I Know Everything Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Turning into nothing.

“Old Zhuang, Old Lin is forcing this time. The shock was too great and the pain too great, I’m afraid he’s going to be crippled.” Li Xuan said with a worried tone over the phone, “Everyone in his family had a hostile look when I visited. They even refused when Boss Zhou proposed to pay them 100k yuan. I’m afraid they cause trouble to Chen Huan.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Zhuang Tao sounded calm when he answered but was quite distressed after hanging the phone.

Li Xuan wasn’t the first one to call him.

Several people called him to warn him so Chen Huan could quickly settle this matter.

Including Boss Zhou of Weili Gym that went to mediate the situation but the answer that he got wasn’t good.

However, Zhuang Tao at that time didn’t know that Boss Zhou was willing to pay 100k yuan to settle this matter.

They were unwilling to take the money so it seemed they wanted to do something.

Weili Gym had cameras so what happened was also witnessed by the people and the cameras.

Chen Huan had indeed been a bit too ruthless during the spar.

But after what Lin Yao said and Lin Yao’s punch, Lin Yao also went over the top.

With that said, there shouldn’t be any problem for Chen Huan to incapacitate Lin Yao.

He didn’t know what technique Chen Huan used but he twisted Lin Yao’s joints in his elbow, wrist and shoulder in an instant and that was why his hand looked so terrible.

However, it was nothing but physical pain as it returned to normal after the doctor put the joints back. The arm would return to normal as long as he carefully handled it for ten or so days.

But Lin Yao had to make an emergency call to put his joints back as the hours of pain Lin Yao received was beyond imagination.

Because of that long moment of pain, Lin Yao’s throat became hoarse but also received mental scars.

So that was why the Lin family wanted to viciously strike back against Chen Huan and this was the reason why it didn’t accept the 100k yuan.

The Lin Family wasn’t short on money as some of them had business while others were officials. They were quite influential and that was why Lin Yao was so free to go seduce girls.

Even Chen Huan was very famous and appeared on Huaxia TV, Chen Huan indeed injured Lin Yao and it wasn’t light. They could firmly insist on that and not let it go.

If the news spread out and even if the police had nothing to say on it, the media would twist the story and hurt Chen Huan’s reputation.

Zhuang Tao started to worry for Chen Huan when he thought of the consequences.

After pondering for a while, he picked up the phone, “Hello, Brother Zhang, I’m Zhuang Tao, can you give the cell phones number of Long Yuqing, Xu Qiao, Di Xiaoling, Tang Manman… I’m in a hurry to find them! Please!”

Ten minutes later, he received a test from the School’s Affair Deputy.

Zhuang Tao called the numbers one by one.

“Hello, I’m Zhuang Tao, a  PE teacher at Virtuous Middle School. I would like to ask if Di XIaoling is there? I have something to talk with her… thank you!”

“Teacher Zhuang, why are you looking for me?”

“Xiaoling, it’s bad, Chen Huan caused some trouble today…” Zhuang Tao described the situation to her, “Now Lin Yao’s family over there wants to take revenge on Chen Huan and wants to destroy his reputation!”

“Impudent!! The bastard obviously provoked Chen Huan, so what if Chen Huan counterattacked? He still wants to destroy his reputation? In his dream!” Di Xiaoling immediately became angry, “Teacher Zhuang, what does his family do? Tell me.”

“His dad is deputy director of xx area’s xx department. His second uncle is xx company’s boss and his first uncle is the director of xx department.”

“Tsk, I thought it was some big and prestigious people but aren’t they just some small officials and boss? They still dared to talk so big!”

“Xialing, don’t underestimate them. The main reasons we have to worry about them is that they stir up trouble on the internet. If you have a plan, do it quickly!”

“Okay, I got it. I’ll get right to it!” Di Xiaoling said, “Thank you Teacher Zhuang.”

“You’re welcome.” Zhuang Tao said, “There’s another problem. The camera feed is at the gym and if the police can bring it with them, then the Lin Family wouldn’t be able to claim it and post it online.”

“Okay, I’ll get right to it!” Di Xiaoling said seriously.

“Yuqing, Teacher has something to tell you…”

“Manman, Something bad happened…”

Zhuang Tao was exhausted after making a few calls.

He had done everything he could do and now it was up to the School Flowers and see if they really loved Chen Huan.

Things would be taken care of by tonight if they really loved Chen Huan.

If those girl’s love were superficial and were unwilling to step up during troubling times, Chen Huan’s situation would get worse.

Zhuang Tao didn’t know women that well but according to his casual observation, those girls should be quite reliable.

However, just to be safe, Zhuang Tao called all the School Flowers that were close to Chen Huan so some of them would pick up the slack if one or two of them were unreliable.

Zhuang Tao’s call soon got results.

In the orthopedic ward of the Fourth Hospital, the Lin Family was discussing something outrageous.

Suddenly, someone’s phone rang.

“How it is, did you get it?” Lin Yao’s father asked in a deep voice when he saw that his brother-in-law called.

“No!” His brother-in-law yelled over the phone, “They refused to give it no matter what…”

“Didn’t deputy director Zhu go with you? They dared to go against the police?”

“They couldn’t resist for long but people suddenly came from the city’s bureau unexpectedly. How could deputy director Zhu hold up against them? Now, the surveillance video was taken away by them and they said it needed more analysis.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Yao’s father asked in confusion.

“They must have found someone to help them too!” The brother-in-law said, “As soon as the people from the city’s bureau came, the people from the gym immediately gave the hard drive to them. How could it be so easy if they didn’t work together?”

“Damn it!” Lin Yao’s father humphed coldly, “Come back first, we’ll think of another way.”

Hanging up the phone, Lin Yao’s father looked back at the group of relatives that were looking at him and said, “Something went wrong with the surveillance video, I think they are also starting to get help too. We’ll leave this and start breaking this news online!”

“But would anyone believe it without any evidence?” His third brother asked.

“We can have them come for an interview as long as we can get enough heat, is my son’s injury fake? Is the doctor’s diagnosis false?” Lin Yao’s mother angrily said.

“Yes, let’s do this!” The second uncle nodded repeatedly, “The people on the internet don’t care about the truth, what they have the most interest is what shocks people the most! This time, we will definitely stain Chen Huan’s reputation!”


The third uncle was ready to call a big name on Weibo.

At this moment, several phones started to ring.

Lin Yao’s father answered the phone with a smile on his face, “Hello Officer Deng, it’s so late, what can I do for you?”

“Old Lin, what the hell are you plotting?” Director Deng said unhappily, “Director Hong from the Municipal Bureau called and asked me to tell you that you must act like someone of your status instead of doing any shady and messy things…You even dare to provoke Director Hong?”

“Huh?!” Lin Yao’s father was taken aback, “I didn’t do anything! My son was beaten today and I’m in the hospital!”

“That’s right, it’s your son we’re talking about.” Director Deng said, “Director Hong said that your son making trouble is already enough but if you still take things further, Director Hong won’t be polite with you anymore.”

Lin Yao’s Father: “…”

He understood at that moment that the other side’s contact was connected to the Municipal Bureau’s director and that person was a huge backer.

It would be over for his job and position if he still went to mess things up after the phone call. He may be even held accountable for things he did before and may do some jail time.

He was so worried that he didn’t remember what the director said next and what he replied.

The heavy-minded Lin Yao’s father raised his head and saw that the faces of the relatives near him had all an ugly expression.

Lin Yao’s father still had a bit of shrewdness so he calmed his mind and said, “It’s okay, we can still think of another way…”

“No, brother-in-law, we can’t beat them!” His elder brother-in-law said, “Why don’t you just let it go?”

“Let it go?” Lin Yao gritted his teeth, “Why would I? I…”

“It isn’t just you now, Big Brother!” The second uncle shook him, “You received a call from your direct superior, right? We all did too! On my side, the xx secretary asked me if I wanted to be inspected every day from today onward! I am a businessman and won’t be able to withstand this kind of thing!”

“Me too.” The elder Brother-in-law said, “My boss said if I made any trouble here, he’ll transfer me to the countryside to take care of those mountainous equipment and tell me not to come back…”

“All…all of you too?” Lin Yao’s father gasped in shock.


Lin Yao’s mother also said with a wry smile, “It was the same for my chief… but you don’t have to worry on my side as he wouldn’t dare to do anything against me! But you guys…”

At that moment, everyone looked at Lin Yao’s father again and waited for him to make a decision.

He looked at his relative who had the same outraged expression as him earlier with a nervous expression now, Lin Yao’s father pondered in silence.

Before he raised his head and said, “Let’s forget about it.”

“Forget about it?” The third uncle stammered,

“Yes! Forget about it!”

He seemed to have aged 10 years when he said that.

But his few relatives all breathed out a sigh of relief.

Lin Yao’s mother wanted to say something but stayed silent in the end.

“Whatever, Yao always has a bad temper and likes to solve problems with his fists. Now, we’ll take it as a lesson for him to not be so presumptuous.” Lin Yao’s mother could only gnash her teeth and pretend to be fine with it, “He wasn’t permanently hurt anyway and can slowly nurture back to health so you don’t have to mind it and go fight with them.”

“No!” The third uncle exclaimed, “Sister-in-law, you guys don’t have to worry about it. I will do it quietly by myself… what can they do to us without evidence?”

“You fool!” Lin Yao’s said with flinging his hand, “The purpose of their call is to warn us not to do it. How could they not know the source of the information if it comes out? They wouldn’t care about evidence at that moment and would just come look for us.”

“Huh?” The third uncle was stunned, “Then…”

“Alright, I said to not care about it anymore.” Lin Yao’s father made up his mind, “Just let it go!”

“That’s fine too!” The second uncle said with a smile, “In this case, doesn’t Yao like the Porsche Cayenne? I’ll give him one when he recovers! Wouldn’t he be even more prestigious when he goes out?”

“Haha, he’ll be very happy about it!” Lin Yao’s mother could only hold back her grievance and gave a fake laugh.

Everybody also laughed lightly.

Everyone knew that was the compensation the second uncle gave.

A Porsche was nothing compared to his business that had a value of 7 to 8 billion yuan.

Lin Yao’s parents couldn’t help but feel their hearts hurt when they thought that their son suffered such a great grievance but they could do nothing but hold it.

However, they never reflected on why such a thing had happened.

In the eyes of people like that, the fault was always on the other party and their son was always right.

Of course, the luckiest person here was Chen Huan.

This small crisis became nothing without his knowledge and there was no need for the Good Lord’ help!

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