I Know Everything Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Semifinal match.

It was already hard when he just started to take the decoction for strengthening the muscles and bone marrow. 

Chen Huan had to do the exercise that came with it so the blood and Qi could circulate well in his body.

The explanation for strengthening the muscles and bone marrow formula was also very detailed.

It was specifically ordered that he mustn’t use a cold bath to get rid of the heat otherwise the effects would be greatly reduced.


This was going to be tough!

To be honest, Chen Huan regretted drinking this decoction now but it was already done. What else could he do except endure it?

Would he waste all the suffering he already endured if he gave up now?

So Chen Huan could only give his best to do the exercises and took a leave of absence so he could expand his excess in energy in basketball training and sweat like crazy.

Everyone in Virtuous Middle School was shocked when they saw Chen Huan’s crazy dunking, dribbling, jump shots and etc…

They used to think that Chen Huan could beat the five of them by himself but now they thought that Chen Huan could trash them all with the substitute on.

Before, Chen Huan would dunk from time to time but gave everyone a gentle feeling.

But Chen Huan now had a fierce aura just like a beast.

They would feel scared whenever they met Chen Huan’s eyes,

Thinking that Chen Huan would abuse their next opponent and put this kind of pressure on them, those basketball players felt free as they could just go out there and have fun.

But weirdly,

On the day of the game against Monarch School, Chen Huan irritation and wildness disappeared.

At that moment, it was exactly 7 days since Chen Huan drank the first bowl decoction and Chen Huan only felt his mind clear away as he no longer felt like he did the previous few days.

He felt relieved.

If it kept getting worse, I would only be able to go to Han Dong’er for help.


The teenager thought. As for whether Han Dong’er would be willing or not, it was another matter entirely.

The game would be held at 7pm in the gymnasium in Huilian Middle School in Lin’an.

The semifinals games would be carried in a neutral venue.

The gymnasium in Huilan Middle School was quite large as it had the capacity to have 1500 people and also enough space for 300 people to stand.

Tonight, just the irrelevant schools’ bigwig, city’s sports bureau and the unrelated personnel from all walks of life etc… accounted already for 300 places.

Monarch School and Virtuous Middle School each received 300 places while Huilan Middle School had 200 places.  The reporters and internet celebrities had 100 places. The rest was the Eight Immortals that used their mysterious powers to obtain a ticket.

This year’s semifinals attracted much more attention than the previous one and the reason was very simple.

A video that showed Chen Huan’s four dunks leaked into the internet and caused a buzz. Netizens and those spectators loved to watch dazzling action like that.

Coupled with Chen Huan’s heaven defying look, the video made by I Like Mantis Shrimp received more than 10 million likes and views.

Chen Huan had another nickname now, the little prince of basketball.

Even when Big Yao was interviewed, he genuinely praised him, “I’m a fan of Teacher Lu’s songs but it seems that I’ll become his ball fan if he decides to take this path.”

In this semifinal, a lot of managers from CBA teams and sports academy came as they obviously wanted to scout Chen Huan.

Although they already knew that a genius mathematician like Chen Huan would be admitted into one of the three prestigious schools and it was impossible for Chen Huan to waste his time on sports, they could still discuss it if Chen Huan liked it, right?


The referee blew his whistle under everyone’s gaze.

The three teams of Monarch School, Second High and Senior had a huge gap in ability compared to the other teams in Lin’an.

They were extremely strong.

Taking Monarch School who were ranked third as the example, the average height of their starting players were 188cm and their center Wan Liqiang was 198cm and 101kg, how scary was that?

Such a player would be like a mountain standing under the basket and dizzy the people rushing toward the basket.

Monarch School also ran a typical twin towers tactic.

The center Wan Liqiang and power forward Ke Ze were both over 190 cm tall and were great in rebounding, blocking, interior offense and defense.

The remaining three players played for them as they all passed the ball to them on offense.

The two players averaged at least 40 points combined and sometimes more.

When encountering a team like that, Chen Huan obviously had to play.

The expression of Monarch School’s players wasn’t very good when they saw Chen Huan standing on the court right at the beginning.

But the match started and they could only compete seriously to seize the glimmer of hope they had.

Huang Peng was the tallest in Virtuous Middle School with his 190cm but Wan Liqiang was 198cm and also jumped higher than him so Wan Liqiang won the jump ball as he slapped toward his team.

Wan Liqiang and Ke Ze immediately made their way toward Virtuous Middle School’s half of the court in great stride.

The point guard Zhao Huo, who received the ball, carefully avoided the area defended by Chen Huan and passed the ball toward the shooting guard Luo Zhikai who was already near the corner backline.

Luo Zhikai’s height was 185cm and was 5cm higher than Li Xu who guarded him so he raised his hand and easily received the pass.

Then he bent again and pushed Lu Xu away.

At that moment, Ke Ze was cutting toward the basket and Luo Zhikai lobbed the ball toward him without hesitation.

Ke Ze 192cm tall and was 7cm taller than his defender He Kelin that was from the same position and was also 10kg heavier than him so he completely suppressed He Kelin in terms of weight and height.

But just when Ke Ze wanted to jump up to catch the ball, a figure suddenly passed the crowd like lightning and jumped up and abruptly intercepted the ball from Ke Ze when it was 50 cm away from him.

Chen Huan!

The players from Monarch School were stunned but it was too late to regret it now.

Zhao Huo turned around and ran back to his half. He waited at the free throw arc for Chen Huan’s attack.

The small forward Yang Quan and Ke Ze immediately flanked him in hope to limit Chen Huan’s dribbling space.

Luo Zhikai and Wan Liqiang also rushed toward their own for fear that Chen Huan launched a surprise attack.

After all, Chen Huan’s lightning fast offense was very terrifying. Some people even said that Chen Huan could travel the distance of 100 meters in 11 seconds and could be compared with the top athletes in the NBA.

If such a person started to accelerate, they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

But they were all wrong as Chen Huan didn’t go on the fast break.

Chen Huan didn’t go on the fast break as he passed out of the double team to He Kelin.

He Kelin then gave the Yi Runchun who dribbled the ball past the half court.

However, the two people on Chen Huan didn’t return to defense but clung to Chen Huan and made it clear that they didn’t want Chen Huan to play the game.

They didn’t care that he passed the ball away but it wouldn’t be that easy for him to receive a pass anymore.

But Chen Huan wasn’t bothered by them as he ran to the backline of his court before running toward the opposite and zigzagging a bit. He quickly got rid of the two clinging defenders.

This double team was certainly not as flawless as a four person defense so it wasn’t very difficult for Chen Huan to get rid of them.

However, they didn’t give up as they ran after Chen Huan.

At that moment, the other players of Virtuous Middle School all passed the half court line.

Yi Runchun dribbled to the free throw area but didn’t take a shot as he passed the ball to Li Xu. 

Li Xu passed the ball to Chen Huan and at the same time he screened Zhao Huo.

He made a pick-and-roll and created a gap.

Chen Huan didn’t miss this opportunity as he took the ball and rushed to the free throw area due to the gap created.

But Wan Liqiang was already under the basket while holding his hand high, almost touching the basket.

Wan Liqiang was smart about it as he didn’t go to Chen Huan and instead waited for him at the basket.

You would come here anyway, I just need to stand in my position and disrupt your shot with my best.

Chen Huan didn’t glance at him as he stopped at the free throw line and jumped. With a shooting posture, he shot the ball toward the basket.


Nothing but net!

This was how the first field goal of the semifinal was made.

“Nice shot!”


“Chen Huan played it so well! It seems that there’s nothing he can’t do!”

“Right, I don’t think Monarch School would be able to do anything today!”

“Chen Huan! Chen Huan! You’re the best! The team will win as long as you’re here!”

Amid the excited discussion, the cheerleaders from Virtuous Middle School obviously started to cheer.

The eight School Flowers also did the same.

Although they didn’t hold any pompom, their synchronized shouting and elegant appearance certainly attracted the attention of many.

In fact, many fake ball fans came to especially watch them.

But the eyes of the eight School Flowers didn’t look at anything else than Chen Huan.

In addition to these casual fans, there were pros here too.

For example, two top brass of the Zhejiang CBA team whispered to each other.

“This is a nice possession!”

“Yes. It was very smart and not rash. It was the perfect process!”

“This is very interesting! If he plays like this every game, he’s surely a talent!”

“We still have to see his ability to take contact. It just so happens that Monarch School has physical players. If Chen Huan can still take them down, then he is really promising otherwise it would be useless no matter how skilled he is.”

“You’re right! But I still have faith in him…”

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