I Know Everything Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Happily buying a property!

After spending the day picking up ingredients for the muscles and bone marrow strengthening formula, Chen Huan skipped class under the excuse of training for basketball and pulled Xia He quietly to a property that Xia He had her eyes on before

This property was called Cyan Waterfront and was a short distance from Mingde Alley, it was around 1 km in a straight line.

There were two parks around Yintai Commercial district nearby that had supermarkets, movie theater and other fun activities.

There was also the subway 200 meters away so the transportation and other aspects were very convenient.

But the price was also very touching as the price was 30k per square meter and there was no small apartment as the smallest was 150 square meters.

However, its layout was quite good. Although it was one elevator for four apartments, each unit had three elevators and each apartment had a great view toward the park.

If it was for the largest 200 square meters apartments, then it was one elevator for two apartments.

Chen Huan remembered that in 2015, the real estate price in Lin’an hadn’t soared yet unlike in 2016 where the price could go up to 100k for square meters.

Today, it was only 30k per square meter but it would be much more in a year or two.

“Xiao Huan, this estate is very suitable for you.” Xie He was already a regular customer as she took the floor plan and gave it to Chen Huan when they arrived, “Look, 200 square room, there are 4 bedrooms, 3 small living rooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 balconies and an open kitchen. You can see the park on both sides and the brightly lit city on one other side! You can definitely live comfortably with my darling here!”

Cough, cough.

Chen Huan’s face blushed.

Although Xiao Shuishui was destined to be mine, she hasn’t grown up yet. Isn’t it too early to talk about it?

It was working time but many people also came over to look at the appartements. Originally, Chen Huan and Xia He were not received by a sales consultant but Xia He spoke a bit loud and thus attracted the attention of the people next to her.

The eyes of several sales consultants brightened when they looked at it that way.

“Sister Xiaofeng!?”

“Teacher Lu!!”

“Fang Shu!!”


They called Chen Huan’s nickname one after another but none of them called him Chen Huan.

Chen Huan comforted himself by saying he was so famous that people forgot what his real name was.

With such a pleasant arrival, two female sales consultants immediately said a few words to the guests they were guiding before rushing toward Chen Huan.


“I was here first!”

“Both of you leave!”

When the two girls started to quarrel, they were scolded by a 30 years old woman that was oriole behind the mantis.

The two pouted in aggravation when they saw but they could only give up and leave.

“Hello sister, greeting Teacher Lu.” The woman’s face changed into a smiling one as she said, “I am Liang Xiuxiu, the sales manager here, are you here to come to see the apartments?”

She didn’t look pretty but had an intellectual and elegant aura around her.

A woman like that was like a treasure to men over their 40s.

Coupled with Liang Xiuxiu’s sweet mouth as she called Xia He ‘Sister’ so Xia He was quite pleased with it, “Yes, our Xiao Huan wants to buy one so I’m helping him looking around and felt that this is quite nice so I took him come take a look.”

“Yes, we’re in a prime location in the city and close to a park. You won’t be able to find such a good location for new properties in a ten kilometers radius. Miss, I have very good eyes.” Liang Xiuxiu said with a smile, “There are too many people here, how about we talk in my office?”

Many people were pointing toward them as they talked.

It was needless to say that the focus was on Chen Huan.

As the most famous genius teenager of Lin’an, many people could only see him on TV before but they finally saw him in person now.

People liked to be cost-effective when they buy a house and if there was a celebrity in the same building, it would be something they could brag about.

Liang Xiuxiu noticed this point and didn’t want other people to bother Chen Huan so proposed to talk in her office.

Xie He readily agreed.

Liang Xiuxiu turned around her attractive figure and led the way.

Chen Huan quietly asked Xia He, “Aunty Xia, didn’t we come to look around? Why are we already in the negotiation step?”

“You won’t understand this, just leave it to me.” Xia He whispered back, “Remember, when she asks you something, you just have to say that I’m the one making the decision, okay?”


Chen Huan chose to trust Xia He.

The two of them went to the office and closed the door behind to isolate the noise from outside. They drank tea under the air conditioner, it was very comfortable.

Liang Xiuxiu sat at their opposite and said, “Sister, pardon my asking, but what is your relationship with Teacher Lu?”

“Did you watch the Gala?” Xie He asked.

“I watch it. Teacher Lu played the flute very well. The lyrics and the music were even more beautiful.” Liang Xiuxiu didn’t hide her feelings.

“My daughter is the one playing the guzheng.” Xia He revealed, “You’re so close to our small noodle shop and you’ve never been there before?”

“Oh, you’re the lady boss~~~” Liang Xiuxiu finally connected the dots.


Xie He confirmed with a bit of pride, “Now you know that I can make the decision for Xiao Huan, right?”

“Yes, of course!” Liang Xiuxiu gave a very elegant and reserved smile, “Sister, you’re so good looking and look so young, much better than this 32 years woman.”

“I don’t do much maintenance, just some random stuff.” Xia He just bullshitted as she spent around two hours per day on various beauty care, “You’re the one good looking, we’re girls from Lin’an and at thirties, your type are the best.”

The two made some small talk before getting into the subject.

“I wonder what kind of property Sister is looking for Teacher Lu?” Liang Xiuxiu asked, “I heard you said that you came to look before, is that right?”

“Yes, I came to take a look before and think that your 200 square meters apartment is not bad.”

“Then you really have good eyes. The 200 square meters one are our best selling apartments so you must do it fast if you wish to buy it.” Liang Xiuxiu said with a smile.

“Would there be any discount if Xiao Huan wants to buy it?” Xia He asked.

“There’s definitely one if Teacher Lu wants to buy.” Liang Xiuxiu said, “We can give him a 5% discount.”

“5% off? Manager Liang, you’re not sincere at all!” Xia He shook her head, “Tell me, where are you selling properties now?”


“In Lin’an, can you find anybody more popular than our Xiao Huan?”

“Uh… no.” Liang Xiuxiu said before adding, “But selling houses isn’t an endorsement. How about this, we’ll give 30% off if Teacher Lu is willing to endorse us!”


Xia He laughed, “Manager Liang, do you know that Pepsi asked our Xiao Huan to endorse them and how much they were willing to pay?”

Not waiting for Liang Xiuxiu to answer, Xia He continued, “After playing in ‘Love Letter’, it was 5 million a year and after the Gala, it was 50 million for three years but Chen Huan refused them, he isn’t someone that cares about money.”

(Why are you trying to get a discount then xd)

Liang Xiuxius’ face turned a bit red. 

She understood what Xia He meant. It meant Chen Huan’s endorsement level was at 20 million and yet they wanted Chen Huan to endorse them with a 30% discount, it was really too daring.

The price was in fact not low.

30% off on 6 million was 1.8 million.

The advertisement price for second-tier celebrities was around 1 million usually and such a small advertisement for real estate may not cost more than 1 million.

Liang Xiuxiu was willing to give such a discount because Chen Huan was the pride of Lin’an.

His effect in Lin’an was comparable to the first-tier celebrities if he advertised for them. They would fill really glad about it.

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