I Know Everything Chapter 233

Chapter 233: First Win!

A high school basketball game competition in China obviously didn’t have much regulation and rules.

With so many years of it, they would just start the game.

Even local station TV didn’t report on it and at most would be mentioned for a minute or two by the local news after the finals.

So all those analysis of the enemy and target tactical practice etc… were a bunch of nonsense.

They would just go on the court and play like they did usually.

They would just slaughter it if they encountered some weak team and be more concentrated against strong one, it was just that simple!

Speaking of which, this was also an important reason why basketball education hadn’t been successful in China for the past few years.

They didn’t have any team glory, no stimulation, no joy of victory and praise that came with it, they just relied on some hype that was completely useless to the players.

The older the kids were, the less they gobbled up that hype.

Because it was usually deserted with no atmosphere, Virtuous Middle School’s first opponent, Jianxing Middle School, arrived at Virtuous Middle School at 6:30pm and were confused by it.

What’s going on?

Did we come to a concert plaza?

Why was the stadium filled with people!?

As one of the weak chicken teams, Jianxing Middle School basically only stayed in the area and never went far in the competition so never saw such a spectacular scene.

There were more than 500 seats in the basketball gymnasium but it couldn’t be described as seats filled as the aisle was also filled with people.

According to the preliminary estimate, there were more than 700 hundreds people there.

With so many people crowding the gymnasium, the temperature in the gymnasium had risen at least several degrees and the atmosphere was also more oppressive.

If someone from the visitors saw these, there would definitely be some sense of tension and uneasiness… well, this was what home court advantage meant in sports like basketball and football.

Then the most eye-catching thing was still the group of beautiful girls standing in the first row.

As children of Lin’an and the core area of the Jiangnan region, they never lacked the opportunity to meet beautiful girls before since their childhood.

But there were eight beautiful high school girls that could score at least 80 points standing there and they wore the classic grid student skirts with white shirts with gray neck sweaters. The sight could make people drool.

The players from Jianxing Middle School would have whistled to attract the beautiful girls’ attention if it wasn’t for the fact that it was someone else’s home court.

But they didn’t give up like that as they tried to show their skills during the warm up so those beautiful girls could give them a few more glances.

However, it was a pity that every time they finished their moves and turned their sight at those beautiful girls, those girls were staring at the half where Virtuous Middle School was and completely ignored the half where Jianxing Middle School was.



Everyone was a weak team, why were they so popular?

There was that little pretty boy on that team who all the girls were watching and the spectator on the sidelines were all shouting for him, Why!?

Chen Huan…. Chen Huan… Chen you sister!

These people only have developed limbs and never connected this basketball player Chen Huan with the legendary Master of Math.

After the first warm up, the teams were in their last preparation.

At that moment, the team from Jianxing Middle School saw something that made their blood boil!

The eight School Flowers beauty rushed up to the pretty boy and all gave him encouragement filled with love one after another.

They heard something similar to a kiss and their heart nearly broke because of this.

“This pretty boy must die!”

The power forward Zhao Dajun said viciously.

The center Sun Changfeng said with a smirk, “Looking at him, he’s either a small forward of a shooting guard. Just watch how I’m going to smash him when he goes to the basket!”

“I must guard him even if we can’t win the game!” The shooting guard Pan Ke snorted.

The scene that they have just witnessed really a boy’s self-esteem.

It wasn’t only them as the four starters from Virtuous Middle School also felt very sad about that.

If Chen Huan wasn’t their savior, they wouldn’t mind teaming up with the opponents and gang up on Chen Huan.


Ten people stood on the court and the centers of the two teams jumped for the ball.


Huang Peng was definitely better than Sun Changfeng as he jumped higher and slapped the ball toward the backcourt of Jianxing Middle School.

He slapped it very hard as the ball bounced highly after hitting the floor.

Using so much strength, did he have any hatred toward the ball?

This was what went through Jianxing Middle School’s point guard Wan Jinkai who was around 30 centimeters from the basket.

He reached out to catch the ball but a figure suddenly flashed before him and the ball was gone!


Is gone…

Confused Nick Young.jpg

Only the small forward Ding Fanglin saw things clearly. He saw an opposing player rushing over and poked the ball away. The ball passed by and then a man also passed by.

He just raised his arms a bit and didn’t do anything else.


When the five players from Jianxing Middle School turned their heads toward the basket, they saw a dunk.

The ball was smashed into the basket and the ball fell about the same time as the player.

The referee, who saw everything, gestured for a valid field goal.


“Chen Huen! Chen Huan! You’re the best! The team will win as long as you’re here!”

The spectators and those beautiful girls all cheered.

At that moment, Jianxing Middle School’s players could clearly see who just dunked.

Damn it!

It was that pretty boy!

They just swore to beat him but now their rage flared as they gritted their teeths and was instantly full of fighting spirit.

“Trash Him!”

The power forward Zhao Dajun roared aggressively as he passed the ball from under his basket to the midfield.

The others all had a fierce expression and scrunched up faces. They looked a bit scary and even shocked the excited fans.

But the four starters from Virtuous Middle School just laughed coldly.

In the past few days, Chen Huan had tortured them all.

A little Jianxing Middle School wasn’t even as good as them so how could they shout something such as ‘Trash Him!’ so brazenly?

They were just being blinded by jealousy!

Sure enough, Zhao Dajun rushed into Fan Quanqing’s defense so he passed the ball toward his center Sun Changfeng who was cutting toward the basket but the ball was intercepted by Chen Huan.

Chen Huan didn’t give them the time to react as he reached toward the opponent’s half court.

The opponents were more prepared this time as Wang Jinkai spread his hands and bended slight so he blocked Chen Huan’s path.

Chen Huan didn’t pay much attention to him as when he reached the three points line, he leaned forward and pushed him away. Wang Jinkai was knocked away by a huge force and Chen Huan also jumped up to shoot the ball.

“Don’t think about it!”

Pan Ke rushed from the side and jumped high in hope to block the shot.

But he was a bit slower to Chen Huan so his hand hit Chen Huan’s hand right after the ball was shot.


The ball went through the basket and the referee blew the whistle.

The field goal was valid and the defender fouled so a free throw was given.


“Chen Huen! Chen Huan! You’re the best! The team will win as long you’re here!”

The cheerleading team and the crowd cheered in excitement again.

Everyone could see it was a clear foul so nobody questioned it.

It was just that the players from Jianxin School all had an ugly as if they were gonna cry.

They all knew how strong Chen Huan was now and it was shockingly powerful.

It was a completely unstoppable stance.


While they were upset, Chen Huan’s free throw was smooth.

“Keep it up!”

After receiving the ball, Wang Jinkai said with dissatisfaction, “From now on, we will defend him and destroy all of his prestige!”


The guys cleared up their mind as their fighting spirit was lit up again.

However, the game didn’t go as well as they thought it would.

Chen Huan didn’t do any solo break through and dunk but he passed the ball, stealing the ball, pick and roll, screen…

He completely became a defensive minded player and a point guard.

Fortunately, the point guard’s cutting in and passing skills were quite good so he responded accordingly when Chen Huan dominated the ball.

The one who felt the best were naturally the center Huang Peng, power forward He Kelin and the small forward Lu Xu.

After the 24 minutes game, He Kelin had 12 points and 5 rebounds, Li Xu had 15 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

Huang Peng scored 20 points and got 15 rebounds. He could do whatever he wanted under the basket and had a great game.

Fan Quanqing who had to set screen and Yi Runchun who replaced him had 7 and 5 points respectively plus a total of 5 steals and 3 assists combined.

Chen Huan’s stats were even scarier.

He only scored 5 points and gave the rebounds to Huang Peng, Li Xu and He Kelin.

But Chen Huan had 33 steals and 17 assists. 

(O-O) I can’t get that many steals in NBA2K even if used cheats.


This was the final score of the game. Virtuous Middle School blew Jianxing Middle Score by a double digit score.

The score was usually not as high in an official game but high school students loved offense and their defense weren’t that good so it was quite normal to have such a high score.

When the game was over, the opponents that were viciously trying to trash Chen Huan, covered their heads as they walked out of the court without looking back.

They couldn’t even steal the ball once against the godlike Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wasn’t bothered even when they double teamed our triple teamed him.

Chen Huan could always hit their weak spot and steal away the basketball in the most unexpected situation.

What made them feel even more despair was the speed and reaction as they couldn’t even draw any foul.

Of course, it was also because these kids didn’t know the correct way to play.

If it didn’t work and they couldn’t get the ball, they could just hug Chen Huan to stop the fastbreak.


Leaving this group of rookies aside.

Chen Huan got the biggest limelight as he took the team to crush their opponent on his first game so the eight hundred fans cheered during the whole game. It was a sight to see.

But what made some people uncomfortable was that after the first game was over, the few team members didn’t even have the time to express their admiration for Chen Huan before Chen Huan was surrounded by the eight School Flowers who all went to praise him and give their love to him.

Their excited mood was immediately replaced by a depressed and sad one. ̄□ ̄||

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