I Know Everything Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Female lead.

Bu Yiyi sat on the floor of an apartment and crunched on potato chips as she watched cartoons.

She laughed from time to time.

Her assistant Wang Xi that stood nearby looked at her with embarrassment.

Her image as the sexy women would collapse if the people knew how childish the little Heavenly Queen was at home.

Although it was the Spring Festival, Bu Yiyi returned to Huajin in advance after staying a few days in her hometown.

On one hand, she had to prepare her agenda and on the other hand, she had to prepare her own New Year’s career plans.

“Yiyi, they are very sincere about it.” Wang Xi moved to Bu Yiyi side and said when it was finally the advertisement time, “How about you give them a call and talk about it?”

“I’m not calling.”

Bu Yiyi gently sucked the chips residues on her fingers, “The writer for the movie isn’t good, the director isn’t good, the male lead Zhang Qinghuang is even more of a broken mess. He debuted for three years but what else can he do except smile like an idiot and sell his handsome appearance? They even want me to go and act as a foil? Humph! They sure have a big face!”

“You can’t say it like that.” Wang Xi said, “After all, this is a blockbuster and the Xie brothers really like you and the pay is good. Director Wang’s movie won’t take a long time so why not go?”

“Tsk, stop speaking for them.” Buyiyi squeezed her face, “Xixi, you’re one of my people, you can’t favor an outsider over your own people!”

Wang Xi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “How is this the case? But the company really wants you to participate in a large scale production. Even if the movie isn’t very good, your reputation would still greatly improve with the extensive advertisements and box office… just as you said, all the responsibility is on the male lead, what does it have to do with us?”

“Still no.”

Bu Yiyi just refused to accept.

She had the frankness of a mountain girl and also the temper of a mountain girl.

Nobody could force her to do anything as long she didn’t want to.

Bu Yiyi knew that Old Lai was so adamant on her accepting this movie because it opened the doors to Daqi Entertainment.

If Bu Yiyi gave face and stared at this movie, the next time Daqi Entertainment made a movie, how could they not think about the artist under Lai Haijin?

Old Lai was a good person and although was a bit exaggerated, he took great care of the artist under him.

Last year, an artist was forced to drink when she was out performing so Old Lai rushed over there with his car and even ended up in the hospital for five days due to fighting with the other party.

Just based on this alone, Bu Yiyi was willing to follow him.

But the problem was that Bu Yiyi had starred in three movies in the past year and all of them were the role of the eye candy that required no acting skills.

But now the fourth one was already and Bu Yiyi was bored of it.

When Old Lai called her previously, she yelled, “Can you let me star in a literary film so I can improve my acting skill?”

Seeing that  Wang Xi was about to say something again, Bu Yiyi just stuffed a chip into her mouth and said, “If you’re so free, help me think of a way to beg the serious version of the songs of ‘Thank You For Your Love’ for Old Fei.”

“Didn’t he have a drink with Chen Huan? Why didn’t he ask Chen Huan then?” Wang Xi asked in confusion.

“Isn’t it just because he thinks is too humiliating if he ends up being rejected?” Bu Yiyi laughed, “Old Lei is good at a lot of things but he has a thin face and overthinks too much.”

“Then we should help out.” Wang Xi nodded, “Teacher Fei helped you greatly when you debuted. He taught you how to act and always supported you from behind.”

“If it weren’t the case, would I try so hard to think of a way for him?” Bu Yiyi said as she lay herself on the heated floor.

“Why are you feeling complicated? The humoristic version is already given to you, the mandarin and Cantonese version was also sung to you, how could Chen Huan escape from your palm?” Wang Xi was a woman but her heart still quickened when she saw Bu Yiyi’s seductive figure.

“How can it be so simple, my silly sister.” Bu Yiyi patted her fat boredly, “Do you know how many times Chen Huan called me since the show was over?”

“How would I know?”

“He made five calls in total. Three of them were about ‘Life’s Only Love’, one was about the Gala and the other was wishing happy new year.” Bu Yiyi said, “But I called him 15 times. Don’t you think a man like that is too cold?”

“Exactly!” Wang Xi said in doubt, “Does he not like women?”

“Stop joking around.”

Bu Yiyi laughed, “How could he like men? Didn’t you see Han Dong’er? Didn’t you see the little beauty near him?”

“So what’s going on?” Wang Xi thought back on Shui Qianyu and Han Dong’er’s bodies and they were several level lower than the succubus near her.

It wasn’t that Han Dong’er and Shui Qianyu looked bad.

It was mainly about a feminine feeling which was often referred to as femininity.

Didn’t the men usually like women filled with femininity?

Even if Bu Yiyi was 16 years old, she was filled with sex appeal and when she started school, there was already rich a tycoon trying to become her sugar daddy and buy her for 1 million per year.

However, Bu Yiyi had a fiery temper and threw hot water into the face of that tycoon. It would have turned into big news if it wasn’t for Lai Haijin who happened to be in the same shop discussing some matters.

“I don’t know, maybe he likes a different type!” Bu Yiyi said with a pout, “But this guy has a lot of potential and even if this lady can’t swallow him, I will still maintain a good relationship with him!”

“You’re right.” Wang Xi nodded again and again.

How could they easily let go a 16 years old teenager genius with limitless future?


Ringing from the phone was heard.

Wang Xi hurriedly went to take the phone on the sofa, “Hello, This is Wang Xi… Oh, Director Zhou, hello, hello… hmm, en, okay, okay…”

After a while, she hung up and rushed back with a shocked face, “Yiyi, Do you know who called and what he said?”

Bu Yiyi didn’t waste her breath and just threatened to slap her while saying, “Speak.”

Wang Xi had no choice but to spill out, “I was from Director Zhou Pu and he wanted you to have the role of the main female lead in his new work.”

“Zhou Pu?” Bu Yiyi pondered for a bit, “Is he entering the movie industry?”

“No, it’s a TV series.” Wang Xi replied.

“Then why are you telling me?” Bu Yiyi rolled her eyes at her, “As a dignified Young Flower Dan, how could I go do some TV series?… Don’t tell me you have been tempted by his high salary? Do you want this lady to teach you a lesson tonight to let you know how powerful I am?”

In the entertainment industry, generally, TV series stars and movie stars could actually work in both fields.

Many movie stars would star in TV series and those TV series emperors would also star in many movies.

But there were many artists in both industries that were unwilling to get involved in the other field.

Bu Yiyi was one of them.

She was in a period of rapid ascension and was a Young Flower Dan with very high prestige.

A Young Flower Dan like her, her status may drop in the mind of the people in the industry if she suddenly went to make a TV series.

Regardless of whether the viewers liked it or not, the directors and producers would think so.

Even the advertisers would think so.

It may be unbelievable but if the people looked at who represented the top brands in the world, were there more movie stars or TV stars?

There was a difference in level, status and even pricing.

But if it was 20 years later, when Bu Yiyi was around 40s, she wouldn’t be as peculiar about acting in a TV series.

At that time, her reputation and status would have already been established and getting paid sky high for TV series would be a piece of cake.

So Bu Yiyi never thought about acting in a TV series.

But Wang Xi grinned and said, “This is a TV series produced by Shanhai Streaming that is going to be broadcasted in various big TV stations. It’s called ‘The Young Di Renjie’ and it’s not only going to be directed by Zhou Pu but it’s also a script from Lan Xin!”

Bu Yiyi flickered for a moment before she let out, “Not going.”

“Shanhai Streaming budget is 1 million per episode for this TV series and it isn’t the limit yet.”

“Not going.”

“They are paying you 10 million for the role!”

“Not going.” 

“They hired Male Fang Shu as the male lead role.”

“Not going… what!?”

Bu Yiyi finally reacted and said in shock, “How is it possible? That guy Chen Huan is shockingly lazy so how would he star in a TV series?”

“Isn’t it because of owing people favors?” Wang Xi said, “I heard from Director Zhou Pu that Chen Huan was very grateful to the princess after ‘Love Letter’ so it would be like paying her back this time.”

“This should be the case.” Bu Yiyi nodded in agreement.

Chen Huan wasn’t someone who cared about money as he donated his tens of millions revenue from the album without hesitation.

How could someone like that act in a TV Series just because of money?

“But why must I go just because he’s on it?” Bu Yiyi rolled her eyes at her, “I’m still not going!”

“You stupid girl!” Wang Xi poked her, “What were you talking about just before?”

“What did I say?”

“Weren’t you worrying about asking a song for Teacher Fei? Isn’t this a good opportunity?” Wang Xi hammered on, “Now you can call Chen Huan and it’ll also be a chance to deepen your relationship! Even if you don’t become his wife, you’ll be good friends with him and at that moment would you still worry about not having a broad network?”

“That’s right!”

Bu Yiyi suddenly laughed, “Xixi, I didn’t expect a stupid person like you would think of this! Not bad, let’s this lord spoil you!”

“Go away~~~”

Wang Xi didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, “Yiyi, you must not mention’ Thank You For Your Love’ when you call him and wait until you guys are filming to do it. Teacher Fei isn’t in a hurry for it anyway.”

“I know, don’t be so calculative.” Bu Yiyi said while nodding.

With Wang Xi reminder, Bu Yiyi thought that acting in that TV series wouldn’t seem to drop her stock that much anymore.

The key thing was obviously having close contact with Chen Huan and cultivating their friendship.

It was much more important than the 10 million pay.

Shanhai Streaming was really generous now that she thought about it.

Her usual remuneration for a movie was 3 million and those big TV series usually proposed 5 million.

But she got 10 million unexpectedly!

This pay for movie was at the level of those Heavenly Kings and Queens!

With the name of ‘The Young Di Renjie’, she was supposed to have a supporting role and the main character would be Chen Huan.

She pondered on how much they gave Chen Huan.

20 million?

30 million?

How come that this little stinky brat could make a bunch of money anytime?

It’s so enviable~~~

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