I Know Everything Chapter 245

Chapter 245: No Sympathy.

Whether it was the players from Virtuous Middle School or Monarch School, or even the referees, nobody expected to see such a brutal thing.

The people who reacted quickly went immediately to stop them.

For example, Wan Liqiang put his hand on Tang Manman’s shoulder and said, “Don’t hit him anymore!”

“Scram! Or I’ll hit you too!” Tang Manman ignored him and shook his hand away as her hands never stopped.

This can’t continue!

Seeing that Yang Quan was about to get killed, Wan Liqiang gritted his teeth and directly grabbed the folded chair away from Tang Manman.

“Give it back to me!”

Tang Manmang wasn’t as strong as Wan Liqiang but she tried to get it back from him.

How could Wan Liqiang fight against a girl? He also grabbed Gu Xue’s folded chair away and ran aside before holding the chairs above his head.

Tang Manman and Gu Xue subconsciously followed after him as they tried to recover the weapons.

The other saw Wan Liqiang’s success so they did like him as they grabbed the chairs away from the School Flowers.

With the bench players of Monarch School who also rushed over, they finally succeeded in saving Yang Quan.

They didn’t dare to let Yang Quan remain in the gymnasiums anymore as several people carried him out of the gym.

The place was still quite chaotic and noisy.

The referee was blowing their whistle but it was no use.

“These girls are too wild, no?” Principal Wang of Monarch School muttered, “Even if our student made a mistake, they should be that brutal, right?”

Zhu Xiaoxi, the principal of Virtuous Middle School, was dissatisfied by those words.

But before he could speak, Director Nie of the Education Bureau snorted, “You shouldn’t say something like that, that student went way out of line! He didn’t play the game fairly but instead did some foul play. Chen Huan is the pride of our Lin’an city! If he gets injured, would you still make him go to the US and participate in the Olympiad!?”

Principal Wang shuddered and only then did he remember that Chen Huan, who caused all the things on the court, was a mathematician!

Have you ever heard of a 16 years old mathematician?

It would scare people by just thinking about it!

He also became the poster boy of the education system of Lin’an city.

Wanted to see how good our education was?

Just meet Chen Huan who put forward and proved ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and he’s only 16 years old!

The people hearing that would all have the expression mentioned just before.

Therefore, the leaders of Lin’an education system and even the leaders of Zhejiang Province listed Chen Huan as a treasure that must be protected.

The result was that the first time they came to watch a game, they saw such a malicious foul.

Fortunately, Chen Huan’s injury didn’t seem to be serious as he was pulled up by the School Flowers that had vented their anger. He slowly walked a few steps and jumped around a few times without noticeable discomfort.

If Chen Huan broke his leg today, Director Nie didn’t know how much abuse he would receive from his superior.

So there was no way for him to sympathize with Yang Quan.

Principal Wang didn’t dare to complain anymore when he saw Director Nie’s attitude.

Zhu Xiaoxi couldn’t help but smile at that and said to Director Nie, “Director Nie, talking about that little girl who first started to hit… look, she’s the one with the big red sneakers. Her uncle is one of your acquaintances.”

“Who?” Director Niu asked.

“Chief Yan of the City Police Department is her third uncle.” Zhu Xiaoxi answered.

“Oh?” Director Niu started to joke around, “So she’s from Old Yan’s family! No wonder she was so heavy handed, their women are really no weaker than men!”

Chief Yan was one level higher than his education bureau and their influence wasn’t the same level.

“That child usually does well in her studies but her temper is a bit extreme. Do you think that her mistake today…” Zhu Xiaoxi said,

“This is called fighting against injustice, didn’t we also appreciate students like that when we were in school?” Director Nie waved his hand and looked at Principal Wang, “Old Wang, go take a look at your student later. If there’s no big problem, this thing will stop here, alright? It won’t look good if the matter gets blown up.”

Zhu Xiaoxi repeatedly nodded his head, “Right, the parents of those girls are all renowned people. For example, the one with a ribbon on her head is the daughter of Boss Long of xx company. The father of the one with pink shoes is the founder of xx company, didn’t Director Nie praise that founder some time ago?…”

Director Nie just nodded with a slight smile and didn’t say anything.

Principal Wang’s face became more and more ugly and nearly cursed out loud.

When encountering such a group of powerful daughters, Yang Quan would be able to do nothing after being beaten.

Monarch School would really lose their reputation!

A warm applause was heard at that moment.

The several people looked at the court and saw Chen Huan pick up the ball again and dribbled Monarch School’s side of the court.

It seemed that it was just flesh pain and would be fine after some time.

Principal Wang also breathed a sigh of relief at this time. Chen Huan was the most important person in this matter and if he was injured and got a leg broken, Monarch School would receive criticism from the education’s top brass. At that moment, he would lose his position as the principal.

As Principal Wang was rejoicing, Virtuous Middle School gained further advantage on the court.

Chen Huan shot the ball again and again with more than 70% shooting percentage and that severely affected the morale of Monarch School.

Coupled with the fact that their small forward Yang Quan was beaten out of the gym and the lack of fighting spirit to begin with, Monarch School were like defeated soldiers in the second half.

The final score was 85:33.

For the first time, Chen Huan played the entire game and crazily made 30 to 40 shots. He sent Monarch School to home with his 55 points scored.

At the same time, Chen Huan also had 25 steals, 11 assists, 13 rebounds and 5 blocks.

If Monarch School were more determined, maybe Chen Huan would be able to have a quintuple double.

At the end of the match, the spectators stood up and applauded Chen Huan.

Although something unpleasant happened in the match midway, Chen Huan’s skills and performance were impeccable.

A player like him in Lin’an high school league was like a cheat code.

No matter which team won the second semifinal, the people knew that Virtuous Middle School led by Chen Huan would be the champion this year!

They were so strong that they didn’t have to care who their opponent was!

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