I Know Everything Chapter 239

Chapter 239: I’m drinking money!

Chen Huan didn’t feel much when he donated 100 million away.

Because this money just spent a bit of time in his bank and he never took a cent out.

Moreover, he already made multiple million yuan donations before so Chen Huan already adapted to the pain of seeing money fly away.

And it wasn’t like Chen Huan couldn’t earn money anymore after donating 100 million away. He still had a long life ahead of him and there was still a lot of money to be made so he didn’t worry about his current situation.

As long as he could get the rewards from the Good Lord, he would donate that much again!

But this 100 million donation was another huge shocking sum to Habao Pay.

Habao Pay had become the largest charitable donation platform.

Every day, at least one million people were donating, one cent, one yuan, ten yuan or other through Habao Pay and it all flows into charitable work.

They had also received big donations before but they have never seen the sum of 100 million from a single person.

Qian Yuan, the director of the Public Welfare Department, Tang Tianjun, the president of Abao Payment.

“Look, can Teacher Lu Xiaofeng have 100 million in income?” Qing Yuan said, “The first time may be a coincidence but can the second time also be a coincidence? This is the global dividend of Teacher Chu Liuxiang for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’!”

The total dividend of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had been estimated by the people last month and everyone said it would be in the dozens of million. 100 million was a bit higher but it wasn’t impossible.

Tang Tianjun said with a smile, “I’m still sticking with my guess from last time, that Chen Huan is a very good friend of Teacher Chu.”

“Alright, you win!” Qing Yuan felt speechless against her boss, “I think that although we can’t promote this thing, we mustn’t let Sister Xiaofeng lose out.”


Tang Tianjun agreed with her on this point, “Teacher Lu is too low-key. Others want the whole world to know when they donate 1 million. With this 100 million, it must be 200 million when he adds everything? But he didn’t mention it to anybody about it, this is a real great sage! A real philanthropist who loves his people!”

Qing Yuan didn’t feel it was wrong for her boss to praise a 16 years old boy.

Age had nothing to do with it.

The things Chen Huan did couldn’t be judged by eyes.

Many people in their 70s or 80s didn’t achieve what Chen Huan did and much less had Chen Huan’s vision and boldness.

“Last time, Teacher Lu said that the fund must be dedicated to it and must guarantee the quality of the school buildings.” Qing Yuan said, “But I think we can do a side-step for the names.”

“What side-steps?”

“He doesn’t want Lu Xiaofeng, Chu Liuxiang or Chen Huan names as the schools names but we can take one word out.” Qing Yuan said, “For example, we can name them Xiaofeng Primary School or Xiaofeng Middle School?”

“Would that… be fine?” Tang Tianjun asked wryly.

“He shouldn’t be angry with this. He’s just too low-key and doesn’t want people to think that he did this to gain reputation.” Qing Yuan said, “We remove ‘Lu’ and only use ‘Xiaofeng’ which gave him credit without making it hard for him, isn’t it good?”

“Alright, you are in charge of this anyway so you have the final say.” Tang Tianjun thought about it and let her do it.

Qing Yuan had always been bold in her actions but her results were excellent.

She must have her own plans and even if she didn’t tell him, she wouldn’t hurt the company’s interest anyway.

On the contrary, it would be bad for Habao Pay’s reputation if they didn’t give special care to Teacher Lu continuous donation.

“I have already listed Chen Huan’s donation as a separate project. The first batch of schools had already been built. They are selecting the lands and setting the budget for the second batch of schools but we received so much money for the third batch already. I think it won’t be finished until a year or two from now.” Qing Yuan smiled and exclaimed, “Boss, I dare to say that if my son has one-tenth of what Chen Huan has, I would have no regret in my life.”

“Just be content with what you have, your son is still considered as obedient, what about my son? Yesterday his mother was called by the teacher again… alas!” Tang Tianjun let out a sigh, “If I have a son like Chen Huan, I would be willing to work on a construction site every day so he could study!”

For a teenager like Chen Huan who was about to be seventeen years old, it was important to polish his muscles and physique.

With his two lives, Chen Huan wasn’t like those impulsive young people anymore as they were like hungry wild wolf always thinking about women.

From a physical standpoint, this was the best period to strengthen his physique so he could have a better future.

If you already start doing some loving things right now without a sturdy foundation, you would have to look back at your prime with tears by the time you were thirty.

Then various physical problems would appear and life would be uncomfortable as a middle aged man and would be more likely to be sick at old age.

So between ‘happiness for ten years’ and ‘decades of happiness’, Chen Huan had chosen the latter.

Since his rebirth, Chen Huan would jog 5km almost every day along with other workouts as long as the weather permitted it.

But it was still not enough.

It wasn’t a professional crafted plan for his body so it was some amateur polishing at beast.

So Chen Huan was very happy to see the formula for strengthening bone marrow and muscles from the Good Lord.

The formula for strengthening the muscles and bone marrow was decoction and there was a training method with it to better absorb it.

The next day, he took the list of ingredients from his mind and went to the most famous old Chinese medicinal stores to buy them.

With his previous experience with the spice powder, it was obviously impossible for Chen Huan to go buy everything in a single shop.

He divided the entire formula into five parts and went to pick up the medicine in a different shop.

But Chen Huan’s hands trembled when he wrote the list.

“50 grams of 20 years ginseng.”

“100 grams of seahorse.”

“30 grams of natural musk.”

“20 grams of Cordyceps.”

“30 grams of premium velvet antler.”


Chen Huan felt something was wrong so he immediately went to check the price online.

One grams of 20 years ginseng was 120 yuan and 50 grams was 6000 yuan.

The seahorse was cheaper as it was 3000 yuan for 100 grams.

The natural musk was very expansive as it was 600 yuan a gram and 30 grams was 18k yuan.

Cordyceps had been a precious Chinese medicinal herb since ancient time. It had been cultivated a lot in these past years but the high quality ones still cost 500 yuan a gram and 20 grams was 10k yuan.

The premium velvet antler was very cheap as it only cost 500 yuan for 30 grams.

But after he calculated everything, a decoction to strengthen the muscles and bone marrow was about 50k yuan.

The instruction on how to eat it given by the Good Lord was he must eat for 30 sets and a set each day.

    (′ ⊙ ω ⊙ ` ) !

Would he be like the Yellow Emperor and soar to the sky?

Good Lord, is this thing really useful?

With such a heavy medicine, would he have a nosebleed every day?

Then there were also the more realistic issues.


He thought that the system ignored his 6 million but it turned out that the system had a plan for it!

He would eat it for around half a year and that was 3 million! What could he do with the remaining scraps left?

What I’m drinking isn’t a decoction for strengthening muscles and bone marrow but drinking money!

I want to buy property!

If he still pushed it back, he may have to spend money again on something else and he may end up unable to buy a house!

    O( ╥ ﹏ ╥)O

TLN: The decoction is actually called Strengthening Muscles and Bones and Washing the Marrow. I’ll just call it Strengthening Muscles and Bone Marrow to make it short.

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