I Know Everything Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Menacing.

Chen Huan felt somewhat surprised but happy after receiving Bu Yiyi’s call.

He thought that it would be a pleasure to be in close contact with such a bombshell every day during the shooting.

Whether Chen Huan wanted to bag the succubus or not, it was better to shoot with someone you were familiar with than with a total stranger.

He didn’t expect that Shanhai Streaming would go that far this time and was able to even make Bu Yiyi come.

Although Bu Yiyi said she only came because she wanted to work with an old friend, Chen Huan knew Shanhai Streaming would never give a low price.

But after careful observation, the princess wasn’t short on money at all and everything she chose was the best option available. This showed the boldness of her company and also a way to gain reputation.

Chen Huan felt the princess was very effective in what she did.

Whether it was good or not to splash so much money, the results were there. ‘Love Letter’ not only made a name for them in the major domestic theater lines but also helped them form a working relationship with foreign theater lines.

It was very difficult for Chinese film companies to distribute abroad.

But Shanhai Streaming hadn’t even started to produce movies yet but had already obtained contacts with distribution lines.

Even if they only worked with the foreign publishers once, as the saying said, awkward at first but closer the second time, a few more times and they would be friends!

Could the other know who they were if they didn’t generously promote ‘Love Letter’?

Those foreign publishers would think that Shanhai Streaming was nutty, had skills and rich after seeing them splash 200 million in advertisements.

If those businesses didn’t cooperate with those rich people, would they go cooperate with poor people?

So the domestic theaters lines would also prefer to cooperate with Shanhai Streaming.

Because they had money.

If they had money, they would have more production budget and more advertisement budget.

The more budget there was, the more chance something good would come out of it.

It wasn’t that more money was always good, it was just there was a much greater chance of a great production would come out from a bigger budget than a small one.

The same was true for advertisement.

The advertising budget of 1 million may not be much different from one with 10 million.

But the difference between a budget of 10 million and a budget of 100 million was extremely big and was enough to change the fate of a movie.

Take ‘Love Letter’ as an example, the 200 million advertisements cost of it was simply mad!

They even made tier four cities have posters of ‘Love Letter’ and other advertisements about the movie, how could the people not pay attention to it?

With such a strong advertisement presence, the movie should be able to generate 200 million in box-office even if it was a pile of shit, right?

So that was why there were many people filled with salt and said that half of the 3.2 billion box office of ‘Love Letter’ was inflated and it couldn’t hold against the literary movie made by Lord Hao He.

Shanhai Streaming obviously didn’t care about those worthless claims as they created a miracle and was proud of the reputation they gained.

It was how things worked.

The princess was a businesswoman after all and business only cared about success or failure and never cared about the process.

You would be prosperous if you got it right and you would be done if you got it wrong.

Changing the subject.

Han Dong’er got the two songs from Chen Huan and gave them to Wei Xi.

Wei Xi was obviously a knowledgeable person so he could see the great potentials of the two songs from a glance.

Whether it was ‘Red Bean’ or ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’, it was the kind of divine songs that suited Han Dong’er’s voice and singing style.

It would be an exaggeration to say that those songs would be able to last for generations like ‘Laughter From the Sea’ but Han Dong’er could totally do a top tier album with these two songs.

Wei Xi still didn’t feel at ease after receiving around twenty songs but finally could feel at ease after seeing the two songs.

Wei Xi let out a sigh of regret while he felt at ease.

His studio would inevitably go downhill for a few years after Han Dong’er left.

Even if Zhuo Xiaofeng had great potential, it was still unknown whether she would continue to sing more good songs and build on it to become a small empress, step by step.

If Teacher Lu was willing to write a few more songs, not many, just two or three and give it to Zhuo Xiaofeng, she would definitely be a small empress in a few years.

But this was only something he could dream of.

It was impossible for a songwriter to continuously write good songs.

Generally, a songwriter that could write a song per month was already considered good.

They would already thank the heaven and earth if those songwriters could write a super classic song like Teacher Lu’s once per year.

After releasing a series of good songs, all of it caught up to Teacher Lu as he reached the point of exhaustion so he could only give two songs to Han Dong’er this time.

The relationship he had with Han Dong’er was different. Zhao Changshou received so many great songs only because of Han Dong’er so there was no need to mention Han Dong’er herself.

And yet Han Dong’er could only get two songs. So how could Zhuo Xiaofeng possibly get a few more songs?

And what about the big names of the industry such as Tang Yang and Chen Hao?

Wei Xi’s sense of urgency wasn’t unfounded.

Recently, the second place of ‘I Sing My Song’ Li Bi had shown rising popularity.

With Li Bi being backed by Phoenix Record, her album ‘Pride’ had been sold with stunning numbers whether it was online or offline.

In just one month, ‘Pride’ had been downloaded 4.5 million times and it was already certain it would get the numbers of an emperor/empress.

It was the same for hard copies as it sold 80k in a month it would certainly reach 100k.

Although the growth of the online and offline sales grew rapidly in the past six months and the previous standard couldn’t be used anymore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this result would put her at the same level as a small empress.

Li Bi’s success wasn’t only because Phoenix Record put a lot of effort to produce the album but also due to them riding the popularity wave of ‘I Sing My Song’ and Zhao Changshou.

More importantly, Li Bi also tried very, very hard.

As soon as the album was released, she immediately started a nationwide promotion.

Whether it was in variety shows, fan meetings, visiting shopping malls or late night shows, she would go.

People thought Li Bi would only busy herself for half a month to a month before taking a rest but it wasn’t the case.

To this day, she had been running to every major city whether it was first, second or third tier cities.

At least one fan meeting was held every day. Li Bi would sleep whenever she was free and start to dance and sing as soon as she woke up.

The camera and people’s phone captured her tired states more than once but Li Bi didn’t let the foot out of the gas even with the tight schedule. This kind of perseverance aroused the admiration of numerous fans.

Li Bi’s followers on her Weibo reached 15 million so far and far exceeded Jin Guwei who debuted the same time as her.

The crazy hard work and publicity coupled with Li Bi’s style that was naturally infectious and inciting that was extremely suitable for live performance, it caused her sales record to further increase and it was also the case for her popularity.

It was said that a well-known beverage asked Li Bi to become their spokesperson for one of their drinks and the price was 2 million for it.

The price for sponsorship already reached 2 million and this already reached the status of a small empress in the industry.

With her album sales and popularity, many people already claimed that Li Bi was the fourth small empress of the industry.

Although this claim wasn’t universally recognized in the industry, she could really become a small empress if she could maintain this popularity for a year.

If Han Dong’er left the Yongren Studio and only Zhuo Xiaofeng was left, how could they compete against the new top super celebrity?

However, Wei Xi could only give his best to make Han Dong’er’s second album and rely on the sales and popularity of this album to help his company.

He could use the results of this album to convince other artists when they asked about Yongren Studio in the future.

In fact, each industry had its own rules and tacit understanding.

The difference between an ordinary singer and a popular one was very clear, they were required to have a classic song to represent them.

Such as Guan Yili’s ‘Tolerance’ or Zhuo Xiaofeng’ Fable’.

Both of them were famous and emerging singers.

But to become a small emperor or empress, they needed the album sales and enough popularity.

Back then, Han Dong’er didn’t only have a great voice but also had a beautiful face like a fairy. She also needed her first album to have a great sale to enter the ranks of small empress.

The same was true for Li Bi today.

But whether it is Han Donger or Li Bi, if they wanted to become an empress, it wasn’t a matter of just releasing another good album.

Good album sales were good and it was a must but it also must continuously sell well.

The next thing was that there must be a lot of songs with a wide variety of styles so they could further improve their popularity.

Then, they must also be unique when they sing so they couldn’t be easily imitated and also must gain the unanimous approval of the people in the industry.

In addition, they must also have quite the appeal and status for the people in the commercial side.

In other words, they must have international level endorsement in their resume to prove that people from the other industry also acknowledged their status.

There were many popular domestic singers that had good voices and many good songs but could only get paid 500k or 1 million, how could the people see them as emperor or empress?

Unless they were like Su Mo that didn’t do any advertisements and yet nobody would doubt his status as an emperor.

Han Dong’er was still far from achieving that step and it wasn’t something that could be overcome with just a popular album.

She still had a long way to go.

It also had to include non-standard standards such as age and seniority factors.

Han Dong’er was 19 years old, did anybody hear of a 19 years becoming an empress?

No matter how much the young replace the olds, it never reached that step, right?

However, Wei Xi also didn’t give that much thought about it.

Han Dong’er was going to leave Yongren Studio and he would let her and Lu Xiaofeng worry about it!

It was the same for the threat Li Bi posed.

As long as Li Bi succeeded in taking a spot as a small empress, her main opponent would be Han Dong’er because Han Dong’er was the small empress for the shortest time and had the less steady foundation.

If Li Bi insisted on having a target to surpass first, Han Dong’er was the most suitable target.

The two girls fighting in the music industry was also a very interesting duel!

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