I Know Everything Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Ferocious Dunk.

The basketball gymnasium in Shida High School had all their seats filled.

It wasn’t that fighting for a spot in the top 16 was that interesting but it was because of Virtuous Middle School, because of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was a super idol in Lin’an and was also a high school student’s most loved idol. It was obviously easier for Chen Huan to gain their admiration and love as a super celebrity in the music scene.

Not to mention that Chen Huan starred in ‘Love Letter’ and his title as the most handsome teenager wasn’t an empty title. Many girls were willing to come just to see him.

Those that came today weren’t only from Shida High School as many females from the nearby Shida University also came over and wanted to see the Fang Shu who was as pure as crystal.

‘Love Letter’ was about pure love and its setting was also in high school so those high school students obviously watched it.

Lin’an was also one of the cities that grossed the most in the box office and far surpassed those four major first tier cities. These girls contributed a lot of movie tickets.

Now they could actually see the person in real life and it was on the basketball court so they obviously wouldn’t want to miss it.

But all the girls couldn’t curse inwardly when they came into the basketball gym and saw that there were eight gorgeous girls surrounding Chen Huan.


A group of little bitches!

Although Chen Huan is highly sought after, you don’t have to so conspicuous as if you are proclaiming to the world that Chen Huan is yours!


Did Bu Yiyi agree to it?

Did Han Dong’er agree to it?

Did we agree to it?

We didn’t!

The girls weren’t always surrounding Chen Huan.

As when Chen Huan went to warm up, they scanned around the gym and saw those beautiful girls.

It wasn’t a surprise.

Sparks were created when everyone’s eyes met.

There was a solemn and dangerous atmosphere around.

“A bunch of shameless bitches, watching a game? Aren’t they here to watch our Chen Huan?”

“You’re the one who is shameless! Is Chen Huan yours? Do you guys need to be so close?”

“Why do you care so much!? We like it, having Chen Huan with us every day, so what?”

“You make it seems that Chen Huan won’t leave Lin’an for all his life, can you control him!?”



It was unknown why the women’s eyes expressed so many scenes of fights.

Those off court disputes aside, the game was about to start.

Shida High School attached great importance to Chen Huan. They chose to have the shooting guard Yu Tianhao closely guard Chen Huan from the moment the game started.

He followed Chen Huan wherever he went and almost clung to him.

But Chen Huan wasn’t completely limited by him as he made a gap against him as when he received the ball from Li Xu, he successfully led Yu Tiaohao to collide against his own team power forward Jiang Bin.

Taking advantage of this, Chen Huan went to the baseline but faced against the center of Shida basketball team Li Jie.

The centers were always tall and powerful and in such a small space, Li Jie was like a wall when he spread out his limbs.

Lu Yang, the small forward, also rushed up from behind.

Chen Huan didn’t panic as he passed the ball to his right where another figure picked up the ball and steadily lay the ball into the basket.

“Nice ball!”

Some ball fans immediately started to clap and praise.

Chen Huan played beautifully.

He first ran into a position where he caused a two people accident and further attracted two defenders toward him except the opponent point guard Yang Zhibiao who didn’t have time to come, the remaining four were all on Chen Huan.

Then the small forward Lu Xi who made a cut nearby naturally succeeded putting the ball into the basket without interference.

Chen Huan practically played the entre Shida High School team by himself

Such a beautiful start was really something to remember.

The score of 2:0 wasn’t an unacceptable score to the Shida High School team.

They had already calmed down by the time they were on offence.

However, a speechless scene happened as Yang Zhibiao dribbled the ball forward.

Shida High School actually sent Yu Tiaohao to follow Chen Huan around when they were on the offense.

The matter was harder now as while Yu Tiaohao was intensely clinging to Yu Tiaohao, Yang Zhibiao quickly passed the ball to Li Jie and Li Jie suddenly found the power forward Jiang Bin inside. Jian Bin got some separation from Virtuous Middle School center Huang Peng and forced a layup.

The ball turned around the basket before rolling into the basket!


The fans of Shida High School could finally cheer.

Their field goal could be said to ugly compared to what Chen Huan did but they tied the score in the end.

When Virtuous Middle School was one offense, Yu Tiaohao who got beat on defense previously didn’t give up as he followed Chen Huan like his shadow.

Chen Huan received a pass from Li Xu with his back to Yu Tiaohao before he ran straight toward the forward and did crossover to break Yu Tiaohao’s ankles.

However, Chen Huan didn’t stop there as he winked at He Kelin before passing the ball to him and rushed forward.

After receiving the ball, He Kelin didn’t hesitate to throw the ball highly toward the opponent’s basket.

Did he go mad?

Everyone was shocked.

At this time, three people were running toward the basket but Chen Huan was in the middle of them.

Throwing so high, Chen Huan wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he succeeded in grabbing the ball.

Since there were two tall men around the free throw line, the power forward Jiang Bin and Center Li Jie.

As everyone thought it would fail, Li Jie also thought the same as he jumped with a roar and wanted to grab the ball.

Seeing him jump, the small forward Lu Yang started to run toward his opponent’s basket.

He felt quite happy as he ran.

Because all the players from Virtuous Middle School ran at his court and nobody was there to defend.

It seems that I’m going to score the second basket without anyone able to defend!

Everything is going well today, it’s going to be great!

Many people’s thoughts were similar to Lu Yang and only the four starters from Virtuous Middle School scolded him ‘idiot’ in their mind.

Li Jie’s height and reach was worse than Huang Peng so his thoughts were too naïve.

Sure enough, as Li Jie jumped, Chen Huan also leaped after crossing the three point’s line.

He jumped later than Li Jie but his movement and posture were different than Li Jie.

Li Jie jumped like a black bear while Chen Huan jumped like a cheetah.

Chen Huan and Li Jie reached the ball almost at the same time.

Chen Huan pushed Li Jie away as he rushed to the basket.


Li Jie yelled but it couldn’t stop Chen Huan’s moves at all.


The ball was dunked into the basket as Li Jie’s hands were empty and his body was hit by a powerful force as he crashed to the ground on his back.


The ball bounced on the floor.

The court was quiet that the sound of it could be heard.

No matter which side they were on or whether they understood basketball or not, they all stared at the teenager who was hanging on the basket with one hand.

Chen Huan seemed to be radiating and dazzling light even under the bright light of the gym.


Chen Huan jumped down from the basket and looked at the dumbfounded Li Jie,the three people standing motionless near him and also looked at the opposite three point line where the completely stunned Lu Yang was before Chen Huan shook his head and went back to his side of the court.

This group of players looked very strong but was in fact not much stronger than the previous people!

“Holy shit…”


“Chen Huan, you’re so amazing!”

“Sister Xiaofeng, I want to birth your kids…”

“Chen Huan! Chen Huan! You’re the best! You’ll win as long you’re here!”


The fans in the stands finally came alive as they cheered frantically.

The eight School Flowers never saw such a fierce dunk from Chen Huan and felt their blood boil as they couldn’t help but cheer loudly.

The long legged and mixed blood Tang Manman was the most bold out of them as she rushed out and gave a kiss to Chen Huan.

Soon, the other School Flowers felt displeased with this as they all rushed into court and in front of Chen Huan.

They were driven out by the referee within a minute but left a lot of lipsticks mark on Chen Huan’s face.

The School Flowers put makeup on and also multiple varieties of high-end and eye-catching lipstick when they came to watch so it couldn’t be wiped off by just a single wipe.

The audience stopped cheering and laughed instead after seeing such a scene.

A popular person like Chen Huan would still have a hard time with such a situation, right?

Those spectators were laughing but the players from Shida High School felt cold in their heart.

In the previous 11 games, Chen Huan only scored the five points in his first and everyone didn’t go to search how he got the points and only assumed it was because the opponents were too weak.

Otherwise, why didn’t he score a single game for the next ten games?

But now, they finally understood it wasn’t because Chen Huan didn’t know how to score but because he couldn’t be bothered to!

He could crush the game by stealing and passing the ball so why would he score?

This shocking dunk clearly showed how good Chen Huan’s offense was!

Chen Huan’s body didn’t look strong but smashed Li Jie away once he went crazy. Li Jie was at least 20 kg heavier than him, what kind of power was that? What kind of charging power was that?

To be honest, how could a player that was good at steals and passing not practice his offense?

The players from Shida High School had been affected by this and although it couldn’t be said that their mental collapse, their determination of winning the game faded.

They were just seventeen-eighteen years old kids, how could they withstand the pressure from the professional skills?

Their spirit all dipped when they thought that they couldn’t win anymore so the offense and defense of Shida High School no longer had the maximum effort momentum.

Even if Chen Huan only scored 2 points after this, he was like a demon on the court as nobody dared to face him.

Yu Tianhao, who was shadowing Chen Huan, could only fail again and again no matter how hard he tried to stop Chen Huan as he watched Chen Huan ditch out assists and steal the ball from his team.

Under those circumstances, Shida High School team lost with a big gap of 39:63 after 24 minutes of game.

The Virtuous Middle School basketball team led by Chen Huan successfully won against a top 8 opponent and send his team into the top 16!

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