I Know Everything Chapter 244

Chapter 244: So cruel!

As the two people talked, Monarch School defended well but Chen Huan grabbed the offensive rebound.

Wan Liqiang was confused in this regard.

His height was 198cm and Chen Huan was only 180cm. He used his strength and pushed everyone else away and stood under the basket.

Chen Huan cut in from the side and jumped. The two took off almost at the same time but Chen Huan elevated faster and higher.

At least 39cm vertical!

Holy shit!

Is he still a human!?

Wan Liqiang’s scalp went numb when he thought that Chen Huan almost jumped a meter high.

Wan Liqiang was still knowledgeable about basketball.

Those NBA stars usually had a vertical of1 meters and it would be 1.3 meter if they were particularly athletic.

But that was the NBA!

The players in the NBA could jump 1 meter but had you ever heard players from other countries jump one meter?

Especially in a place like Asia, it was basically impossible in China!

To lose a rebound to such a person, Wan Liqiang could only say his luck was bad and he met a genius.

In order to not have their ball intercepted, they didn’t do any pass after crossing the half court line and just have Yang Quan shoot the ball.

However due to He Kelin’s defense, Yang Quan’s jumpshot posture wasn’t good enough so the ball hit the rim.

But they couldn’t beat them in rebounds either which was a bit unbelievable.

Chen Huan this time showed his lightning quick speed.

Seeing Chen Huan grabbing the rebounds, Zhao Huo immediately ran toward his half before he even landed.

Before Chen Huan turned himself, Zhao Huo was 5 meters from him.

Chen Huan ran after him.

At half court, Chen Huan was neck and neck with him and when Chen Huan was at the free throw line, Zhao Huo was at the three point line.


No one blocked him this time but Chen Huan still used a clean tomahawk dunk to smash the ball into the basket!


The fans in the audience were either amazed, scared or filled with other emotion… it was very noisy.

In general, everyone was excited to see such a beautiful dunk regardless of whether it was done on the team they supported or not.

Monarch School once again became the punching bag and it was even more embarrassing than the last one.

But they were mentally prepared and didn’t give up as they took the possession and attacked the basket of Virtuous Middle School.

The five players from Monarch School all ran and were smart enough to not do any long passes but kept it short. They relied on Ke Ze and Wan Liqiang’s height and smoothly passed to the interior.

Wan Liqiang held the ball under the basket before turning around and slammed the ball into the basket.

At that moment, Chen Huan’s path was cut off by Ku Ze so he couldn’t go try to block the ball.

Huang Peng tried to block it but he was knocked back by Wan Liqiang’s contact and could only watch him dunk it.


After the successful dunk, Wan Liqiang let out his rage and excitement as he shouted loudly.

After being scored on twice by Chen Huan, such a strong arm dunk could easily hype people up.

The other players from Monarch School also gathered around him in excitement as if they won the game.

Chen Huan stood at the three point line as he faintly glanced at them as they finished celebrating before signaling Li Xu to pass him the ball.

The five members of Monarch School hurriedly returned to defense and firmly clogged the basket.

They didn’t want to directly guard Chen Huan just chose to defend their positions so they could force a miss out of Chen Huan.

Standing at the back, Yi Runchun sneered at them.

I bet you never saw Brother Huan’s other technique!

He was right.

Chen Huan dribbled the ball forward until he was two steps away from the three point line and faced Luo Zhikai and Zhao Huo who spread their arm to block his path.

Chen Huan just shot the ball.

Holy Shit!

What’s going on!?

The five of them were stunned.

Are you doing an angry shot?

You’re so far from the three point line and you just shot a three pointer?

The most important thing was that Chen Huan raised his hands after launching the ball.


This is celebrating in advance?

What the fuck!?

Do you have to be so arrogant!?


Their thoughts flashed by.

Under everyone’s gaze, the ball made a beautiful arc and went through the basket!

Three points!

The referee was also stunned by it but they didn’t forget their duties however they still gestured with excitement.

To be honest for them, they wouldn’t be able to see such a beautiful field goal even in the domestic competition.



Chen Huan ignoring the defense with his clean three pointers and confidence roused the emotion of the spectators.

Especially from the people of Virtuous Middle School.

But this was just the beginning.

In the next few possessions, Chen Huan didn’t change his way as apart from passing and stealing the ball, he would consistently score by jumpshots.

Nothing but net!

Constantly nothing but net!

Whether it was from the front, side or corner, Chen Huan shot from all those spots.

Moreover, his shooting percentage was extremely high as he would miss only one or two shots for very ten shots.

Monarch School was dumbfounded.

On defense, it was bad. On offense, not that good.

As they got more depressed and frustrated, they started to play worse and worse and were down 32:11 at two minutes left in the first half!

It was an extremely insulting score line!

Monarch School was never beaten so badly before even when they faced against Second High!

They started to feel pain and disappointment and not everyone could bear with this torture.

After Chen Huan made another successful shot in front of the small forward Yang Quan and put the score up to 34:11, Yang Quan couldn’t hold it anymore.

His emotion and craziness took over him.

When they were getting hit by a counter again, Chen Huan blew by Yang Quan who tried to defend him and jumped high ready to shoot. Yang Quan lost all his reasoning as he also jumped and slammed both his hands toward Chen Huan.

People couldn’t move much the moment they were in the air.

Chen Huan didn’t shoot his ball yet before Yang Quan’s pushed him hard from behind.

The defenseless teenager lost his upward momentum as he fell to the ground.


Chen Huan fell straight to the ground on his back. Although he didn’t scream, he was lying on the ground in pain with a frown on his face.

Chen Huan felt a huge amount of pain coming and even with his current physique, he looked a bit out of breath.

He fell almost a meter from the air after all. His own momentum coupled with the pushing force accelerated the fall and it showed.

Fortunately, it was the fleshy back that took the brunt of it otherwise if it was his limbs that took it, it would have been broken.

The fuck!

He Kelin and the rest were furious.

They had seen fouls before but they hadn’t seen such a blatant malicious foul and bad sportsmanship in high school league before.

They immediately charged up.

“Do you want to die?”

“Son of a bitch, you’re crossing the line!”

“Bastard, you can’t win so you made a dirty play…”

“Shameless asshole! I’m going to fuck you up!”

They cursed Yang Quan and pushed him around at the same time.

But a few people from Monarch School also came over to separate them.

The three referees also rushed into the middle of it as they shouted and blew the whistle so it didn’t develop into a fight.

The people from the sideline also started to scold loudly.

Amidst the commotion, Di Xiaoling ran to the Virtuous Middle School’s bench with a cold expression. She folded a chair and held it like it was a door panel before rushing into the court.

Looking at Di Xiaoling’s action, Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao’s eyes lit up as they also followed her with folded chairs without hesitation.

The rest of the School Flowers were also infected by them as they followed up.

In the beginning, the people on the court didn’t notice but the audience did.

Before they realized what these beautiful girls wanted to do, Di Xiaoling used the folded chair to poke at Huang Peng and Li Xu that was at the edge of the group.

“Get out of the way!”

Huang Peng and Li Xu, who were hungry for justice, felt the poke and turned around to the fierce Di Xiaoling with a folded chair in her hands.

In a split second, the thought of the third year Di Xiaoling leading a group of School Flowers to beat up the group of students that wanted to bully Chen Huan resurfaced in their mind.

Huang Peng understood the situation and opened his hand before turning toward the group, “Don’t fight anymore! Don’t fight anymore!”

He was only trying to persuade them on the surface as he used his strength to swoop people nearby him aside.

Li Xu immediately learned from him as he pushed the other people to the other side.

At that moment, Yang Quan in the middle appeared in front of Di Xiaoling.

“Looking for death!”

Di Xiaoling snorted before swinging the folded chair toward Yang Quan.

Yang Quan’s mind was a bit groggy at that moment as he saw Di Xiaoling and saw the folded swinging toward him but he didn’t have much reaction.

He just subconsciously raised his hands to block it.

Di Xiaoling wasn’t one to hold back as the folded chair hit Yang Quan’s forearm with a bang as he shivered in pain at the impact.

The pain woke him up from his stupor. He saw Di Xiaoling’s striking posture and instantly yelled, “What are you doing?”

Di Xiaoling didn’t reply to him at all as she swung the folded chair for a second time.

Yang Quan was on guard this time as he took hold of the folded chair with the unhurt hand and said, “Crazy bitch… AH!”

Mercilessly, Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao slammed their folded chairs from different directions.

The screaming Yang Quan tried to block the strikes by using both of his hands but it was too late and it was also too late to dodge so his hands and shoulder were hit by the chairs as he screamed in pain.

Then another School Flowers came up as she picked up the folded chair and continued bashing.

In a moment, Yang Quan was beaten to the ground as he curled into a ball and screamed at the top of his lungs.

He was really receiving a beating as he couldn’t even resist and could only protect his head and other vitals while not daring to move.

These School Flowers didn’t what was called going easy. This man was despicable and hurt Chen Huan so they viciously beat him.

“Beat him to death!”

“Yeah! Good! Smash this bitch to death!”

“Good! Smash him! Smash him a few more times!”

“School Flowers are mighty! You’re so cool!”

“Sister Long is the best!”

“Li Miao I love you!”

The spectators were filled with joy as their anger was vented.

Even the people from Monarch School didn’t sympathize with Yang Quan, no way they would scold the girls for being too violent.

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