I Know Everything Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Big picture.

Women were naturally less decisive.

When you ask for a girl to go on a date, you must set aside at least an hour for her to do her makeup.

But if the girl showed up in time, there was no doubt the girl liked you very much.

Because she prepared an hour or more in advance.

If the situation was reversed and you were the one chasing after your goddess, you could wait at her doorstep and play two rounds of MOBA without worrying about time.

But there were also women that put a lot of importance on time efficiency.

The Princess Zheng Rongrong was one of them and Zhu Mei was obviously also one of them.

Since Zhu Mei’s debut, she had always been very efficient when she shot her movies.

She wasn’t the type to desperately make her actors give their best acting but was the kind to find the best ways to best movie with a reasonable time and cost.

She wasn’t like Wang Jiawei where he took a thousand shots before throwing them away. 

Chen Huan asked Zhu Mei to shoot ‘Love Letter’ not because he knew her but because she was truly suitable for it.

The movies made by Zhu Mei weren’t the kind that showed the ugliness of the world or the dark side of human nature.

Although her films also had sorrow and tragedy, they still retained a hint of warmth and faint hope for the world.

This kind of director that possessed optimism was suitable to film ‘Love Letter’.

Otherwise, if they changed into a literary movie with deep darkness, it would destroy the ‘pureness’ and ‘trueness’ in ‘Love Letter’ and turn it into a vulgar high school love story.

It was because Chen Huan was very satisfied with the results of ‘Love Letter’ that he was willing to give her ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Otherwise, even if she was his Aunty Mei and that she was a very good elder, Chen Huan could only say sorry to her.

Fillers aside.

After negotiating with Zheng Rongrong and signing on the framework of their cooperation, Zhu Mei took a fly to Lin’an the next day.

Chen Huan had to go to school during the day and train with the basketball team during the afternoon and it wasn’t until 8pm that Chen Huan returned to Mingde Alley and met Zhu Mei in the Shui’s family house.

Zhu Mei was a smart person.

Shui had a very good relationship with Shui Qingshan and also had contacts with Chen Huan now so she would go to the Shui Family when she wanted to discuss something with him and not the hotels.

This felt more intimate.

Zhu Mei called Shui Qingshan from time to time and knew Chen Huan received dozens of million from ‘Love Letter’ shares and also dividend from ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ but had never used the money.

Luxury cars, mansions, enjoying the pleasure of life or living like in the dream… Chen Huan didn’t do any of that.

Chen Huan got even more hardworking in the contrary as he made ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and it was even published in a top mathematics journal such as ‘The Journal of the American Mathematical Society’ which was recognized by the mathematical community in the world.

Such achievements needed days and nights of efforts.

It meant that Chen Huan didn’t get distracted by the pleasure of life and kept being diligent and humble.

For a kid like him, affection was definitely the most important thing.

Zhu Mei talking to him in the Shui Family home made Chen Huan more relaxed and more trusting of Zhu Mei.

The two of them talked about the matter. Shui Qingshan and Xia He didn’t participate but Shui Qianyu sat nearby and watched them with enthusiasm.

Zhu Mei knew things very clearly about Shui Qianyu. It was guaranteed for her to become Chen Huan’s little wifey when she turned 18-19 and it was impossible to run away from it.

Nowadays, people married at 18 years old and many people married before they went to university so maybe this little girl would become Mrs. Chen in a few years.

Zhu Mei recounted the conversation she had with Zheng Rongrong while holding the contract.

The thing that interested Chen Huan was Shanhai Streaming moving to Huajin.

“It seems that the princess is prepared to go public.” Chen Huan exclaimed.

“Really?” Zhu Mei asked in surprise.

She wasn’t very knowledgeable about business.

“She said that she wanted to get out of her father’s influence but she also wants to make more achievements so Shanhai Streaming become a super company like Shanhai Group.” Chen Huan said, “Only this way she can say that Zheng Rongrong didn’t embarrass Zheng Qian and that she wasn’t inferior at all to him.”

“How can it be possible?” Zhu Mei laughed up, “The market value of Shanhai Group is 400 billion USD! In our country, only two state owned monopoly enterprise could surpass them.”

“Anything is possible.” Chen Huan shrugged and smiled, “Let’s wait and see!”

Shanhai Streaming was in the streaming services and it had the same model as Netflix from his original world.

Netflix’s stock value reached 150 billion USD in 2019!

If Shanhai Streaming did a good job in China, he wouldn’t dare to say it would reach 150 billion in value but it should at least reach 50 billion.

If they dared to get involved in series production in Europe and USA, and succeed, their future would be limitless.

Today, most of the 40 billion valuation of Shanhai Streaming came from their video streaming websites.

Shanhai Streaming occupied 13% of the Asian market and 30% of China’s. it wasn’t as good as the number one Shining Technology but the 40 billion market valuation was still a bit conservative.

After all, Shining Technology was valued at 120 billion USD.

With the continuous increase of users and profit from the advertisers, the video streaming services here were more popular and richer than the one from the other world.

The other world number one video streaming website was only worth 40 billion yuan.

According to Chen Huan’s estimation, the combination of Shanhai Streaming video streaming services and Netfix’s model of self-produced drama could make it reach 100 billion USD after listing the company.

If their self-produced work could become more outstanding and continue to release good content, surpassing Shining Technology 120 billion would be just around the corner.

A lot more opportunities were needed if they wanted to surpass the 400 billion of Shanhai Group.

Zheng Rongrong was obviously not satisfied by just surpassing Shining Technology otherwise she wouldn’t relocate to Huajin and have the ambition to enter the film industry.

Chen Huan believed it was only her first step and she had more plans to execute.

Chen Huan was very happy to watch this super woman journey to the top.

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