I Know Everything Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Dunk! Dunk!

The quarter finals opponent was Seventeenth Middle School.

This school had a top 8 strength but they were much worse than Spring Thunder High School as they were at the end of top 8.

So Virtuous Middle School easily won the game.

The final score was 55:43.

This was the smallest amount of points scored by Virtuous Middle School since 13 games and it was also the smallest score differential.

But the original five starters of Virtuous Middle School still hugged themselves in happiness after the game as they shed tears of excitement.

The reason for all the above was really simple.

Chen Huan didn’t play this game.

The superficial reason Chen Huan gave was that he wanted to let them play by themselves to see the results of the recent competitive training they received.

Chen Huan would have gone to the rescue if they couldn’t hold it anymore.


It was all bullshit!

After drinking the decoction for strengthening the muscles and bone marrow, Chen Huan felt like he was about to explode.

He felt energetic all over and wanted to do some violent thing.

Chen Huan was afraid to blow by them and dunk on them as soon he stepped on the court and scare this bunch of kids to death.

He was also afraid that after showing such a strong performance tonight, the School Flowers would kidnap him into a hotel XXOO him.

So he had to do the exercise plan that came with the formula and restrain the energy that he felt.

But he didn’t know what would happen if he kept drinking it for a few more days.

Would it slowly dissipate after reaching the peak or he would go even crazier?

Chen Huan was the former.

If it was the latter, he could only call Han Dong’er and ask her to waste him as soon as possible.

Fortunately because Chen Huan was sitting on the bench, Seventeenth Middle School didn’t show more than 60% of their strength. Virtuous Middle School also increased 30% in strength after the consecutive victories and working together. They suppressed Seventeenth Middle School every moment as there wasn’t once a moment of doubt.

This was also the plan of Seventeenth Middle School after they saw Chen Huan wasn’t starting.

Rather than poke at Chen Huan and get humiliated, they rather paddle and lose.

They couldn’t even fight against Spring Thunder High School and if they went head to head against Virtuous Middle School, they would die before they knew how they died.

The results also proved this was the case.

They could proudly say that they only lost to them by 12 points and was the team that lost with the least gap.

But the audience wasn’t satisfied by this.

The game was playing in Seventeenth Middle School and they were all excited to see the Basketball Prince show his divine skills but he didn’t even play for a minute, wasn’t that a waste of their excitement?

“Chen Huan, Chen Huan…”

Chen Huan was surprised that the fans shouted his name loudly after the game.

Tang Manman and Gu Xue rushed up to him and pulled him from the bench.

“Chen Huan, they want to see your skills!”

“Show them a dunk! Let them know how good you are!”

The two little girls pulled Chen Huan as they said that.

Chen Huan stood on the court as the crowd chanted his name loudly, which proved that Tang Manman and Gu Xue were right.

Chen Huan had nowhere to vent his excess energy previously so seeing this, he took off his windbreaker before taking up a ball and starting to dribble.


The crowd started to clap their hands.

Whether it was the losers or the winners, they had to get off the court as all the focus was on Chen Huan.

When Iverson was young, he didn’t need to warm up at all as he just arrived on court in time, put on his jersey and played. He still trashed his opponent.

Chen Huan was just doing a few dunk so he didn’t need to do it either.

Chen Huan looked at the basket as he took a breath in before he sprinted toward the basket.

In less than two seconds, he was near the basket just like lightning.

His height of 180cm was a bit short compared to 3.05 meters of the basket.

But Chen Huan’s vertical was quite impressive as he jumped at least 80cm high.

He leaped high and dropped his right hand that was holding the ball before he made a whirling and slammed the ball through the basket.

“Damn! So nutty!”

“Wow… I’m about to die!”

“My goodness, so imposing!”

“Can anyone block a dunk like that?”

“Chen Huan! Chen Huan! The team will win as long as you’re here!”

Everyone cheering and the decibel were even several pitches higher than when they cheered for the game just a moment ago.

Chen Huan didn’t stop his performance there.

He felt that after such a dunk, the surging energy in his body became calmer and also felt like his body was easier to move.

He even felt that his current skills broke through ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ and reached the intermediate stage.

Right in time!

He could try more difficult dunks now.

Thinking of this, Chen Huan went to the middle of the court again before sprinting toward the basket.

Arriving at the basket, Chen Huan jumped and spun like a spinning top and turned his back to the basket.

Then Chen Huan didn’t stop there as his hands were parallel to the basket and dropped down to his stomach before swinging it behind his head.


Another loud noise was heard as the ball was dunked into the basket.

The fans were stunned for a moment.

It was like a movie to them.

“A 180 degree two hand slam!”

The power forward from Virtuous Middle School stood up from the bench and rushed toward the court with his hands up.

But he wasn’t as fast as the girls next to him.

The eight School Flowers were so excited as they rushed toward Chen Huan from all angles and hugged him.

There was no gap in the 360 degree!

Countless male students were feeling sour inside.

They wanted to show their jealousy but after seeing Chen Huan’s dunk, they had nothing to say.

While the others were envious of Chen Huan, Chen Huan was being hugged on all sides by the School Flowers and nearly couldn’t hold it anymore.

Smelling the fragrance coming from the girls and being squeezed as they hugged him, he felt many wonderful feelings…this kind of thing was nothing to him usually and he could resist it but he was about to explode this time!


About to explode here!!!

He knew that it would be difficult if he wanted to take the eight School Flowers directly to the hotel.

But if he insisted on a single School Flowers and ran to the hotel to get some action, it wouldn’t be a problem.

It would be the same even if they only knew Chen Huan for half a year such as the first year Tang Manman and Gu Xue.

But he couldn’t do that!

Chen Huan liked them a lot but it didn’t reach a point where he wanted to eat them up.

What would happen to the girls in the future if he used them just because of his physical needs?

So he could only endure it! Endure it! Endure it!

Chen Huan took a few ragged breaths before he escaped the hugs and went to the middle of the court.

I want to continue to perform, don’t disturb me!

The teenager tried his best to convey this message.

The School Flowers felt his thought and they didn’t have any other thought either to begin with so they grinned as they made their way to the courtside and looked at Chen Huan with stars in their eyes.

Chen Huan started from the middle of the court but instead rushing directly to the basket, he rushed to the sideline before going toward the basket.

When he reached around the free throw line, Chen Huan jumped up and lifted the hand with the ball high in the air as he flew toward the basket and cleanly dunked the ball.


This one wasn’t as domineering as the other two but it was very beautiful and elegant.

“Tomahawk Dunk!!”

Several players roared and jumped.

This kind of graceful tomahawk dunk was actually very difficult and was usable compared to those fancy windmill dunks.

The spectators here screamed without stopping.

Especially after Chen Huan made another tomahawk style dunk on the opposite basket. They could further appreciate the beauty so their emotion was even riled up.

“Chen Huan, you’re so handsome~~~”

“Chen Huan, you’re the best!”

“Oooh, Chen Huan, I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Oh my god, so handsome, so cool, I’m going crazy!”

“Why!? Why is someone so good looking and can also play basketball so well? Shit, I want to transfer! I want to be with Chen Huan!”


But it wasn’t only people cheering and screaming.

There were at least a dozen tall teenagers sitting at the back with the uniform of ‘Lin’an Monarch School’ that had ugly expression on their faces.

Their minds were quite relaxed when the match started and they didn’t see Chen Huan play.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan came out at the end and made domineering dunks as well as beautiful and practical dunks.

Some of them could barely dunk even when they gave their all. After all, they weren’t 2 meters tall and didn’t have the athletics of the black people. It would be very difficult for them to dunk at will.

Chen Huan was only 180cm but he could dunk as he will, which was just incredible.

Their faces darkened when they thought that Chen Huan would do this kind of dunks from time to time as they played Virtuous Middle School.

That kind of momentum gaining was the scariest and anybody would start to doubt life after being dunked a few times.

Didn’t the NBA flying dunker Carter destroy the confidence of his opponent over and over before winning the game?

Today’s Chen Huan dunk wasn’t far from Carter’s level but their team was very far from NBA’s level.

Not to mention that Chen Huan had the highest number of steals and assists in Lin’an so far, which was also overwhelming!

What could they do!?

Everyone fell deep into their thoughts.

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