I Know Everything Chapter 237

Chapter 237: He’s not human!

The maximum capacity of Virtuous Middle School’s basketball hall was 800 people.

And more than 100 of them were standing.

Virtuous Middle School wasn’t short on money but their basketball team was a weak one so the school didn’t pay much attention to it.

When they turned the basketball court into a basketball hall, they only paid attention to the court and the surrounding seats were just average.

In general, those seats were mainly used when a party was held.

Of course, it was only for a small party.

The school auditorium would be used for a big one as it could accommodate three thousand people which was more than enough for all the students in the school to sit.

But now…

Virtuous Middle School basketball team won 12 victories in a row and entered into the top 16 and was also a top 4, Spring Thunder High School.

On this occasion, it wasn’t only the students in the school that wanted to come as students from the schools also wanted to come watch. There were also some internet celebrities, online journalists and even reporters from Lin’an TV Station.

It seemed to be a bit grand.

The school immediately deployed a security team and carefully selected the people.

First of all, the eight School Flowers could certainly enter and they didn’t even occupy any seats as they would stand on the sideline for almost an hour without rest.

Then a group of teachers and school leaders who were willing to watch would be let in and beside them would those wealthy parents that were in the school parents committee.

Parents of the basketball team players would be at one row behind.

The next row would be for the reporters and internet celebrities and they would have to show their ID.

Those people could increase the reputation of the school so they obviously must be taken seriously.

Next, it was the students from their own schools as 400 places would be allocated to them. They would receive tickets that would be distributed by the teachers in each class.

It was really some tickets as it was printed and even got a serial number.

The remaining 200 tickets were given to Spring Thunder High School.

It was already densely packed with people when it was near the start.

There were around forty to fifty cameras present without mentioning those internet celebrities who were broadcasting it live as around thirty of them were standing around the hall while holding their cell phones and spinning around.

Everything resembled an NBA game.

Especially Chen Huan,

Almost all cameras and mobile phones were pointed at him.

But spectators felt their heart break when they watched the live show.

Because Chen Huan was surrounded by beauties.

There were many types of beauties but the youthfulness from high schoolers were always among the top in terms of beauties.

And they happened to catch Chen Huan surrounded by the School Flowers and they were all given him all their support so the men were filled with jealousy and hatred at that sight.

They knew Chen Huan was popular but they didn’t know he had so many girls! They hated it!

Compared to the excited Virtuous Middle School, Spring Thunder High School was a bit low spirit.

They smoothly eliminated their opponent last night but they hadn’t found a way to limit Chen Huan.

Players who had such good dribbling skills, could easily knock away a center that was 15kg heavier and have great passing skills were simply a cheat, how could they target a player like that?

Shida High School dedicated a member to mark him.

But he still stole the ball when he wanted and passed the ball when he wanted.


When the game started, Spring Thunder High School still had the idea to give their absolute all to win.

They should at least try, right?

The result was they received Chen Huan’s explosive offense.

Chen Huan took off his belt and scored 15 points in the first five minutes. He had two dunks, two three pointers, two jump shots and one free throw. Spring Thunder High School Team was stunned!

Really stunned!

They expected Chen Huan to make a move this time but didn’t expect him to be so sharp.

Out of the five members of the team, none could stop him.

He would just shoot three pointers if you guarded the paint and if you went on the perimeters to guard him, he would dribble past you.

If people flanked him, he would just take a jump shot.

The other members of Virtuous Middle School were also crazy as they all looked for Chen Huan whenever they had the ball and gave all the opportunities to Chen Huan.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it directly doused Spring Thunder High School morale.

Oh, right, Chen Huan still had 3 steals during that time.

The netizens that watched quickly commented.

“Damn! Is this real? Am I seeing Jordan?”

“Jordan isn’t that wild, it’s should be Iverson!”

“But Iverson can’t do such a vicious dunk! Look at their power forward, he’s about to cry!”

“This is just a skill gap! Some people didn’t believe in I Like Mantis Shrimp’s Videos must get it now, right? Chen Huan’s athletics and skills are phenomenal!”

“Wow, according to what you said then, he can get into the national team? Isn’t it an exaggeration?”

“I don’t know if he can be a star in the NBA but with his current skills, is it that difficult to get into the national team?”

“I agree! I think the national team can recruit Chen Huan and give him a try, they will lose nothing anyway!”

“Agreed to add Chen Huan! I don’t know how the results would be but our female basketball fans in China will definitely increase by at least 50 million because of this, absolutely!”


Spring Thunder High School Team couldn’t see the online comments but they felt about the same.

They can’t fight against it!

The players from Spring Thunder High School withered at the speed of the naked eyes.

They began to lose all confidence and resigned themselves as they mostly gave up on defense and just gave their all to score on Virtuous Middle School.

Offense could win championships but it was under the condition that it could crush your opponent with offense alone.

The shooting percentage from Spring Thunder High School was just not as terrifying as Chen Huan’s percentage. The other starters of Virtuous Middle School weren’t there for show so how could they just let them score like that?

The score of 42:17 at halftime already doomed them to lose.

Five minutes had passed and Chen Huan just did his usual stealing and passing as he stopped scoring again.

Even when Chen Huan stopped playing in the second half and they used their bench to play, Spring Thunder High School still didn’t show any sign of fighting back.

What was the point?

Once the score was close, Chen Huan could just come out again and score another 15 points. Could they still catch up at that moment?

How painful would it be getting despair after seeing a glimmer of hope?

It was better to just give up like that.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t play ball but it was because Chen Huan wasn’t human!

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