I Know Everything Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Quintuple Double! Champion!

The education bureau handled things quite quickly.

The small forward of Monarch School Yang Quan had been banned for five years from any basketball competition due to the extremely malicious foul he committed and this included major competition.

There was no extra punishment.

The reason was simple.

He was beaten up by the eight School Flowers of Virtuous Middle School until he had soft tissue contusion all over his body and would require two or three months before he could completely recover. It was uncertain if he would be able to participate in the college entrance exams or not.

Moreover, Yang Quan also lost the opportunity to enroll in a sports school as they wouldn’t admit such a student in their rank.

The punishment and retribution should be enough.

The eight School Flowers were also punished for beating Yang Quan.

They were fined to pay for Yang Quan’s medical expanse and must write a letter of apology to him.

This matter turned a bit big and many old school people felt that this would be a bad influence so must be dealt with seriously.

But who told them that their families were all big local snakes so the punishment slap was raised high but fell gently.

However due to this, more attention and importance were paid to the finals of Lin’an High School League.

In the finals, Virtuous Middle School would put against Second High.

First of all, the two teams were strictly instructed to not try any malicious actions and that it wouldn’t be tolerated.

Even if some action could be used in the NBA or CBA, it wouldn’t be allowed here as everything must be done fairly or they would be dealt with a heavy hand.

The two teams were high school students so those restrictions worked very well on them.

It was especially pressed to the students of Second High by the principal and teachers.

The main meaning was that no matter what, do not hurt Chen Huan.

The starters or bench players all nodded obediently whether they felt rebellious or not.

What a joke. 

It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen the video of Yang Quan being beat up.

The sight of eight girls beating a man with chairs was just terrifying.

They also couldn’t go and beat up those girls otherwise everyone would turn against them and maybe more people would rush into the court and beat them up.

And they also had their own pride as a first class high school in Lin’an.

It meant that they weren’t good enough if they couldn’t win so they just had to work harder.

It would be an embarrassment if they did any tricks when they lost.

Look at Monarch School right now, even if they weren’t from the basketball team, they couldn’t even lift their head up.

This was the classic of losing pride and gaining embarrassment.

The whole final was held with a friendly and united atmosphere.

The venue for the final this time was the Lin’an City Gymnasiums that was usually used for the CBA.

The previous game for Lin’an High School League had never been held here even when it was the final.

But this year because of Chen Huan’s appearance and the skills he showed had attracted the attention of many fans so the education bureau and the sports bureau arranged it here.

After all, the fact that their high school league could receive so much attention would bring glory to all officials.

This was also an opportunity to promote Lin’an.

The number one person in the prefecture heard of this matter and told them to take care of this well so a lively final could happen.

Because of this, the TV station also sent a film crew to film the entire game so they could pick up some scene to show in the news.

Today was Saturday so everyone was free.

Lin’an City Gymnasium had 5000 seats and was packed today.

Of course, those who came were mostly students as there were 3000 students from Virtuous Middle School and Second High.

There were a lot of students who came from various schools and adding the school management personnel, journalists, internet celebrities etc… it was full.

Fan Quanqing felt a bit nervous after seeing so many people for the first time.

“Brother Huan, aren’t we too much in the limelight?” He nervously said, “Would anything bad happen?”

“Just relax, it’s impossible to play well if you can’t handle the pressure.” Huang Peng confidently said, “We have Brother Huan anyway so it’s impossible for them to beat us on the court!”

As a former member of a weak chicken team, Huang Peng felt like he was qualified to make such a bold statement as it contained even a bit of disdain.

He felt proud even if that confidence was given by Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was doing his own warm up and was always focused as he paid no attention to these matters.

“Just do your best.” Chen Huan said calmly, “If they don’t pull any tricks, let us enjoy the last game!”

“You’re right!”

He Kelin clapped, “I’ll add something, we’ll be able to brag for our entire life if we win this game so let’s do it!”

“Let’s Go!”

The few of them focused and hyped themselves up.

They knew that this would be the last time they played with Chen Huan as they would do and go to different places when they entered universities so how could they play together again?

So every player  and even the bench players of Virtuous Middle School cherished this occasion.

Compared to them, Second High felt sad.

They watched the game of Virtuous Middle School against Monarch School and how Chen Huan was an unstoppable cheat code.

Even their CBA retired coach said that Chen Huan’s skill was first class amongst CBA players and his strength wasn’t inferior to those at the national team.

Why are they even playing?

What’s the point?

There may not be a big gap between high school players and college players but there was a huge gap between high school players and junior high players let alone the gap between them and Chen Huan who was at the top of CBA!

Their hearts shook when they thought on how they would become a stain on Second High.

But they couldn’t back out after reaching this point, they couldn’t give up before the game evens started, right?

They just had to bite the bullet and fight.

But the good point was that they didn’t have the pressure to win so they could just give their best to not lose shamefully.

They could save some face if they could have some good performance.

Instead of thinking about how to turn it around and faceslap, it was better to think about how to keep their faces.


The game began as the whistle resounded.

Huang Peng didn’t try to compete with the opponent center Rong Liang for the jumpball but Gao Mengda, the opponent’s point guard, was met against Chen Huan’s defense when he dribbled the ball forward.

He gritted his teeth and dribbled suddenly toward the right before putting his foot down and ran toward his right.

However, Chen Huan didn’t take the feint as when the ball left Gao Mengda’s hand, Chen Huan poked the ball away before he rushed past Gao Mengda and rushed toward the opponent’s half court.

“Get back on defense!”

Rong Liang shouted and ran back toward his own half.

The shooting guard Xu Bo stepped up and tried to cut Chen Huan’s path but was completely erased by Chen Huan crossover.

Xu Bo tried to grab Chen Huan’s shirt but when he stretched his hand forward, he could only see Chen Huan’s back.

There were no players to defend as Chen Huan made his way toward the basket.

In this kind of situation, it would be an embarrassment if he didn’t show off some of his skills.

When he was 3 meters from the basket, Chen Huan jumped high up and did a tomahawk dunk.


Everyone exclaimed loudly in the gymnasium.

They had watched videos of Chen Huan before but seeing in real life felt very different.

The impact was stronger and they got more excited.

Chen Huan’s dunk set the tone for the finals.

The score was 10:2 after five minutes.

Chen Huan scored 8 points for Virtuous Middle School with two dunks and two jumpshots.

Second High already started to feel despair.

Because they found out that Chen Huan took his offensive game up another notch in the final compared to his semifinal game.

Insane dribbling!

Insane passing!

Insane shooting!

Chen Huan seemed to be omnipotent on the court as he was active in both offense and defense.

Everyone also noticed that Chen Huan didn’t shy away from contact against the biggest and strongest player of Second High, Rong Liang.

Could you imagine a 180cm guard pushing away a 195cm center?

Rong Liang couldn’t stop him at all. He couldn’t move Chen Huan even if he used all his strength.

Even Rong Liang couldn’t stop Chen Huan, let alone the other.

It was an eye opener for the audience as they witnessed a beautiful basketball that even CBA didn’t have.

Just like watching Jordan playing, they just needed to watch Chen Huan alone.

It was impossible for them to look at any other person when Chen Huan was on the court.

In the second half when the score gap was more than 30 points, Second High had simply two plays to go guard Chen Huan but they still couldn’t stop him.

Chen Huan used his godly stamina to continuously run around and sap away the endurance of the two players.

They didn’t only run until they were out of breath as Chen Huan often led them to collide against their teammate or against each other.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that they could do something about as they were run ragged by Chen Huan that head started to get dizzy.

It could be said that Chen Huan turned them into jokes.

The players from Second High felt a bit like crying.

They felt humiliated at the same time.

We didn’t even try anything malicious like that student from Monarch School, why are you playing so hard?!

The spectators didn’t care about that as they only cared that they were watching a great performance.

The game ended at 75:38 as they constantly cheered.

Virtuous Middle School score line wouldn’t make any controversy at all.

They dominated Second High since the beginning and got a 37 points gap and won the 2015 Lin’an High School League.

Chen Huan alone got 50 points, 33 steals, 11 assists, 12 rebounds and 10 blocks. He achieved an unprecedented quintuple double!

At that moment when the whistle blew at the end of the game, Chen Huan heard the sweet sound of the system and also people chanting “MVP”.

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak chicken host finally led the team to defeat high school students beautifully so the system will readily give out the promised rewards’.

“The host received ‘Professional Basketball (Intermediate)’ and the system hopes that the host will continue to work hard to receive more rewards!”

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