I Know Everything Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Street Basketball?

As the saying said, you should use the skills if you have them.

Wouldn’t it be a waste if you don’t use them?

This was about the ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ that Chen Huan just received.

With Chen Huan’s personality, he was already very restrained by not showing it off.

Things like writing songs or books were mainly about talents… eh, or mainly relied on reward from the Good Lord but abilities were more straightforward.

However, Chen Huan’s previous skill was the Big Grappler Hand but it wasn’t something he could use on people or those police uncles would take him for a seven days tour or something.

Now he got the ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’ which was one of the favorite sports among the young people. Nobody would complain for being too outstanding and it would even increase his popularity.

Chen Huan didn’t care if he would get a few more female fans or not but if he played well, his popularity would increase and the vanity and then wouldn’t the popularity loving Good Lord reward him for it?

If he could have one of the abilities such as Carter’s dunking skills, Iverson’s dribbling skills or Kobe’s crazy shooting skills… he could upload video every few days and get hundreds of millions of views!


Chen Huan knew he should stop dreaming.

The abilities mentioned above were from superstars that should be at least at the level of ‘Professional Basketball (Hall of Fame) or (Epic)’. Although Chen Huan didn’t know how the levels were separated in the Good Lord’s system, he knew that a mere (Advanced) was definitely not comparable to superstars like Iverson or Kobe even if the skill was professional basketball.

But you shouldn’t reach for more than you should as a man and Chen Huan felt it should be a problem for him to be the basketball prince in Virtuous Middle School.

Judging by the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Beginner) he got previously, he should be able to back up his name as basketball prince among the high schoolers.

Words were empty without being back up by action.

It just happened that the school was on vacation so there shouldn’t be many people in the basketball court so Chen Huan bought a ball and went to school.

The kids now had it much better as they even had a basketball court instead of playing in the concrete ground in the playgrounds like before.

The concrete ground was tough and definitely would draw blood if someone fell while competing.

The basketball court was great as the floor was specially made for it and was much harder to be injured by it.

What Chen Huan didn’t expect was that there was already a basketball team there who were training and playing along with dozens of spectators watching.

Because Mingxian Middle School had only one basketball gym so the students would usually also occupy the basketball court to play basketball or other exercise so the basketball team would usually train on one side of the court and would only occupy the whole court when people left.

Otherwise, since everyone was a student of the school, why was it your basketball team the only people that could only use the court?

There were many children from wealthy families and they didn’t care who you were.

Besides, Virtuous Middle School was considered to have it good as most schools still used outdoor basketball courts… well; they resembled those street basketball courts, those that had just two baskets net, very simple and crude.

The basketball court in Virtuous Middle School was built thanks to the donation from those wealthy parents.

Because since it was the winter vacation and the student couldn’t help but go out and play so how would they come to the basketball court?

Therefore, the basketball team occupied everything. They divided into multiple groups to train when Chen Huan came.

In reality, the sports for Chinese students, especially for those in high school, were just all for fun and was different from those students in America or in Japan where they could develop in a proper in interschool competition.

That was why the country’s professional basketball and football had gradually fallen behind those countries and the gap was getting bigger and bigger.

This was related to the faults in training at the grassroots level. They must start from the foundation if they want to develop talents in this field.

But the pressure to learn was on every student and even if the student was willing, their parents may not be  so it was a dilemma to solve.

With ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’, Chen Huan could see a lot of flaws at a glance and watching them was like watching little kids playing.

Shaking his head, Chen Huan walked aside and took off one layer of his clothes to reveal the basketball uniform underneath.

Then he started to warm up.

Basically everyone in the gym was related to the basketball team and people were a little bit stunned when they saw Chen Huan abruptly walk in, especially when he started to warm up.

Was Chen Huan going to play basketball?

The group of people looked at each other and thought they had never heard of this before.

If it was just an interest, you could just wait until school started.

Now he came during winter vacation and dressed like a basketball enthusiast. It looked weird no matter how they looked at it.

There were five or six girls among those that watched the practice.

They had their attention on the basketball team originally but their eyes were unconsciously drawn to Chen Huan when he came in.

“Wow, look at Chen Huan’s movement, they are like pros.”

“Yeah, you can see he’s very skilled from this. I heard he did pushups last time on PE and people said he had a very good body. The type that looks very good naked, it really looks like it’s the case after seeing him!”

“Xiaoli and the others must regret it now, they didn’t come over today and missed Chen Huan!”

“I don’t care anymore, I’ll first take pictures first. Every movement made by Chen Huan can become a background picture in my phone!”


The girls weren’t whispering when they were talking so the group of athletes grew inevitably jealous and their movements turned weird.

The captain He Kelin became annoyed after seeing the few of them bricking their shot, “Concentrate yourselves! More effort! How can you take revenge if you can’t even concentrate?”

With his yelling, the players started to concentrate and were at least less stiff with their shooting and dribbling.

He Kelin frowned as he looked at Chen Huan at the corner and thought that this guy was here to show off, right?

After all, he never heard that Chen Huan played basketball before.

But then he couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head after seeing the girls nearby going crazy.

There wasn’t a single School Flower here, who Chen Huan was going to show off to?

However, He Kelin heard one of the girls gasp when he stopped looking.

All this fuss over nothing!!

He Kelin thought it must be those dazzling moves Chen Huan that caused the girl to grasp but in the eyes of those who really knew what basketball was, it was just some shiny play.

But the next moment, several basketball players around Chen Huan also started to make some noise.

He Kelin saw Huang Peng in front of him blurted “WTF!” with widened eyes.

What’s going on?

He Kelin was confused so turned his head toward the people who were shouting.

“Another one!”


“Not a human!”

What He Kelin saw was Chen Huan standing not far from the basket and patting the ball with a concentrated expression.

The group of players that was under the basket retreated behind the 3 points line and all looked at Chen Huan.

Then, Chen Huan threw the ball forward high before he also stepped forward and jumped as high as around 1.7 meters.

Chen Huan then immediately lifted one of his hands up and caught the ball in the air before slamming it into the hoop with a ‘bam’!

“AH ~~~~”

Several girls nearby He Kelin screamed at a high pitch voice when they saw that.

He Kelin also reluctantly let out a ‘WTF’ from his mouth.

“This brat is playing street basketball, right?” The small forward Lu Xu said in surprise and stopped his training.

Street basketball was a branch from basketball and its main feature was that it was cool and flashy so it would more likely to make people exclaim in amazement.

Take Chen Huan’s dunk just now as an example.

You thought that Carter’s dunks were pretty?


Had you ever seen the street basketball master dunkers in New York Madison Square Garden? Not to mention the one hundred eighty, a three hundred or five hundred degree dunk was still no problem for them.

But why were Carter’s dunks considered the best?

Because Carter actually did them in competition and street basketball was just playing around in a relaxed atmosphere.

If those street basketball players went to play in the NBA, they would be abused until their tears of regret ran out.

It was impossible for those street basketball players to make those moves at will in a high intensity and highly skilled opposition’s game even if they were just some average NBA role players.

Chen Huan wasn’t very tall and was only 1,80m and was considered short among basketball players.

Therefore, after Chen Huan made this dazzling dunk, He Kelin’s first reaction was playing street basketball.

It was pretty but not practical.

But in this high school basketball court, it amazed and stunned many people.

“Old He, how about we go test him?” The point guard Fan Quanqing leaned and said, “High School competition intensity is similar to pick up games and if he has really such an explosive speed, we won’t lose our standing even if we lose.”

The few main players behind him nodded in agreement.

Virtuous Middle School was a second rate school. Although it was rich and they had much better equipment than many top high schools, it still lagged behind those top schools in terms of the quality of students.

The best high school basketball team in Lin’an was the team from Second High, followed by Senior High and Monarch School.

These basketball teams could reach the top 8 among high school competition in Zhejiang and Second High was even placed at the runner-up!

As for Virtuous Middle School…

They didn’t even place among the top 16!

Therefore, even if He Kelin was the captain, he had nothing to be proud about and could only show off a bit at school but not too excessively.

For example, the School Flowers never paid any attention to them.

Three years ago, the basketball team got mocked by a School Flower, “Can’t play ball and yet act like you’re somebody impressive, I feel embarrassed for you.”

The basketball team lost all of its charm as a result.

Because of this, the basketball team even wanted to recruit someone that did streetball like Chen Huan.

They would be eliminated in the first round or second round anyway and having the most handsome teenager would have made more people support them and could attract more people in the end.

Although it was an unambitious plan, He Kelin had no qualm against it as the captain of a weak team.

“Give it a try then.” He agreed without much hope in it.

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