I Know Everything Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Watching the lively and panicky atmosphere.

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The eight division qualification wasn’t paid much attention at all but the top 32 game had a certain degree of visibility.

The attention didn’t mean that the TV station would pay attention, the newspaper would come for an interview, video about them online and etc…

There was nothing.

Unless it was the top 32 game for the high school league in the entire Zhejiang Province.

But it was just Lin’an so there was obviously not much attention.

The attention that was mentioned was among the high school students in Lin’an as they talked about those so called strong teams competing.

Kids liked sports in general and it wasn’t only the American football quarterback that could easily find a girlfriend as it was also the same for the basketball and football team in China.

Students were relatively simple as competition that was related to the students would naturally be a topic they talked about.

Last night was Virtuous Middle School vs Shida High School and it became the hottest topic among the high school students of Lin’an.

“Hey, do you know? Chen Huan actually plays basketball!”

“Huh? It is for show? To attract even more fans?”

“Not at all! He’s both the steal king and the assist king and he even did a domineering dunk!”

“Really? He can dunk on people? Do you think I’ve never watched basketball before? How could he have such a jumping ability?”

“Why would I lie to you? thousands of people saw it on the basketball court of Shida High School last night! I heard there was some video of it on the internet. You can naturally go check after you go home.”

“Holy shit! Chen Huan is too nutty? What else can he do!?”

“How would I know? This is what we call genius after all! It’s rumored that Chen Huan beat the crap out of several thugs last semester! I believe now that Chen Huan is a man with some violence in him!”

“Where is the next game? I love Chen Huan~~~”

“The game should be tomorrow and if there’s no upset, it should be Spring Thunder High School playing at Virtuous Middle School.”


The discussion between students was fairly tame.

As Chen Huan number one fans, I Like Mantis Shrimp rushed to Lin’an from Gusu yesterday and set up five cameras around the gymnasiums of Shida High School and filmed the entire game.

She didn’t care that the high school basketball game was too weak, she didn’t care that the high school basketball game was not standard, she only knew that it would be worth shooting as long as Chen Huan was there.

With five cameras, it showed how serious she was even if it wasn’t as good as the professionals.

The results surprised her.

It was hard to say for the other footage but the second play with Virtuous Middle School where Chen Huan dunked was just simply wonderful.

She didn’t go back to Gusu yet as she bought a room in a hotel nearby Shida High School and made a video.

The first video was the one Chen Huan dunked over the person and that short 10 seconds clip took her half an hour to make.

I Like Mantis Shrimp was very skillful in video montage but in order to highlight Chen Huan’s beautiful movie, she took a lot of angles from the five camera feeds before carefully editing them together.

Then she posted that video on her Weibo page.

“Battle of the Prince of Basketball!!!”

This was the comment under the video.

Seeing that it was almost half past nine, the girl who had recently learned to maintain herself, tidied up her things, took a shower and got under the covers to enter her sweet dreams.

She woke up from her sleep the next morning and went to the hotel for breakfast and stayed there in blanked state for a bit before turning on her laptop.

Unsurprisingly, her post was reposted 630k times with more 2 million comments and more than 3 million likes.

And this video was even recommended by Weibo staff as it became the most trending thing of the day.

I Like Mantis Shrimp looked at the results in satisfaction before slowly looking at the comments.

“Shocking! Shocking! Is Sister Xiaofeng even human? He can even play basketball like that?”

“Ahhhh, Sister Xiaofeng! I want the sweaty jersey you have after you played the game! I will buy it no matter how much it is! I want to wear it to sleep~~~”

“The poster above is disgusting! Sister Xiaofeng, come and check my Weibo page, I’m a beauty and in Lin’an! You can call me any time after the game ~~ no need to take a bath, I love the smell ~~”

“It wouldn’t surprise me that Chen Huan practiced basketball since he was small. Such skills and techniques can only be obtained after thousands of practice!”

“With years of experience as an NBA fan, Chen Huan athletic and skills can allow him to play as a rotation player in the NBA!”

“Get out of here, you think the NBA is that easy? It stills a question whether Chen Huan can play in the CBA!”

“Hahaha, the poster is a retard, apart from the foreign players, how many players can dunk at will in the CBA? Especially for such a vicious dunk, can they do it? If there were such a player everywhere in the CBA, we would have already swept away the NBA!”

“Exactly! Don’t spout some nonsense if you don’t watch basketball, Sister Xiaofeng’s dunk is really that amazing!”

“The one who was defending must be at least 190cm, right? He looked to be around 90kg and yet got the ball stolen and knocked away, you can’t really say he’s weak so it must be that Sister Xiaofeng is too strong!”

“Where is the blogger? Yesterday’s game must be more than that, right? We can only comment on Sister Xiaofeng’s ability after more videos are released!”


The comment section was like a mess and I Like Mantis Shrimp looked at it with a smile.

Although there were a lot of haters, they were mostly people who had already a vengeful attitude towards society. Most of the people were Chen Huan’s loyal fans anyway.

Those haters often didn’t say anything yet before they were washed away by the wave of fans.

So I Like Mantis Shrimp didn’t have to go oversee it.

She was in a very good mood so she opened the video she recorded last night and started to work hard to make another video again.

She could make ten to twenty more videos.

She would use them all in two days and it just happened that Chen Huan would play another game tomorrow night so she would be able to film again!

Some bored students treat the competitions as pastime and online games as games but some people just couldn’t help but take it seriously.

Spring Thunder High School was having their top 32 game to qualify into the top 16.

Spring Thunder High School was a typical sports school as among the 12 sports they were in, eight of them were among the top ten in Zhejiang province and their tennis side was ranked first in Zhejiang Province.

One of the women’s doubles who got the runner-up place in Australian Open was from Spring Thunder High School.

Basketball wasn’t considered as Spring Thunder High School best sports but they have never dropped out before the quarterfinals. They were regulars in the semifinals and even went to finals from time to time.

They had a favorable draw and were in good form this time.

On their side of the draw, only Monarch School was at the same level.

As long as they pass the obstacle of Monarch School, they would face the winner between Second High and Senior High.

In the entire Lin’an City, Monarch School was ranked third while Spring Thunder High School was ranked fourth. They were around the same strength but Spring Thunder High School added a new first year point guard with good and clean passing.

Since September last year, Spring Thunder High School took him to train with them and used various methods to improve his physical fitness.

With this secret weapon, they were confident they could surprise Monarch School and reach the finals.

Second High and Senior High would maybe be unable to win another championship if they fight so hard that they couldn’t recover enough for the finals.

The last time Second High didn’t win the championship was seven year ago and that feat was accomplished by Senior high.

When the players of Spring Thunder High School thought that they may leave their name in the history of Lin’an high school basketball history, they took the training and competition very seriously during this period.

They were filled with confidence.

They were filled with hunger.

They were filled with determination.

Until last night when they saw the game between Virtuous Middle School and Shida High School.

They went to watch Shida High School at the beginning and wanted to see if they had made some progress after a year and see what their weaknesses were.

As for Virtuous Middle School?

Sorry but they had never heard of ants like them before.

But their whole morale sunk after watching the game.

That arrogant and talented point guard spotted a dark face the whole night and didn’t say a single word. His hand even trembled a bit during practice the next morning.

The other players were also silent and made many mistakes during training.

Their hearts trembled as they thought back on Chen Huan’s shocking dunk.

What the fuck!

How are we supposed to fight this?

He just slammed a dunk at the beginning before sealing his offensive skills away.

But Shida High School Team was just defeated like that with a difference of 24 points!

The basketball team of Shida High School wasn’t weak and it would already have a peak and great performance from the Spring Thunder High School team if they could beat them with a difference of 15 points.

Chen Huan obviously didn’t plan to score as he just focused on organizing the offense and stealing the ball and yet he completely trashed them.

How terrifying would it be if Chen Huan unlocked his offensive skills?

Who would be able to defend against him in their team?

Their five starters could beat the other four starters from Virtuous Middle School and outscore them at least 10 points but if Chen Huan went all out, he could score at least 20 points.

What are they going to do?

What are they going to do?

This year… it seems it’s going to be a cold one…

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