I Know Everything Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Get someone big!

Back to the topic of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Zhu Mei didn’t waste time with Chen Huan either as she said, “As for the team, we will use our previous core team and Shanhai Streaming also has prepared a production team so we can add them and the team will be built. What do you think?”

“You call the shots on things like this Aunty Mei.” Chen Huan said with a laugh, “But the princess is really generous. Giving us an unlimited budget for the prison, we can even build a real prison.”

“How can we really build such a building?” Zhu Mei said with a smile, “I plan to build only a shell. It would be a three story building for the shooting and the rest will be taken care of by the computers’ effect.”

“Hmm…” A thought suddenly flashed in Chen Huan’s mind, “No, let’s just build a normal prison and make a good one! It should accommodate 1000 people!”

“Huh?!” Zhu Mei was taken aback, “That big? There’s no need! The prison in the novel isn’t even that big!”

“It won’t only be used for this movie. There’s also a TV series I just thought that could use this too.” Chen Huan explained.

“Oh!?” Zhu Mei’s interest was picked, “What kind of TV series?”

“Why Aunty Mei? You also want to do a TV series?” Chen Huan asked.

“I don’t shoot TV series, too troublesome.” Zhu Mei said, “But I’ve a few friends who are quite good at shooting TV series. I can introduce them to you if the genre is right.”

Zhu Mei naturally had a lot of friends and she also graduated from Huhai Opera where she had a lot of seniors and juniors.

“I haven’t thought about the details of the plot yet. We’ll discuss it another time.” Chen Huan replied, “There may be no concrete things for the next two years but if I get the detail rights, maybe it can be shot next year.”

“Oh.” Zhu Mei nodded in understanding, “Well, we’ll build a standard prison then!”

There were always some short stories in the mind of writers but they were ideas at best and it took a lot of time for it to turn into a complete story that could be used as a script for filming.

The kind of people that could casually write classic movie scripts and blockbusters didn’t exist.

Constructing a prison that could accommodate 1000 people wasn’t actually that difficult.

The land was easy as they had to find a remote place and negotiate with the local officials to rent it for a price.

As for the blueprint, there were already existing one that they could borrow and make appropriate modifications before using them.

They didn’t have to worry about the construction time as the Chinese were known as the ‘Building Madmen’ and it didn’t change in this world. A building with 3 to 5 floors could be completed in two months at most with their premade structures.

In those two months’ time, Zhu Mei could select her casting and have them gather up to prepare for filming without any delay in between.

That was how filming movies worked.

From the initial preparation and the release, the actual filming only took one-third or even less of the overall time. The most work was at the initial preparation at the early stage and the production as well as advertisement at the later stage.

Zhu Mei’s ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was scheduled in six month and it wouldn’t be too rushed even if it added the two month of construction time.

She didn’t know that the issues didn’t depend on the teenager’s inspiration but on the Good Lord’s rewards.

If the Good Master gave Chen Huan a TV series, Chen Huan would definitely decide to find someone to film this super classic.

Regarding the details, he didn’t have to think about it changing a bit due to the difference in the two countries and etc… However, there would definitely be interest when this TV series came out.

Chen Huan believed that the princess also showed a lot of interest in this.

Because it could prove that the company could produce a great TV series for the world.

“Do you have any thoughts concerning the actors?” Zhu Mei asked Chen Huan, “What did you think of the actors I sent you during the Spring Festival?”

When Zhu Mei was deep into the mountain, she didn’t only relax as she spent half of her time preparing for work.

She spent most of her time preparing for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ such as the detailed description of the plot, planning on how to shoot particular scenes and casting choices.

Talents would always actively use their brain even in a calm environment instead of being dragged down by the bustling world and stopped using their mind as they busied themselves.

So she sent all of that information to Chen Huan and asked him for his help and advice.

Chen Huan had also a lot of experience in discussing details of the plot so he also wrote back to her.

Of course, it was all delivered by Habao Express that even delivered it in the mountains in less than two days.

This way of communication was like pen pal did a few decades ago.

However, Chen Huan never gave his opinions of the casting.

This was also one of the reasons why Zhu Mei came to find Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wasn’t only the original author but also had a good eyes for selecting the actors.

This had been proved in ‘Love Letter’.

“I feel like all the profiles you chose weren’t suitable for the role of Li Chenglong.” Chen Huan said frankly.

“Really?” Zhu Mei didn’t agree, “Although Sun Dahe is a bit old, he is still quite handsome and has an honest look, his acting skills are also notoriously good. He’s also the fifth heavenly king, he’s still not good enough? Even if Sun Dahe isn’t suitable, what about Fan Yuyue? He’s only 36 years old and looks a bit more rustic with a more peasant aura, how’s he not suitable?”

Sun Dahe was one of the six heavenly kings and the heavenly kings that won the most awards. He was known as the acting god of China.

Although he was 44 years old, he still looked in his thirties and it was normal for a man at his age to have a 7 years old child.

There was also Fan Yuyue that was in the industry of TV series. He was 36 years old and had always acted in the role of the simple and honest protagonist. His own personality was also alike so he had a very good reputation for that kind of role.

There was a vote by the fans of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ on who was the most suitable to play the Li Chenglong and Fan Yuyue came out at the first place, even surpassing Sun Dahe who ranked second.

Chen Huan calmly explained, “They have too much experience in acting and have already a fixed image. I think they lack a bit of freshness.”

“Can someone with little acting experience be able to bear the role of Li Chenglong?” Zhu Mei expressed her shock, “Aren’t you afraid of failing the movie by changing the actor like that?”

The two most important roles in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was the role of the father Li Chenglong and the other one was the seven years old daughter Li Yiyuan.

Li Chenglong was not only the most important role but he also set up the scene for his daughter so he must be an experienced actor.

For this role, actors that didn’t hold any weight didn’t dare to put their candidature at all.

Those young people, no matter how popular they were, it was impossible for them to not have any self-knowledge and still wanted to play the role of Li Chenglong.

“Some people are born actors and we don’t need to be particular with it.” Chen Huan said.

“Don’t tell me you want to have Xu Gu who played the theater version to come over and play the movie version?” Zhu Mei asked in confusion.

Xu Gu was one of the three giants of the theaters and also the one who played Li Chenglong in the theater adaptation.

While the other people speculated, Chen Huan appreciated him a lot and felt he was the right candidate for the role.

Xu Gu’s acting skills were more suitable but Zhu Mei didn’t consider him before because she thought Sun Dahe and Fan Yuyue were better choices.

Sun Dahe already said he didn’t need to be paid for this movie as long as they were responsible for his accommodation and food.

Schedule issues could be fixed as he could make time for it.

Could Zhu Mei not consider it after a heavenly king with an average pay of 30 million made such a comment?

Not to mention that the pressure on the budget had drastically reduced and Sun Dahe alone could add 50 million to the box office!

Heavenly Kings just have that much influence!

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