I Know Everything Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Undercurrent of the Wealthy.

Huajin, Central Business District.

This was a business cluster of Huajing which had a large number of companies such as fortune 500 companies, large state owned companies etc…

Anyone that could set up a HQ here was very powerful.

Everyone would give an impressed glance if they said their company was in the Central Business District.

In other words, it was an upgraded version of driving a Mercedes in terms of achievements.

A hundred meters from xx energy and xx TV station, there was a recently renovated office building.

It wasn’t very high and was around 30 stories or so but it occupied a wide area of around 5000 square meters not including the fountain, garden and pavements around the building.

Before Zhu Mei entered the underground parking lot, she asked Teng Dingyuan, who was next to her, “How much money did you spend to buy this building?”

“We didn’t buy it, we just renovated it.” Teng Dingyuan said, “Ten years ago when they just started to develop the Business District, the big boss responded to the call and bought a few plots of lands. Three years ago, we happened to choose this one so our company bought it and renovated it.”

Those wealthy people sure were rich.

Zhu Mei just smiled and didn’t express her surprise.

Zhu Mei was already quite knowledgeable about Shanhai Streaming.

Although Shanhai Streaming had a deep relationship with Shanhai Group, it wasn’t exactly one of Shanhai Group subsidiaries.

Shanhai Group only owned 30% of Shanhai Streaming while Zheng Rongrong personally owned 33% with Zheng Qian personally owning 12% and the remaining 25% was owned by other wealthy people.

They only invested in Shanhai Streaming because of giving face to Zheng Qian but they didn’t expect that after a few years that Shanhai Streaming would develop so fast and had reached the valuation of 40 billion dollars which was much higher than their initial investment.

The valuation was at 40 billion dollars because it was still not listed.

The market value would double if it was listed in the United States.

So Zheng Rongrong status in Shanhai Streaming was like an unshakable mountain.

In Shanhai Streaming, her words were law and nobody could stop her.

Such as the previous where she used 200 million to advertise ‘Love Letter’, she didn’t even ask the shareholders about it.

Zhu Mei felt at ease working with such a person that controlled everything.

She didn’t have to worry about being bothered by the investors for various reasons in the middle of filming that would cause the film to fail.

She also didn’t have to worry about whether the movie would be shown in enough theater and if it would be advertised enough too.

The president’s office was at the top floor and the entire floor was dedicated to her.

When Zhu Mei arrived at the floor, she still had to wait around 10 minutes in the secretariat and only went in when several executives stepped out of the office.

“Take a seat!”

Zheng Rongrong stood up to welcome Zhu Mei and led her to the couch near the window before sitting down, “Director Zhu, how did it feel to live like an hermit for a bit?”

“Pretty good. When free, you can walk around in the mountains or sit in your room admire the view peacefully.” Zhu Mei said, “In the quiet night where the birds and insects are singing, you can write and think about the successes and failures. If it weren’t for me having lofty ambitions, I wouldn’t mind living there for a year or two.”

“I also want to try to experience that kind of life.” Zheng Rongrong said, “Let us go together on a vacation like this when we are all free!”


Zhu Mei replied with a nod.

However, they both knew it was unlikely. Zheng Rongrong managed such a big company so how could she leave the company for a few months of vacation?

It would be crazy!

“From now on, our company’s main office will be set here!” Zheng Rongrong looked at the garden and fountain below and said with a hint of pride and stubbornness.

“Huh?” Zhu Mei asked in surprise, “What about the office in Nanwan?”

“It belongs to Shanhai Group and not my Shanhai Streaming.” Zheng Rongrong calmly said, “If I want to make an entertainment company that would make into the Film and TV industries and become one of the giants in it, Nanwan is an unsuitable place. You can only do it in Huajin where the resource is the most abundant where you can get twice the results with half the effort.”

Zheng Rongrong gave multiple reasons but it was the first sentence that was the most important.

It was a sign of a child that had grown up and was unwilling to live under her father’s wings.

Zheng Qian had many wives and those wives married before his wealth increased rapidly so they didn’t share much of his wealth.

Now it was rumored that there were still a few mistresses but it was definitely not a subject to breach upon as Zheng Qian’s wealth would be divided at least once and it wasn’t something Zheng Qian would be able to bear.

More wives also meant more children.

Zheng Qian had dozens of children and his first one was naturally his first wife’s eldest daughter Zheng Rongrong who was also the best qualified.

After graduating, Zheng Rongrong started to work hard on her own and became the second biggest video streaming website in less than ten years. This achievement was definitely obtained only because she was Zheng Qian’s daughter.

Today, Shanhai Streaming was developing in great stride with tens of billions of dollars in assets and that obviously made some people uneasy.

Zheng Rongrong may have noticed this so she wanted to get out of her father’s influence so she decisively chose to move her main office to Huajin.

Shanhai Streaming had also enough capital to do it.

Zheng Rongrong’s overall management of the company and the development plan she made convinced the shareholders of the company to strongly support her.

It included Zheng Qian. Although he felt very reluctant about his daughter leaving home, he still agreed in the end.

It was without mentioning that Zheng Qian personally owned 12% shares on top of the 30% shares owned by Shanhai Group so Zheng Qian had quite the deciding power.

In fact, as long as Zheng Qian didn’t object, nobody could interfere with what Zheng Rongrong wanted to do.

Zhu Mei had heard that many people in the Zheng Family were jealous and hateful toward Zheng Rongrong but Zheng Qian’s reply to them was, “You guys want to meddle in Shanhai Streaming? You can. But then, the biggest share of my Shanhai Group would go to Rongrong, she is my eldest daughter after all.”

That group of people immediately quieted down.

Shanhai Group was much larger than Shanhai Streaming and its control and influence over an entire industry were obviously incomparable to an entertainment company.

They were obviously preferred to gain control over Shanhai Group.

As for Shanhai Streaming, even if they didn’t meddle in it, didn’t Shanhai Group own 30%? Wouldn’t they tens of millions of dollars in the future if it got big in the future?

However, Zheng Rongrong didn’t seem to worry about the future at all.

She held 33% shares and Zheng Qian would probably leave his 12% share to her.

Even if he didn’t leave it to her, Zheng Rongrong could still buy it at a suitable price and own the largest share of the company and thus have a firmer control over the company.

Modern business in reality, the dream of owning 51% of the shares for a listed company didn’t exist.

Especially for this kind of super large company with tens or hundreds of billions in worth where in the process of continuous expansion, it was impossible for the founders to maintain so many shares. It would be already very impressive if they owned more than 30% and they could be considered as one person major faction.

Even if the shares were diluted to a low amount, Zheng Rongrong just had to maintain her control over the operation of the company and those shareholders wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they wanted to make a fuss.

The company founders just have that much authority!

Coupled with Zheng Rongrong’s skills and charisma, it wouldn’t be hard for her to do so.

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