I Know Everything Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The amazing Aunty Xia He.

Xia He obviously didn’t want to let go of any benefice.

“If we don’t get any endorsement, we really can’t give any discount here.” Liang Xiuxiu was also a veteran and avoided this embarrassing question, “Let’s do this, the most authority the boss gave me is 15% off! It’s around 900k if we calculate, which is very high!”

“This price is also quite okay.” Xia He nodded, “But we’ll need to sign a contract that you can’t use our Xiao Huan name so you can sell more apartments. If we find out about it, you’ll have to face the judge and pay a huge compensation.”

Liang Xiuxiu: “…”

 ( ╥ _ ╥ )

Sister, can’t we just happily cooperate?

This is just a normal procedure, alright?

When selling houses, isn’t it boasting who bought a house from them from a sneak promotion?

Wouldn’t they waste the opportunity they have to get Teacher Lu to buy a house with them if they didn’t use his name a bit?

However, what Xia He said wasn’t some random nonsense since many celebrities were against this kind of ‘advertisement’ and would definitely be held accountable if that was discovered.

The house bought by those celebrities wasn’t a super 100k square meters large villa but it was still much better than Cyan Waterfront so everyone knew there must be some celebrities in it so the effect was much more obvious.

But Cyan Waterfront was just a mid to high end real estate so such a gimmick was indispensable.

“Sister, no need to say anything more, 30% off!” Liang Xiuxiu finally thought it through and held hand Xia He held, “I beg you, don’t be so rigid!”

“Little sis, you shouldn’t say those things.” Xie He let go of her hand and spoke in a more sincere manner, “Actually, the effect won’t be great if you’re so sneaky about it, why not make it grand?”

“I would like to hear more.” Liang Xiuxiu sneakily said,

“Excluding those promotions that use obvious pictures and texts like a brand, you can use everything else.” Xia He said, “For example, a couple in their thirties comes here. What do you think they care about the most? It’s their children’s future studies! You can tell them that the great mathematician Chen Huan took a fancy to the atmosphere here and feels it is very suitable for learning. Do you think they will be impressed or not?”

“Also if you have a couple that just got married and owned a business, you can say that the famous actor Mr. Chen Huan took a fancy to the property there because he thinks it could improve his career. Won’t the couple take this as a good sign?”

“If they are middle aged people, you can say that the best songwriter that is proficient in metaphysics said that the scenery and environment here are great and very suitable for people in their middle age and that living in such conditions would be good for their mood and body! Then the middle aged people would be interested now too!”

“Of course, you shouldn’t say as straightforward as I did. You can be subtle and sweeten the speech. Anyway, just don’t be focused on one perspective. Don’t always say the same thing, think of other possibilities… don’t worry, nobody will trouble you because of this! After all, our Xiao Huan will really have a house here!”

Chen Huan looked at his Aunty Xia that was filled with joy and didn’t know how he should express his admiration for her.

Liang Xiuxiu was stupefied.

Nice girl!

This Miss Xia He almost caught every buyer with her net!

If she gave this kind of promotion, the effect would really be good!

Compared to having Chen Huan directly endorse or hand a big banner of him, this type of promotion seemed to be more effective!

“Sister, are you really allowing us to promote it this way?” Liang Xiuxiu was so excited that she nearly jumped.

Would she still be afraid of the sales results if she could do that?

Would she still have to worry about them not rushing to buy?

“Of course, otherwise why would I mention it?” Xie He smirked, “But Sister has to be more sensible! Otherwise this is just empty talk… by the way, I think the property at your opposite seems to be quite good!”

“Sister, wait for a moment!”

Liang Xiuxiu quickly stopped her as she couldn’t let go of this big fish.

She took her phone and dialed a number. Then when the phone connected, she called, “Uncle…”

When she came back after a moment, Liang Xiuxiu had a more eager smile on her face, “Sister, just state your requirement.”

“Then I won’t be polite anymore.” Xia He said solemnly, “There’s no way to buy an apartment without paying so we’ll pay 2 million and you’ll give us three parking spaces along with 20 years of management fee written off.”

Liang Xiuxiu: “…”

⊙ 0 ⊙

She tried very hard and didn’t let the smile come off her face.

If there was a knife nearby, she would have maybe taken it out and swiped it a bit at someone.

How could someone give out a price like that?

After that, it would be like giving out property for nothing!

Liang Xiuxiu felt like asking Xia He to leave but when she thought of Xia He’s brainwashing marketing strategy, she felt reluctant.

She was really reluctant.

Their houses hadn’t sold well in the past few years, especially for mid to high end ones.

Her family was a major shareholder and the pressure they had from the back was very high due to the loan. It would be great for her family and company if they could sell them out as soon as possible.

Having resisted her violent thoughts, Liang Xiuxiu unwillingly squeezed another smile as she said, “Sister, you really know how to joke. Teacher Lu isn’t lacking money and yet you bargain like that, this doesn’t feel like buying a house, it feels more like buying vegetables.”

“The two things actually are about the same.” Xia He said with a nod, “You’re still willing to talk to me so it means that you’re still unwilling to let go the benefit I talked to you about. Since that’s the case, be more bold, you’re one of our Jianghu Girls, good if you agree but it’s also fine if you refuse, we’ll just go next door!”

JiangHu Girl your ass!

How could they not ponder about a matter involving millions!

Liang Xiuxiu almost cried, “Sister, I really cannot accept your conditions! I’ll be honest with you, the lowest price given by our general manager is 3 million which is 3 million less for you! We will lose a lot by selling it to you!”

Then she gritted her teeth and continued, “Let’s do this, since you talked about parking space, I’ll be bold and give you another one, alright?”

Xia He stood up and looked regretful, “Tsk, little sister, help me tell something to your boss that this will be the most he’ll ever achieve and that he won’t ever become wealthy for the rest of his life! It obviously can get him billions in sales but he can’t even bear to let go of this little amount of money, what would he be able to do in the future?”

Chen Huan stood up with Xia He and was about to leave.

In his opinion, what Aunty Xia did wasn’t bargaining but slaughtering pigs.

It was already unheard of to be able to get 10 or 20% off when buying a house.

The other party would definitely not agree!

However, before the two could step out of the room, Liang Xiuxiu said through gritted teeth,

“3 million, two garages! This is the final price, I’ll jump off the building if it goes lower.”

“2 million and two garages! I’ll let go of the management fee.”

Liang Xiuxiu’s face was turning hideous as she said with her eyes closed, “Sister, it’s impossible to get any better! You can just kill me!”

“Let’s not go that far, we’re just talking business and it isn’t supposed to take time?” Xia He coughed lightly and took her hand again, “Let’s do this, this sister will cave in a little again and tell you a secret. In June, Xiao Huan will shoot a 100 million big production. In July, he will go to the USA to represent China for the International Mathematical Olympiad… With our Chen Huan’s ability, the championship is in his hand! if you use this two news, wouldn’t they feel that your words are reliable?”

Liang Xiuxiu was completely exhausted after being agitated like that.

But she still had her reason with her, “Sister, thank you for your guidance, but the 2 million is really too much! I’ll be scolded when I go home!”

“Alright, alright!” Xia He pretended to give in as she said, “Let’s do this, 3 million, with two 2 garage and 10 years of management fee offered on top. Lil sister, let me finish, this is my last offer. If you say no, I’ll just leave and never come back again.”

Xia He last request was 10 years more than the bottom line given by Liang Xiuxiu’s uncle.

But according to the management fee of 5 yuan per square meter, it was only 12k yuan a year and 120k for ten years. It was much less than 1 million.

The key point was the labor cost that they had to spend was nothing!

Liang Xiuxiu thought she could still afford 120.

For the benefits Xia He mentioned, it was alright!

Liang Xiuxiu was someone smart and yet she would be enticed to buy an apartment here if she heard those words. This proved how effective Xia He’s idea was!

They would be affected by Chen Huan as long as they were from Lin’an.

The thing was that Chen Huan wasn’t an ordinary genius but a super genius, who didn’t want to be blessed by the aura of the super genius?

This thing sounded a bit far-fetched but weren’t things like Feng Shui? Could it really increase luck? Why not try it?

She wanted to try to negotiate again but after seeing Xia He’s impatient face, she held it back.

“Alright!” Liang Xiuxiu first agreed and then said, “However, after Teacher Lu won the International Mathematical Olympiad, he needed to come around here… not to do any advertisement but to pretend to look at the property around so the other people could see him. It would give us more confidence to promote.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Xie He gave in, “Whatever you say.”

Chen Huan felt like telling the two women that he couldn’t affect alone whether they win the International Mathematical Olympiad and that it was the results of the 6 man team that decided the winner.

But seeing Xia He getting so deep into her character and Liang Xiuxiu’s face filled with grievance, he chose to remain silent.

Suddenly, Xia He acted up again, “We were just talking about the price but I haven’t said which floor or side I want yet!”

Liang Xiuxiu chose to not argue with her on this point.

It didn’t matter where they settled.

“I’ll go with you and Teacher Lu chose an apartment later, you can take any as long as it’s vacant!” Liang Xiuxiu said cheerfully.

She really didn’t care.

For her, they were all the same and each had their advantage and weakness.

It mainly depended on the people’s taste.


Xia He looked at the time, “Then we’ll come back at 6pm, when my daughter comes back from school, we’ll look at it together! My daughter is very insightful!”

Liang Xiuxiu just nodded her head.

Chen Huan knew that in Xia He’s eyes, this house would be used by Xiao Shuishui in the future so she obviously needed to participate in the selection!

Chen Huan thought about the days he would be nesting here with Xiao Shuishui in six or seven years and watch the stars and moon at night together, he couldn’t help but feel some anticipation.

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