I Know Everything Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Gratifying achievements.

Without surprise, I Like Mantis Shrimp and other internet celebrities uploaded an edited video of the match and it immediately caused a sensation online.

There were people broadcasting it live but it passed so quickly and it couldn’t be replayed so the things weren’t as impressive.

It was better to watch on Weibo as they could watch it on multiple angles and replay it as they wished .

“No way? Is he playing basketball or beating people?”

“I’m hurting for my Fang Shu, who is this ugly and vicious looking guy? Why didn’t the police arrest him?”

“I’m not bragging but if this happened in one of our games, we would beat him up until he can’t take care of himself anymore!”

“This brute is feeling hatred because of pure jealousy and inferiority! He couldn’t win so he did such a malicious action. What an embarrassment to basketball players!”

“Thank the heaven for protecting my Sister Xiaofeng otherwise if he was really injured, me and my girls will definitely rush to Lin’an and cut this criminal to 18 parts!”

Everyone was outraged when they saw the video of Chen Huan being fouled maliciously.

But the School Flowers beating Yang Quan stunned even more people.

It was also a video posted by I Like Mantis Shrimp and it became very popular at an incredible speed.

It climbed at the top of Weibo’s trending list in three hours and even overtook the video of Chen Huan being fouled.

“The girls now are so nutty!”

“I love the first girl that rushed up…. Mmh, so charming!”

“HAhaha, I don’t know why but when I heard that guy scream in pain… I actually felt pleased!”

“Plus one, I’m usually against violence but I watched it with relish this time!”

“Haha, how hated was he to be beaten by those girls to that point? Although violence is wrong, I agree it was the right thing to do on this occasion!”

“Right, this is enacting injustice! I like these cruel little sisters~~~”


This act of beating up shameless people would be welcomed anywhere in the world.

Not to mention it was a group of cute little girls that beat Yang Quan.

Everyone felt refreshed when they saw teeth grinding and furious expressions.

If someone wantonly broke the laws and regulation but they still couldn’t be punished by people with conscience, then this world wasn’t worth it.

So the popularity of these girls rocketed and many people were asking or looking for information on them.

Chen Huan naturally thanked Di Xiaoling and the other girls.

Just like his first year in school, those girls didn’t hesitate to fight for him against injustice. It was pure emotion coming from their heart and their concerns for him.

When encountering girls like that, Chen Huan knew he must cherish their feelings.

Even if this was only because of ignorance of youthful girls and even if they grew up to choose a more suitable man for them in the future, but at this moment, Chen Huan would cherish the feeling they gave him.

The calls never stopped when he got home.

Acquaintances and friends called to ask if everything was alright one after another so Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu had to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Today, Shui Qianyu had some tutoring in her class so she didn’t go watch the game so she didn’t witness the moment where Chen Huan was fouled maliciously. She felt really annoyed at the fact she didn’t have the opportunity to go beat up that guy.

However, Shui Qianyu didn’t have much strength so it was estimated she could only do so if she was in a group.

Chen Huan in fact didn’t have any injury and only felt pain due to the fall but his joints and bones were fine and had no discomfort whatsoever.

Chen Huan’s muscles and bones were strengthened by the decoction he drank so he took the impact quite well.

If Chen Huan continued to drink it for another month, he wouldn’t be injured even if he fell from a height of five meters high.


Just after thinking of this, Chen Huan immediately spit out once.

What am I thinking about? Why would I be thrown from five meters high? Do you think I’m doing WWE?

Even those fat dudes in WWE won’t be able to jump down from 5 meters!

When he was about to go to bed, Han Dong’er called,

“Are you injured?” The small empress’ voice was filled with concern.

“Nah, you don’t know but I’m very strong now after regularly exercising.” Chen Huan quickly replied.

“Okay~~” Han Dong’er didn’t doubt Chen Huan, “I will come and see you play in the finals in a few days.”


Chen Huan nodded his again and again, “I’ll have someone contact Sun Yan and give her the ticket.”

“Be careful next time and don’t make me worry.” The small empress said,

It was unbelievable for her to say such words with her personality.

“I’m also worried you will exhaust yourself.” Chen Huan had quite a thick face as he could say anything, “Give a warning to Wei Xi for me, If he is still desperately trying to squeeze everything he can from you and you run everywhere to advertise, he won’t ever receive a song from me in the future! What is this, you clearly don’t like to do those things and he is still trying to force you!”

Han Dong’er had been extremely busy recently.

After Chen Huan gave Han Dong’er ‘Red Bean’ and ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’, her album release was planned for early April.

There were overwhelming advertisements during half a month after the release.

Wei Xi was really good at using his resource.

“The small empress Han Dong’er and the best songwriter in history Teacher Lu Xiaofeng joined hands once again after ‘I Sing My Song’”

He could come up with such words and created hype around Chen Huan and Han Dong’er.

Since her songs hit the charts, she has been running around variety shows and fan meetings and hadn’t stopped until now.

Her effort made her new album sell like hot cakes.

The hype around ‘I Sing My Song’ hadn’t completely gone yet.

Wei Xi promotion campaign focused on Han Dong’er and Lu Xiaofeng which reminded the fans of what happened half a year ago.

The first main song ‘Red Bean’ was a super classic song from Empress Fei to begin with so it only took a week to dominate the charts and leave no room for the other to live.

Han Dong’er cold voice with a hint of otherworldliness was particularly suitable for ‘Red Bean’ and the fans would definitely buy it with such a perfect combination.

Those big bloggers on Weibo started to praise ‘Red Bean’ without much effort.

On streaming platforms and as long as they were in the singing category, regardless of their genders, there would be big boss gifting big 666 to request the song ‘Red Bean’.

With this momentum, the sales of the album ‘Red Bean’ reached 1.3 million in the music streaming platforms in the first week. It was about the same in the second week as it jumped to 1.5 million.

Although online albums were sold cheaply and were only 5 yuan, 2.8 copies was 14 million in sales and it almost reached the requirement of a small empress.

The hard copies sold equally well as they sold 50k copies in the first week and 40k in the second week. That reached the level of a small empress.

However, everyone knew that the entertainment market expanded and the previous standard didn’t suit the current situation anymore.

But no matter what, Han Dong’er results on the first two weeks assured that the Yongren Studio would make bank.

Under those circumstances, the album sold 1 million copies online and 33k hard copies. Wei Xi, who was a bit nervous before, relaxed after seeing the results.

But Wei Xi didn’t stop Han Dong’er from continuing to promote.

On the fourth week since the album’s release, Han Dong’er even went to promote it in prefectural level cities and would move cities every two days on average.

So Chen Huan’s dissatisfaction with Wei Xi was reasonable.

The tired Han Dong’er felt a bit happy when she heard Chen Huan’s dissatisfaction, “It’s not because of him, I’ve been very lazy these past two years so it’s good that I’m busy…I like to sing so it was very enjoyable for me to sing a lot.”

The thing Han Dong’er held the most interest was singing.

She made seven different versions of the two songs Chen Huan gave her and the radio would change the version every week.

The remaining 10 songs of the album were all selected by Han Dong’er and some of them were chosen after she sought Chen Huan’s advice so she liked them all very much.

Han Dong’er never held a concert before so she was very happy to sing in front of her fans and hold fan meetings.

So even if she was tired, she still felt very energetic.

“Two days ago, Lan Kai and Xiao Yan called me again and said to me that you didn’t take their calls. They were asking about your intention.” Chen Huan said, “They wanted to know when you are going to talk to them.”

“Next Month!”

Han Dong’er thought for a bit before saying, “The promotion would be over next month and after talking with them, I can go be with my family… My grandmother hadn’t been very healthy recently so I’m going to take her to the mountain to recuperate a bit.”

“Okay, I’ll find you when the time comes.” Chen Huan immediately picked the opportunity.

Han Dong’er was from Lin’an and if she went to the mountainous area for vacation, it would be in the surrounding and not far from Chen Huan.

Han Dong’er just laughed but didn’t agree or refuse.

After hanging the phone, Chen Huan still thought about the fairy with facial paralysis.

‘Red Bean’ was definitely not enough for Han Dong’er to become the third empress but she would be able to start going for the throne with this album.

If everything went well and the third album was also very outstanding, Han Dong’er could become the third empress.

But all of that would be impossible without the resource of a big record company.

However, using resources on Han Dong’er would definitely not be a waste as it would be like having a golden plaque to their company.

That was why the major records companies were chasing after her!

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