets.

The Zhang’s family supermarket started in the 1990s and had been running for more than 20 years now. It had a very good reputation and 30 billion in assets.

That wealth would make them rank amongst the top in the Zhejiang province.

But because of online shopping and the rising labor costs among other various reasons, it was said that Zhang’s supermarket was likely to make a loss this year.

A bit of loss wasn’t a problem for a large and stable company.

In business, loss and profit goes hand in hand so it was a common thing.

During the entrepreneurial period, the Zhang’s supermarket racked a terrifying debt in order to expand.

But with the economic development later, the supermarket sector got better and better so they quickly got out of their unfavorable situation and succeeded in acquiring a lot of wealth.

The key point was they were expected to keep making losses.

When the people talked about it, they said it was the start of Zhang’s supermarkets decline.

Under the unstoppable development of online shopping, they would continue to shrink and continue to lose money before finally going bankrupt.

It may take five to eight years or even three to five years.

Thinking of such a huge and beautiful company collapse at a speed visible to the naked eyes was a very frightening thing, that was why Shui Qianyu mentioned it to Zhang Yaya.

Although the both of them were rivals, Shui Qianyu knew that Zhang Yaya wasn’t someone bad as she was familiar with her rival for many years so it would be great if she could give her a hand.

Shui Qianyu not only heard of it from the news and speculation but also heard it from Chen Huan who explained the phenomenon to her.

Based on Shui Qianyu’s understanding of Chen Huan and although Chen Huan didn’t say it, he should have a way to deal with the decline.

So she was prepared to call Chen Huan to counsel Zhang Yaya’s father if Zhang Yaya was willing to listen.

Whether it worked or not, it would be a novel thinking and it was better to have more perspective.

She also believed that Zhang Yaya’s father wouldn’t look down on Chen Huan because he was a young man. Chen Huan was a world renowned mathematician after all and a well-known genius. He would be truly naïve and stupid if he regarded Chen Huan as a child.

Unfortunately, Zhang Yaya didn’t want to talk about it.

Perhaps Zhang Yaya was afraid to think about this matter.

It was similar to the ostrich mentality of things wouldn’t happen if they didn’t hear or think about it.

So Shui Qianyu could only give up for now.

She would mention it again when things get even harder and if Zhang Yaya was still unwilling to listen, then it would be her problem.

Anyways, she was someone from a family that had tens of million in wealth, it would be indeed too much for her to worry about someone that had billions in wealth.

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