I Know Everything Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Breezing through all obstacles.

As mentioned before, this year’s spring festival was half a month later than the previous one.

Therefore, the schedule for the basketball league was tighter.

Fortunately, it was only 24 minutes a game and all the games were held in Lin’an city so it wouldn’t be that exhausting even if they played back to back.

However, things had changed a bit since the start of the competition this year.

Previously in the preliminaries of the eight major division, it would already be good if there were a dozen of spectators even if it was against the three biggest schools because it was a bunch of kids and nobody was interested in it.

But this year’s Virtuous Middle School was different as when playing games, their gym was full and there were two to three hundred people following them in away games too.

Especially their School Flowers as they would attend every game together which also attracted those away school’s ball fans so they were higher attendance overall.

The limelight on Virtuous Middle School wasn’t only on the School Flowers following them around.

The reasons that the School Flowers followed the basketball team was very simple, it was due to the teenager with unparalleled beauty Chen Huan was in the basketball team so they naturally went to support it.

However, the genius mathematician wasn’t there just to make up the numbers as anyone who had watched knew that this teenager had indeed great talent in basketball.

Chen Huan averaged 30 and 20 assists a game.

A point guard like that would be sought after even if he had no scoring skills.

It was under the lead of Chen Huan that Virtuous Middle School basketball team scored an average of 60 points per game and stood proudly at the top of his group after 11 games and entered into the top 32 round.

Because of their terrifying record, their opponent for the top 32 round Shida High School, came to observe them for the team’s last game in the group.

They left with a calm face after the game. 

They felt very fortunate in their mind. They felt lucky that Chen Huan was only skilled in stealing and passing the ball and wasn’t good at things such as jump shots or other aspects of the offense.

It could be seen from the previous games’ stats that Chen Huan didn’t score much except the five points he got for the first game.

So fortunate.

Chen Huan fortunately didn’t develop his scoring skills otherwise they would have no chance at victory.

It wasn’t only them who thought like that as many teams in the top 32 also felt lucky when they saw the game or heard about it.

Learning of this, He Kelin and the others laughed more than once or twice when the team gathered.

At the start of the qualifiers for the eight divisions, Chen Huan never took the initiative to score when training with them as he would try to develop the skills of his teammate every game and build chemistry so they could adapt to Chen Huan’s passing and leadership.

He Kelin knew this was Chen Huan preparing the team for the later stage of the playoffs.

It was impossible for a single person to defeat everyone no matter how skilled they were.

Didn’t even Iverson fall at the finals after carrying his team all the way up?

Therefore, Chen Huan worked hard to fulfill their potential and adapt to his own skills.

With Chen Huan’s steals and assists, they were able to fully use their various strengths and were even better in their teamwork as they finally became a complete and cohesive team.

If such a team was added with Chen Huan’s offensive skills, they would be invincible even if it was against those domineering Second High basketball teams, right?

This wasn’t He Kelin and the other being too optimistic as it was hard for them to believe anyone that wasn’t at the caliber of CBA players could stop Chen Huan after they saw his skills before the official games started.

It was just impossible for a group of high schoolers!

Shida High School was a first-class high school and a great sports curriculum in their schools so their basketball team wasn’t weak at all and were regularly in the top 8 in the past 10 years.

They even reached the finals five years ago and they had a shining star at that time who is in the CBA now.

But they were weaker now and probably would be eliminated in the semi-finals.

They were either eliminated by the big favorite team Second High or eliminated by big teams like Monarch School and Senior High.

However, they were always superior to Virtuous Middle School who could barely make into the top 16.

If it wasn’t for Virtuous Middle School going on a 10 victory streak, they wouldn’t go to scout them for their next game. Why would they go watch a Chinese basketball game when there was Kobe’s Lakers?

They just have no interest in scouting, alright!?

The group of people almost peed on themselves after scouting them. During the three rest days, they were intensively practicing some tactics in order to completely shut down Chen Huan.

But it wouldn’t be easy to do this.

The previous team wanted to and sent three players to constantly pressure Chen Huan but they couldn’t stop him from passing the ball.

Chen Huan passing skills weren’t at the level of high school players at all as even maybe CBA players couldn’t pass as greatly as him.

However, the other players in Virtuous Middle School were too weak and their ability didn’t match their wants as they have failed Chen Huan’s pass number of times but Chen Huan still averaged more than 30 assists per game.

Shutting down Chen Huan’s steals was also a must.

Chen Huan didn’t only still the ball in fast break and defense but also when the opponent team was getting the rebounds. Chen Huan was very smart as he often stole the balls away and confused others.

You couldn’t help it against these kinds of players even if you saw it.

Because it didn’t make any sense.

It was not like nobody tried to do dirty tricks to hurt Chen Huan on the court.

But Chen Huan was very vigilant and didn’t give them any chance.

The skirmish that happened literally didn’t need Chen Huan to step up as players from Virtuous Middle School would flood out and surround them. They would start it if they were still dissatisfied.

However, the skirmish became quite big on two occasions as it became known to everyone in Lin’an.

There was one when Chen Huan jumped to scramble for the ball and a player put his leg out which was a very dangerous move but Chen Huan shifted his position midair and landed on his leg, directly crushing it. it got fractured as the player screamed in pain before he passed out on the spot.

There was another time where a player lost his mind because of Chen Huan’s steals so swung an elbow but Chen Huan was one step ahead as Chen Huan elbowed the other player’s chest. The player obviously fell to the ground out of breath.

Although no big problems came out of it at the end, the others gradually stopped when they saw Chen Huan’s fierce counterattack.

They weren’t professional players after all and this kind of high school league wasn’t that important so they hadn’t reached the step where they desperately attempted dirty tricks.

So they competed fairly but if they relied on a double team to defend Chen Huan, it would greatly reduce their overall strength.

But if they didn’t guard against Chen Huan’s passing, Chen Huan would make his teammates like fish in water as they would definitely play well off him.

On one hand, their opponent would play great in offense while their possession would be often stolen away. How were they supposed to play with such disadvantage?

The coaches and players from Shida High School all expressed how miserable and fearful they felt.

Under such a nervous mindset, Shida High School basketball team received the biggest dark horse Virtuous Middle School in their gymnasium to fight for a spot for the top 16.

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