I Know Everything Chapter 238

Chapter 238: I’m Smart! I’m Great!

Playing ball or something really wasn’t Chen Huan’s destined career.

It just couldn’t bring Chen Huan any benefit.

His ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ didn’t show any sign of upgrading as he only felt his familiarity with basketball increase but that was all.

As for bringing more fans to Chen Huan and getting many basketball fans attention…

Sorry but it was really trivial to him.

Could the basketball fans compare to the fans of the unparalleled handsome Fang Shu? Could it be compared to Lu Xiaofeng’s fans? Could it be compared to the fans of Chu Liuxiang who continuously wrote classics after classics?”

It couldn’t!

Not to mention that Chen Huan was like the trinity and would be China’s most famous celebrity as long as he was willing.

He would be happy if basketball fans liked him but he wouldn’t get excited over it and wouldn’t think of training all the way into a professional team and rush to America to make it into the NBA to become a NBA star like Big Yao.

It was more than a hundred games a year if it added the regular season, playoff and the national team… it was too exhausting and didn’t suit someone like Chen Huan.

Speaking of Teacher Chu Liuxiang, he received the royalties for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ two days ago.

More than a month after the publication of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it reached the terrifying number of 2 million copies sold in Korea but it wasn’t the end.

At the end of February this year, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ sold 7 million copies in total in Korea!

What did this mean?

Korea had a population around 50 million and 7 million represented more than one-tenth of their population and all of them bought a copy of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. This was a terrifying number!”

Chen Huan signed a progressive royalty contract with Bright Sparkle Publishing House and received 2.7 million yuan for the first two million books sold.

Now the second back of the royalties for the 5 million copies wasn’t just a bit more than 6 million but 13 million! Double!

It was how it was.

Who told ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ to be first published in Korea?

Moreover, Chen Huan was very smart about it as he told the fans through Huang Daguang, the president of Bright Sparkle Publishing House that he was inspired because of Korea so the honor to be first went to Korea.

How could Korean hold back against this?

Many people went to buy and even people who didn’t feel the same emotion went to buy because of the crazy sales.

The Japanese people were more reserved.

So they didn’t need such great flattery as their sales were equally impressive.

So far, it had been the top sales for ten consecutives weeks and was the 17th best result in Japan’s history. Although it was definitely incomparable to the 74 week dominance of the first place, the book would still be at the top for a few more weeks according to the current trend and wouldn’t be a problem for it to become the best foreign literature of the country.

In these 10 weeks of dominance, 150 million people had bought the book and gave Chen Huan 45 million in dividend.

The Japanese Publishing House paid a lot of money in order to win the publishing rights of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. Chen Huan didn’t get soft about earning money from the Japanese as the progressive royalty had brought so much money to him.

Other Southeast Asian countries, European and American countries, etc… had bought Chen Huan another 48 million in royalties during this period.

They in fact didn’t have to give him the royalties at the end of February but everyone wanted to please this genius writer and make Chen Huan happy by bringing this lot of cash to him.

The number that was just given was all after tax.

In the end, Chen Huan had 160 million in his bank account now!

Of course, it looked a lot since it was in Yuan but it wouldn’t be more than 14 million in USD.

The top five writers on the US bestseller list each could get a lot of royalties each year… the USA were the best at it.

So it was a credible way to get rich by writing books but it was under the premise that they were able to write a book that everyone loved.

Chen Huan felt like he was floating after he received the money.

99% of the people wouldn’t be able to earn 100 million Yuan in their life and it was the same for the people in the USA.

So Chen Huan surpassed 99% people with just a single book and felt great about that.

You’re saying I plagiarized it?

Is there an original author in this world?

If not, then it was written by this Lord!

Only a shameless person like Chen Huan would declare this so confidently.

He thought on whether he should buy the property at the bustling street that Aunty Xia told him about but then he remembered the weird system he had and all of his excitement dissipated.

In fact, Chen Huan already thought about what he should do with money before he received the royalties.

He made an important decision in the end.

Not half a day had passed since he received the royalties that he used Habao Pay donated it to the Rural School Construction Project.

One second after Chen Huan mentally hurt himself by pressing the confirm button, he heard a sweet sound from his mind.

“Ding Dong!”

“The omnipotent system has been observing the host’s performance and the host’s struggles and hesitations are all under the sight of the ‘Nobody is Better Than Me’ system.”

“In the end, the host broke through the barrier in his mind and took the initiative to donate to charity. This made the system feel very gratified and the long education and persuasion finally produced some results. Although it was insignificant, it was a good start.”

“In order to commend the host’s initiative to donate and to commend the host for his first donation of 100 million yuan, the system specially issued five rewards for the first time.”

“The system rewards the host with one perfect recall of a movie, one song, one Guzheng song, ‘Advanced English (Intermediate)’ and formula for strengthening the muscles and bones. The system hope the host will continue to work hard and make more contributions!”



Chen Huan nearly jumped in joy.

Good Lord, you’re finally generous for once!

I didn’t donate 100 million in vain! I at least received 5 rewards!

It is indeed the most he has ever received!

The most important thing was there is a guzheng song for Xiao Shuishui!

This Lord finally understood what it means to receive goodness after willingly donating!

Just look at the five rewards he received! Except the ‘Advanced English (Intermediate)’ that has little use right now, they are all very precious!

It was needless to say that he would take as much as he could when it concerned movies, songs and guzheng songs.

There was also the formula for strengthening muscles and bones. Wasn’t it one of the things he talked about before?

This formula coupled with Big Grappler Hand, wouldn’t he be invincible in the ring?

At this moment, Chen Huan had a lot of thoughts but his general feeling could be summed up, feels good!

With what happened previously with the Good Lord, Chen Huan knew he wouldn’t be able to retain the 100 million he received.

Since he couldn’t keep it in the end, there was a difference in a passive and active donation, right?

Chen Huan realized that attitude was a very important aspect after he complained to the Good Lord and got punished for it.

He would be punished if he insulted the Good Lord too much.

Maybe he would be rewarded if he did something the Good Lord wanted him to do anyway?

So he gave it a try this time.

Use 100 million yuan to give it a try!

Although it was a huge sum for a bet, Chen Huan was willing to bet in crucial moment or more specifically when he wanted to explore things.

Chen Huan could bear the loss even if he was wrong.

So he gritted his teeth and just gambled it like that.

Fortunately, Chen Huan won the bet.

The Good Lord really appreciated his action of donating without it urging him.

There may have been only 3 rewards originally for this 100 million donation but added 2 more rewards due to him taking the initiative, it was really an unexpected gift!

Now that he thought about it, getting a song and consuming a reward to get only 2 million in return was really a loss!

However, how many rewards he got from writing a book?

And even now, the rewards for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was far from over.

There were a theater version, film version and even maybe a TV version. He would still be able to get more royalties and even if he couldn’t get 100 million, he still would have at least dozens million.

Just take a look!

Just the original movie of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ gave him so much and was a huge profit compared to selling a song.

It was like making business, you get pay and you buy.

In the future, as long as Chen Huan paid more attention, he would follow the steps of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ if possible and he would naturally receive more and more benefit from it.

Chen Huan actually had two quotas for movies so he must plan well for them and not waste them!

Of course, it didn’t mean that he didn’t want the rewards for songs.

Chen Huan couldn’t control what he got rewarded after all.

From a certain point of view, songs were an aspect that made Chen Huan more famous in the entertainment industry.

It was equivalent to those companies running at loss but it was necessary.

To be short, how could Han Dong’er, the facial paralysis fairy and natural dorky, be friends with Chen Huan so easily if she wasn’t stunned by Chen Huan’s songs?

As for admiring Chen Huan’s kindness, it only happened because of that.

It wouldn’t have a future if he was related to music and it was an indispensable prerequisite!

In the end, he wisely donated away 100 million and the Good Lord didn’t pay attention to the 6 million remaining.

6 million was definitely a small amount compared to the 100 million but for Chen Huan that had less than 1 million in wealth, 6 million was a huge sum!


Chen Huan couldn’t help but praise himself when he thought of that.

I’m so smart, I’m so great!

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