I Know Everything Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Did you get possessed!?

Chen Huan started to perform again as those people discussed.

He first stood behind the right corner of the three point’s line and threw the basketball toward the backboard.

As the ball was thrown away, Chen Huan ran toward the basket and soared to the sky as the ball bounced back toward him.

Chen Huan caught the ball with both of his hands but didn’t do anything yet.

He waited until he flew past the paint before he dunked it behind him.


The paint shook but the ball passed through the hoop.

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

“Ah~~~ “

Everyone had their eyes on Chen Huan at that moment and that action caused everyone to scream and exclaim again.

He Kelin may not have much skill but he was different from those excited spectators and ordinary players as he still had a good understanding of basketball.

Because of height and jumping power, at least half of the Chinese players couldn’t dunk even if they were at the CBA.

If it was some freestyle dunk, not more than ten people in the CBA could do it.

But at least 80% of the players in the NBA could do it.

That was why the players in China couldn’t be compared with those in the USA.

To be specific, the competition height of the basket was 3.05 meters, which was high enough for the Chinese but it was 10 cm higher in the NBA as people in America thought it wasn’t high enough so there were many moves that they couldn’t use.

Even professional players in China couldn’t dunk every game, let alone some high schooler that couldn’t even get a ranking in Lin’an city.

They said previously that Chen Huan was some street basketball player but they weren’t sure now after seeing such an amazing second dunk.

To be able to dunk like this once at only 1.80 meters, it could be said he was already among the best street basketball players in the country.

But Chinese street basketball wasn’t that good to do it twice and only people in the USA could do it so easily.

Therefore, Chen Huan obviously had some skills.

Whether it was skills or athletics, it was better than the ordinary people.

It was unknown if such a person would be able to make it on Second High’s basketball team but he would be a talent in Virtuous Middle School.

If Chen Huan could do a few dunks like that in competition, they would be the shining stars in Lin’an even if they lose.

Thinking of this, the key players immediately rushed forward.

“Chen Huan!”

He Kelin greeted him with a smile, “How come you have the time to come to the basketball court?”

“It’s been a long time since I balled so I wanted to move around.” Chen Huan said in a reserved manner.

“Hey, when did you learn such skills? I’ve never heard of it before and I didn’t see you come here before either!” The point guard Fan Quanqing said.

“I usually practice at the basketball park near my home.” Chen Huan could only fabricate a story, “I haven’t always been very healthy since very young so playing basketball was good for me.”

Green space in Lin’an was very good and many of them had parks of different sizes that included basketball courts, tennis courts etc… but the elderly used them most of the time.

There were three parks around Mingde Alley so Chen Huan wasn’t afraid they would doubt him.

They must be sick if they went to investigate this for such a little thing.

“You’re already very good to be able to practice your dunking to that extent by yourself.” The shooting guard Yi Runchun praised frankly.

This bunch of basketball players were really simple so they had nothing to say on Chen Huan’s dunks since it wasn’t something that they could do.

And they also wanted Chen Huan to join the team so they couldn’t be sarcastic with it either.

Li Xi was more anxious about it so he asked, “Apart for your dunking, how is your shooting? Three pointers? Dribbling? Passing? Or your free throws?”

“Stop blabbering!”

He Kelin scolded him before saying with a smile to Chen Huan, “Chen Huan, how about you show us your skills that you practiced so long for? So this group of monkeys can open their eyes?”

“Yeah, Sister Xiaofeng, crush them!” A tall female student leaned forward and yelled.

Why did Chen Huan come here?

Wasn’t it to try the level of ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’?

He didn’t say much when he heard this and walked toward the three point line.

He walked 45 degree angle to the left.

Chen Huan adjusted his breathing for a bit before he did a standard form and shot the ball toward the basket.


Nothing but net!!

A player nearby subconsciously passed him another ball.

Chen Huan made another shot with a *Swish* and the ball went through the middle of the hoop.

Next, Chen Huan shot twice at the corner and took another two shots at the middle. He still made all the shots but one of them went in after rolling around the basket.

However, shooting 6 for 6 still amazed the students.

“Teacher Lu, you aren’t possessed by a basketball star, are you?” Huang Pend said dumbfounded, “Your three pointer is overpowered!”

“Jackpot!” He Kelin rubbed his hands in excitement, “Even if you get one third of your current shooting percentage in competition, it’ll be an absolute killing machine!”

His words weren’t an exaggeration.

In actual competition with other people blocking their vision and pressuring them, it would already be great to shoot at 33% in three pointers and could even be considered a good shooter in the NBA.

“How about we have a match? Let’s have a duel!” Small forward Li Xu said, “Chen Huan, what position are you playing?”

“Shooting guard.” Chen Huan replied.

Although ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ provided a wide range of skills and he even could go to the center position like God Yao, everyone would laugh to their death if he played center with his height.

So the Lord Jordan’s shooting guard position suited him the most.

The shooting guard was one of the positions that shot the most in the court and the other position that shot about the same was small forward.

However, those giants in the NBA frequently switched positions between shooting guard and small forward such as Kobe, James and Wade since they could play both.

Naturally, since the debut of Jordan and Kobe, the shooting guard position was the most popular.

Especially in amateur games where the shooting guards usually scored more and could make the little ignorant girls scream and cheer more so the youngster preferred to play shooting guard.

Hearing what Shen Huan said, the original shooting guard Yi Runchun shrugged and said, “Come, let’s have a duel. I’ll give the position to you if you win and I’ll just become Li Xu’s substitute.”

After Chen Huan nodded, the two of them stood on one side of the court.

“You attack first.” Yi Runchun threw the ball to Chen Huan.

After receiving the ball, Chen Huan took a step back and slowly dribbled the ball.

Yi Runchun didn’t get careless as he bent his knees and spread out his hands as he stared at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan rushed forward but when he reached Yi Runchun, he turned his body and used his shoulder to block the incoming Yi Runchun.

When the two collided, Yi Runchun felt an incredible force hit his chest and staggered back and fell to the ground.

He finally stabilized his body but Chen Huan already blew by him and went forward.

To the spectator’s view, Chen Huan like a bulldozer as he pushed Yi Runchun away and Yi Runchun didn’t have a chance to stand firm against it.

The basketball court was 28 meters long in total. The middle of the court was around 12 meters away from the three point line so it took less than 5 seconds for Chen Huan to reach the 3 point line and blow by Yi Runchun away and another 3 second to reach the basket and do a layup.

Yi Runchun could only stagger back and fall as he defended.

Yi Runchun was dumbfounded amidst the clapping and screams.

He still didn’t recover even when He Kelin and Huang Pend went to pick him up.

“How was it?” He Kelin asked and patted his shoulder.

“Damn!” Yi Runchun blurted out, “Is this a fucking dinosaur? He’s too strong! I can’t stop him and I’m…. 80kg!!!”

Seeing his appearance, a few of them knew that he was done and was completely beaten by Chen Huan and started to doubt life.

“Let me guard him this time.” Huang Peng stepped forward.

He was the center and was 1,90 meter tall, the highest in the entire team and also weighed 90kg.

He was the strongest player in the team.

Virtuous Middle School had a 50% chance of winning as long as the other team’s center was weaker than him and Lin’an City Sport Club even came to scout this center. This showed how great his defensive skills were.

The second round started soon enough.

Huang Peng wasn’t the same as Yi Runchan as he was tall and big. It was naturally impossible to fight with speed against others so he took position under the basket.

He was more than 2,50 meter tall when he raised his arms and he stood under the basket like a wall, ready to swat away Chen Huan’s ball.

Chen Huan didn’t go easy on him either as he started to run at ten meters from the three point line and did an euro-step when he reached inside and jumped highly.

“Nice try!”

Huang Peng roared as he jumped and swatted toward Chen Huan’s hand that held the ball.

After the three steps were taken and the player jumped, Huang Peng couldn’t swat at the player but could do it on the ball so it didn’t end up as a foul.

He saw that his hand was about to hit the ball but Chen Huan suddenly lowered his right hand and switched the ball to his left hand.

His left went by Huang Peng’s hand like lightning and softly lay it into the basketball hoop.

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