I Know Everything Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Extremely Fierce!

At 9am the next school day, it was no surprise that dozens of people were sitting or standing there when Chen Huan came to the basketball court.

Standing at the edge of the court was the School Flowers dressed to the nines.

They were chatting excitedly and laughed out loud from time to time, seemingly very happy.

Girls at their ages were in their youth and would be attractive even if they weren’t beautiful, not to mention these girls that looked extremely beautiful.

The Beauties in Lin’an have been famous since ancient times!

Chen Huan walked over and gave them a smile as he said, “I want to thank you all for the matter a few days ago!”

“It’s some small matter!” Di Xiaoling said humbly, “Chen Huan, I didn’t expect to know how to play ball! It seems that you have been working hard outside of school recently!”

The former Chen Huan just had an unparalleled handsome face.

But now he had countless skills and competence.

Nobody believed he just suddenly got proficient during the summer vacation.

Everyone believed Chen Huan had worked on them quietly during his free time and it only showed results now.

This was a theory that was widely believed not only in the school but also on the internet.

People were willing to believe in genius but it would be too unbelievable if it was too magical.

People would only consider it normal if all the ability came after a lot of hard work on top of being a genius.

Di Xiaoling was obviously one of those who believed in this.

Xu Qiao nearby also said with a smile, “However, the picture they sent yesterday weren’t clear. Chen Huan, perform well today, then we’ll accompany you to crush those top students from those famous schools.”

“Crushing them is normal.” Long Yuqing snorted softly, “Who dares to say they are atop student in front of our Chen Huan? Are they worthy?”

“It’s just a figure of speech, alright? you always have to nick pick everything, are you a troll?” Xu Qiao rolled her eyes at her.


Long Yuqing was about to fight back but Chen Huan patted their arms and said, “Don’t fight anymore, just watch me play!”

These two little girls hung out with him quite often and were like two little sisters so he didn’t need to be restrained when he talked and acted around them and was very natural about it.

With that said, he turned around and went to change his clothes before he started to do warm up exercises.

“Let’s go Chen Huan!”

Gu Xue and Tang Manman waved toward him in excitement as he stood on the court.

Today, Chen Huan led the four second year bench players against the five starters of the basketball team.

Although everybody believed that it was impossible for Chen Huan to win one versus five, the School Flowers weren’t here for the results but to see how Chen Huan played.

All that mattered to them was Chen Huan played well, they didn’t care about how the other people did.

“Just give me the ball on offense later.” Chen Huan instructed the bench players, “On defense, just try your best to stay with your opponent. Don’t worry about anything else.”


The four bench players nodded repeatedly.

They would be good as long as Chen Huan didn’t want them to take any responsibility.

Chen Huan couldn’t help but shake his head seeing their cowardly appearance.

How could they be successful if they didn’t even have any fighting spirit?

The basketball team coach and PE teacher of the school Wang Chi would be the referee of this game today,

He didn’t believe it at first when he heard of Chen Huan’s incredible skills but he couldn’t not believe it when the starters claimed so.

He was also here to check on Chen Huan today. It would greatly benefit the team for its game in a few days if Chen Huan was as skilled as the starters in the team.

Wang Chi watched the four bench players led by Chen Huan facing the five starters with a slight smile before he whistled and threw up the ball.


Before Huang Peng jumped to the highest point, Chen Huan already jumped up and slapped the ball.

Wang Chi’s eyes widened.

No way?

He jumped higher than Huang Peng?

But the next moment, Wang Chi’s eyes were about to pop out.

Because Chen Huan chased after the ball like the wind!

Li Xu had already grabbed the ball but Chen Huan’s finger poked the ball away from Li Xu’s hands.

Chen Huan didn’t slow down as he picked up the ball and ran until the free throws line as Fan Quanqing tried to block his path but then he just jumped up as he stepped on the free throws line and flew into the air before slamming the ball into the basket.


(I wonder if Westbrook could dunk from the free throw lines, I know Lavine could but damn, Chen Huan is that athletic?)

A loud noise was heard but many people on the court couldn’t work their brain, much less their legs.

Chen Huan’s four teammates stood motionless in place looking like idiots as if they didn’t know what just happened.

The starters knew Chen Huan’s strength so they chased after him, especially Fan Quanqing that arrived around the three point line and tried to stop him with everything he had.

But it was no use as Chen Huan’s dunk shocked everyone.

The several School Flowers in winter clothes were watching Chen Huan play closely and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

It took less than 3 seconds after Wang Chi blew the whistle for Chen Huan to score!?

And it was such a domineering dunk!?

It wasn’t only them as the other spectator stood up in shock as they felt completely dumbfounded.

It was in one sequence!

The numerous girls didn’t understand basketball but how could they not see the flashy and difficult action that just happened from stealing the ball to dunking it?

“Chen Huan is the best!”

“Chen Huan, Chen Huan, you’re the best! They definitely win with you!”

The girls who came back to their senses the first immediately started to cheer.

Chen Huan also knew how to hype up the atmosphere.

He immediately went to the sideline after making the basket and high fiving the School Flowers.

The School Flowers never experienced this but smiled happily as they high fived back and didn’t even mind even if it was a bit strong.

Some spectators from the first row got excited and rushed down to stretch their hands for a high five. Chen Huan didn’t do any favorite as he smacked everyone’s hands before going back to his half of the court.

Wang Chi turned dumb at the display.

He came back to his senses only when He Kelin called him out.

Then the way he looked at Chen Huan changed. It was like a hungry wolf ready to swallow him whole.

He Kelin and the others were also excited but they didn’t forget that they had to continue testing Chen Huan.

Since Wang Chi had turned stupid and couldn’t referee the game anymore, they would have to do it themselves.

After passing the ball in to play, Li Xu passed the ball to He Kelin after they passed it around.

There were two defenders blocking his path.

But He Kelin didn’t care about them as he turned around and rushed to the basket as he pushed away his defenders.

But there was another player near the basket rushing toward him.

He Kelin made a surprising action as he passed the ball behind him.

The center Huang Peng was running behind him.

Then he yelled loudly as he jumped toward the basket while holding the ball with both hands.

Huang Peng also intended to do a dunk to boost the morale by how he ran and jumped.

You could do it, but I could also do it, I’m someone that will get beat like that.

Huang Peng thought so as his arms and legs were filled with power.


He suddenly heard He Kelin’s warning.

He was seeing the basket in front of him so he didn’t know what or who He Kelin was warning about.

But the next moment, a figure flew by him and he elevated even higher than him.


Huang Peng, who was holding the ball with both hands, only felt a huge force hitting the ball in his hands.

His momentum was forward and he didn’t hold it tightly either so the huge force slapped the ball away.


The basketball hit the backboard before it bounced off.

Huang Peng tried to grab the ball but couldn’t at all.

He looked behind him and saw the figure also got back down while grabbing the ball from the air. Then, like a tiger, he blew by Yi Runchun and Li Xu’s defense and rushed forward by hugging the sidelines.

Fan Quanqing recovered quickly as he went to the three points line to stop Chen Huan when he saw that by spreading his arms widely.

As long as he could delay Chen Huan for three seconds, He Kelin would make it to the basket and prevent him from an easy path to the basket.

However, something that gave despair to Fan Quanqing happened.

Chen Huan didn’t try to move forward as he took a step back and jumped up to shoot the ball in a fadeaway stance.

Jump Shot!

Another Jump shot!

Fan Quanqing also jumped up and tried to block it but he could only helplessly turn his head back and watch the ball fly straight toward the basket.


Nothing but net!


Wang Chi, the coach, finally recovered and whistled.

“Three Points! 5:0!”

He yelled out.

But he forgot that he didn’t need to whistle when people scored in basketball.


The group of true and false friends didn’t care about that as they jumped up in excitement.

Some of them understood the sports and some of them didn’t.

Even if they didn’t understand it, Chen Huan’s fast break after such a defensive display had fascinated them.

He should be able to shine in this year’s league since he showed such skills, right?

Many people thought so.

Wang Chi would definitely scold them to the ground if he knew what they thought.

Were you insulting our Genius?

With ability like Chen Huan’s, it would be no problem for him to play in the CBA!

So aggressive and skilled, it was simply a treasure given by the heaven!

This was what Wang Chi thought.

During the 24 minutes of the training match, Chen Huan led the weak bench to beat the starters with a disparity of 43:30.

The spectators yelled so much that their throats were hoarse.

In particular the group of School Flowers that had long since admired Chen Huan and they couldn’t wait to eat him whole.

The difference in scores wasn’t small but all the points were scored by Chen Huan in his team.

Chen Huan was on fire behind the arc as he made 8 three pointers in 10 tries and this was a big factor in killing the match.

The gap wouldn’t be so big if Chen Huan kept scoring in the interior and it would be hard to say what the results would be if the starters build some momentum.

The starters let out tears of joy even if they lost.

It didn’t matter as when the official competition started, they would be playing side by side with Chen Huan!

Wang Chi also clenched his fists in excitement.


He had been frustrated for seven or eight years since he took over the basketball team but he finally had a chance to wash away his shame!

God, Thank you so much!

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