I Know Everything Chapter 225

Chapter 225: I knew it!

The spectator assisted at this scene with eyes wide open as they only saw this on TV before.

Except for Huang Peng that was dumbfounded and wasn’t sure what happened, the other imprinted this into their memory.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!!”

He Kelin, who had always been calm, couldn’t help but yell out curses.

He was just that hype up.

Needless to say that dunking wasn’t often used in competition as it may hurt the body.

Chen Huan made 6 out of 6 threes shot and few people would be able to do that in the entire city of Lin’an.

In an actual competition, Chen Huan showed his powerful physique and showed he wasn’t afraid of physical contacts against Yi Runchun and this was a great advantage in basketball.

Wasn’t Howard from the Magic used his body to dominate everybody?

At his peak, Howard was so great he was almost the best player of the NBA.

But he got injured and he wasn’t as strong as before so he regressed.

It was a huge advantage in offense for a shooting guard to have such a strong physique!

But it was even better now.

When Chen Huan faced their star Huang Peng, he actually did a Jordan like layup by changing hand midair and he did it so smoothly without making it look weird, who could have imagined it he could do that?

Would such a shooting guard be afraid to run at the paint?

If the paint was protected, Chen Huan still had the three pointer!

One shot, two shot, three shot… he could just kill the game by that!

Virtuous Middle School should kneel down in repentance if they still couldn’t get into the top 8 in Lin’an with such a great player!

Maybe they would even have a chance to get top 4!

He Kelin looked at Chen Huan like a treasure at this moment and almost drooled.

He Kelin smiled so much that it couldn’t go down anymore. He stretched his hand toward Chen Huan and said, “Chen Huan, join our team! Lets us make history together!”

“Ding Dong!”

“The Virtuous Middle School Basketball Team is weaker than even the weak chicken host! As a man in Virtuous Middle School and as a man with a great system, the host should have the courage to accept the challenge and take the team to the top!”

“The great system will issue a special mission, if the host can lead the basketball team to their first championship this year in Lin’an High School Basketball League, the system will give out a great reward!”

It came!

Chen Huan knew that the system that was obsessed with fame and wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

The basketball team in Virtuous Middle School was obviously weak as they couldn’t even make into the top 16 last year and it was already their best results which meant that the previous seasons, they couldn’t even make into the top 32.

There were less than 100 high schools in Lin’an and that showed their weakness.

Chen Huan asked his PE teacher Zhuang Tao about the school’s basketball team. Zhuang Tao said that the group of players wasn’t that bad but they lacked a real star player so they couldn’t improve their results.

There were generally two solutions to improve a team.

The first was that they had a very strong defense overall like the Detroit Piston in 2004. It made their opponent and audience want to cry.

The second was the offense.

Just like the Bulls with Jordan and Pippen, the Lakers with Kobe and O’Neal, they ignored everything as they used their firepower to knock down everyone.

To have a good defensive team, it relied on a great coach and also a group of great players that possessed great defensive skills.

It relied on luck and opportunities to make a group like the Piston starting five.

And that was the NBA where all the geniuses in the world gathered. They were just a Chinese High School team so to be able to have a team like that, it would only happen in their dream.

In high school basketball games in China, teams generally relied on one or few talented players to carry their offense with a few good role players to complete them. These kinds of groups were the most successful.

The key players in Virtuous Middle School were definitely not star player caliber but they were good role players.

Chen Huan was wondering if the Good Lord randomly gave him the ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ or it was intentional to tell him he must shine in the basketball court.

In this peaceful era, sports and entertainment were the industry that attracted countless fans and the best sports celebrities wasn’t too shabby compared to those entertainment celebrities.

Good Lord was a system that longed for its host to be known by the whole world and hadn’t even made Chen Huan a mega superstar in entertainment but already opened a sports branch for Chen Huan and Chen Huan felt a bit helpless by that.

Football was definitely the most popular sport in the world and the World Cup made much more money than the other cup.

But in China, there were no less people who loved basketball than people who loved football.

Especially when China’s football team is a pile of shit but the basketball team was one of the best in the world as they could at least compete in the world stage so which sport did you think had the most fans in the country?

The advantages of basketball were that they had more games and their stars were more popular.

Sometimes you wouldn’t be able to score a goal in a football match but basketball was different. Great players like Jordan or Kobe could score 20 points, 30 points a game and they scored it in all sorts of ways so it was more exciting.

There were only five people on the court for a basketball team unlike football where there were eleven. The stars were naturally more recognizable which affected the popularity of their stars.

So Chen Huan already expected the Good Lord to give out a mission when he came today.

His dunks, bullish charge and switcheroo midair were all to impress the basketball team.

No matter what the Good Lord wanted him to do, he must first conquer the basketball team.

Otherwise, how could Chen Huan command and have them serve him?

Even the Piston big five had a leader much less the other team. It would just be a mess if there wasn’t a definite leader and no momentum would be generated.

Now it seemed that the five starters of the team were convinced.

The small forward Li Xu, who was uncomfortable with Chen Huan beating Yi Runchun previously, was in awe.

He had never seen someone able to do a switcheroo against Hueng Pend before.

If Chen Huan could do it, it meant that he was an undeniable genius and also an extremely skilled player.

The basketball court was like a battlefield and it relied purely on skills unlike acting where you could go act as long you looked good enough and didn’t have much relation to skills.

All five of them were in their third year of high school and none of the players on the bench was qualified to replace them so Li Xu and the others started to get discouraged. They felt it was already quite good that they could get into the top 32 last year.

But Chen Huan suddenly appeared and gave them a great surprise.

They would have no regret in their high school career if they could get into the top 8.

So how could Lu Xu not feel ecstatic at that?

He was like the other and was afraid that Chen Huan wouldn’t join their team.

Chen Huan was the well-known Teacher Lu Xiaofeng after all and he was also a well-known mathematician too.

Could you imagine it?

A world class mathematician under the age of 17?

Some mere local sports couldn’t attract someone with this type of knowledge.

The five people looked at Chen Huan with an excited expression but Chen Huan didn’t respond even after a moment.

Their heart sank at that moment.

The substitutes nearby didn’t even dare to breath loudly.

They felt even more nervous than the five starters.

The five starters would be graduating this year. The basketball would probably not even get past the preliminary much less getting into the top 32.

Everyone was desperate.

But who knew Chen Huan would come and with the skills he showed, they could totally get into the next 2 years even though they didn’t dare to hope for the championship but he could carry them like Iverson did.

But such a Golden Thigh seemed reluctant to join and that made everyone nervous.

The fans watching the practice were also filled with hope.

Those who watched basketball training during their holiday naturally had better understanding toward basketball in general so they knew that Chen Huan was more skilled than anybody here.

The basketball team performance would at least increase by two levels if he joined. Then this year’s Virtuous Middle School basketball team would be worth watching!

It was underwhelming now that they talked about it.

The most famous person in Virtuous Middle School was Chen Huan.

Whether it was the best songwriter of the country Lu Xiaofeng, the male lead in ‘Love Letter’ Fang Shu or Chen Huan the top mathematician, it was all one person.

This kind of ability beat every student in Lin’an, Zhejiang Province and the entire Jiangnan region.

If Chen Huan joined the basketball team and brought the basketball team to a championship…. It seemed that it wasn’t that great?

Everyone couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed when they thought of this.

For them, Chen Huan could become the savior of the basketball team but for Chen Huan, it didn’t bring him much.

Including getting girls.

Basketball was a very hormonal sport and drew more screams and excitement than football so basketball stars were usually favored by women.

For example, the famous Zhang Yiwen.

Those high school basketball players were naturally inferior to that predecessor but it wasn’t unusual for them to date 3 to 5 pretty girls.

Several players in the Virtuous Middle School basketball team had multiple girlfriends.

But they understood that Chen Huan was the unparalleled handsome teenager and completely didn’t need to play basketball to have countless School Flowers chase after him so how playing basketball would benefit him?

Would he be willing to do something that didn’t benefit him?

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