I Know Everything Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Let us win the Championship!

The people were waiting for Chen Huan’s reply.

They desperately wanted him to agree but they didn’t have much hope.

Amidst the silence, Chen Huan asked, “What is the schedule for the basketball league?”

He Kelin and the others felt energized.

They weren’t afraid of him asking questions but afraid that he didn’t hold any interest!

They were already halfway there if he started to ask questions!

He Kelin quickly answered, “We started to play after the New Year. The competition is divided into 8 regions between the North, East, West and South. Each team would face each other once and the top 4 would enter the top 32. Then the top 32 would be drawn into 8 group separate groups. After three games, the top two of the groups will get into the top 16 playoff. Then it will be an elimination game until the championship.”

“It seemed that we had a lot of games to play but our high school game only lasted 24 minutes and it was divided into 12 minutes for each half. It usually happens at 7pm so it doesn’t affect our studies. For example, there are 12 teams in total in our division and although we have to play 11 games, we can finish it in less than a month if every goes according to the schedule.”

“According to last year’s schedule, the top 32 would be done in March, the quarter finals will be done in April and the finals will be done mid-May so it doesn’t delay our preparation for the college entrance exams. Moreover, there would be a higher chance to be admitted in Sports University if we can get a good result so everyone take it very seriously.”

Huang Peng nearby added, “However, the top students in the three major high schools aren’t the same. They weren’t only good at basketball  but also at their studies so they don’t have to care about entering a sports university. It’s quite embarrassing now that we talk about it, they would totally enter into the top 30 schools and were much better than us who only have developed muscles but simple minds.”

“You can’t say something like that.” A girl next to him said indignantly, “Can they be better than our Chen Huan? During the Winter Camp for math Olympiad, Chen Huan defeated all the geniuses across the country for two straight weeks until they admitted their better!!”

“Chen Huan also came up with ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’. Which top student in the country dares to brag in front of Chen Huan?”

The girls would definitely maintain Chen Huan’s ability status. After all, there was no girl in Virtuous Middle School that wasn’t a fan of Chen Huan.

Huang Peng gave a sheepish smile and stopped talking.

He was also scolding himself for forgetting Chen Huan’s other persona.

Few people could be compared to Chen Huan in China as far as genius was concerned so what was the top 30 schools to him?

Even the top three schools would go crazy in order to have Chen Huan in their school.

But Huang Pend was a simple minded person and just said with a laugh, “It’ll be great because if Chen Huan joined us, which of them could compare to us? Even if we can’t beat them in the basket, can they beat us on the study side?”

The people nearby scolded him for using other people’s prestige inwardly. It was Chen Huan’s achievement alone and he still bragged about it.

But there was nothing to be ashamed about for Hueng Pend as wouldn’t Chen Huan be one of them if he joined the team?

A basketball team was like a family! Wouldn’t his glory also be theirs?

Chen Huan didn’t care about that.

He was worried that the basketball league would be played in June and what would happen to his filming.

What had already been promised should definitely not be changed because of later promises otherwise he would lose all credibility.

He naturally felt more relieved now that he learned it would be done by May.

Those people who organized the league were quite smart.

The remaining team that played the semi-final and final had all their players aiming for the direct admission for sports students so they didn’t regare college entrance exams as very important so it wouldn’t bother them as much.

The 24 minutes of the game was also very good.

They were Chinese after all and they didn’t have the physical ability of the blacks and whites from the USA so they couldn’t play continuously for 48 minutes.

24 minutes would allow them to perform without harming their body and affect their future growth.

The game would be played at 7 pm and with the various preparation and rest in between, it would last around 90 minutes. It would be like watching a movie and giving enough time for the student to go back home and study.

It would be like Akari Takenori. (Slam Dunk Character, Don’t watch Slam Dunk so no idea what the author is trying to say.)

“Because this year’s Spring Festival is on February 18th, the competition has been postponed. The schedule for the qualifiers in the 8 divisions has become tighter so we’ll play more frequently.” Li Xu said to Chen Huan, “If Brother Huan joined, we won’t have to worry about the strength of our bench and unable to make into the top 16.”

Virtuous Middle School had in fact a chance to get into the top 16 last year.

But their bench wasn’t up to par.

In a basketball game, it was unlikely for someone to play the whole 48 minutes even if they were the superstars.

In 2013, the superstar LeBron James averaged 35 minutes in the regular season and 41.9 minutes in the playoffs but there was only two games in the whole season that he played for 48 minutes.

Therefore, the ability of the bench determined the direction of a game after the superstars were off.

Otherwise, the big three of Lebron, Wade and Bosh wouldn’t be together.

The way they won the finals was that there was definitely at least one superstar on the court when the other two were off so the team would naturally play better and the score would be correspondingly higher.

Kobe was very tough and playing fifty minutes was like playing around to him but why didn’t he win a championship after O’Neal left?

Wasn’t it because of the bench?

The lead that Kobe achieved would be thrown away by the bench the moment Kobe sat so there was obviously no way for them to win.

Virtuous Middle School should be able to enter into the top 16 in terms of starters alone but their bench got outscored 18 to 5 so they went sent home in the end.

There were many factors in it such as two of the bench players were preoccupied with the college entrance exams and one was injured but the gap in ability was always the most important one.

Now if Chen Huan joined the basketball team, there would be a good substitute player in Yi Runchun that would add strength into the bench since it wouldn’t be a problem for him to play either in the shooting guard or small forward position.

One more person meant more bench quality for two positions which wasn’t a small matter.

And then if Chen Huan could show half of the skills he demonstrated right now in a high intensity game, the lead gained by the main lineup should be enough to win.

There was great hope for them to enter the top 8 even if he showed only one-third of his skills in official games.

So Li Xu understood what time it was so he called Chen Huan ‘Brother Huan’.

He was older than Chen Huan but who told Chen Huan to be more skilled than him?

He still understood that the best players got seniority.

“What do you think, Brother Huan?” Fan Quanqing also asked in eagerness, “Although this doesn’t benefit you in any way, we’re all people that studied here and we want to leave something to the school when we leave… we are not a genius like you but we can work hard. It would already be a huge honor for us if we can gain some honor for the school with you.”

Chen Huan looked at him and said, “Let’s not talk about this. The duel isn’t over. You on offense and me on defense this time!”

He only tested his offensive skills just a moment ago and didn’t try his defensive skills yet.

Chen Huan also wanted to convince them thoroughly so defense was a must.

Even Jordan and Kobe were very good defensively. A player good on offense but bad in defense wasn’t a superstar at all.

He Kelin’s eyes gleamed.

Chen Huan wouldn’t do such a useless thing if he had no intention to join the team.

Didn’t it mean that Chen Huan wanted him to have a better evaluation of him and make a better decision by showing his defensive skills?

Yi Runchun nearby was obviously aware of this so he quickly said, “Come one Old Fan, Brother Huan want you to try him, let us witness Brother Huan omnipotence!”

Yi Runchun still felt a bit unconvinced after his loss but seeing how he made the switcheroo layup midair against Huang Peng’s defense, he already bowed in admiration to Chen Huan.

Fan Quanqing agreed and stood in the middle of the court with the ball since everyone said so.

Chen Huan was now the defender but he only bended slightly and didn’t spread his hands or wave them around.

Fan Quanqing was dribbling the ball. He knew that Chen Huan had great strength so he obviously didn’t dare go into contact with Chen Huan.

He kept the ball in front of him and wanted to do a spin move to bypass Chen Huan.

But unexpectedly, his ball got poked away by Chen Huan right when he turned.

Then a figure flashed by and the ball was in Chen Huan’s hands.

“Come again!”

Chen Huan didn’t start his offense but instead gave the ball back.

Fan Quanqing felt insulted for a second.

But he woke up the moment later.

With the skills Chen Huan showed, he didn’t even qualify as an opponent and was just a sparring partner to test his defensive skills.

With insufficient ability, what right did he have to be angry?

So Fan Quanqing took a deep breath and started dribbling again.

He didn’t even think of blowing by Chen Huan this time as he just threw the ball behind Chen Huan before he made a mad rush toward the ball by circling the sidelines.

He wanted to overtake him!

Fan Quanqing’s speed was quite good and Chen Huan was less than a meter from him. If his starting speed was good and with his acceleration, Chen Huan shouldn’t be able to catch up since he wouldn’t expect this either.

But Fan Quanqing only started to turn but already saw Chen Huan turn into a shadow caught up to the ball in a few steps.

Chen Huan didn’t even take time to adjust his form as he straight up did a jumpshot.

Fan Quanqing looked at this action in horror.


The ball once again went through the net and it was nothing but net!


A thunderous applause was heard.

Everyone present no longer doubted Chen Huan’s skill.

It was Virtuous Middle School great blessing to be able to meet such a great player with outstanding offense and defense!

Chen Huan clapped as he turned to look at those stunned players.

“Let us go win the championship!” The teenager said with a smile.

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