I Know Everything Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Not a lot of songs to use.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host completed the feat of conquering everyone in Weily Gym so the great system will issue the following reward.”

“The host will receive ‘Professional Basketball (Beginner)’. The system hopes that the host will continue to work hard and get more reward!”

Although he had defeated Lin Yao in the afternoon, it wasn’t until the evening he received the notification that he succeeded the mission and received the reward from the Good Lord.

Chen Huan thought that it was probably due to the fact there were more people at night and the news spread to everyone.

The people from the gym also learned the news from Wechat so the conditions of the mission were fulfilled.

Also the Good Lord’s reward was just too random.

If it was Chen Huan who chose, he definitely would choose something like ‘Advanced Mathematics (Advanced) or ‘Advanced English (Intermediate)’.

Another martial skill would also be great.

The Big Grappling Hand was good but his ability to defend was bad and Chen Huan’s hand was almost crushed today.

And this was just a mere Lin Yao. Chen Huan was afraid he would be beaten embarrassingly if another dangerous incident popped out.

It would be perfect if it was a godly Buddha skill.

If you didn’t know which one to give, a song would do too.

Mentioning this, Chen Huan felt distressed recently due to the low number of songs in his hand.

Han Dong’er’s album with Yongren Studio had already begun with the various preparations.

Wei Xi also worked hard and used his old contacts to have 20 songs for Han Dong’er to choose.

Han Dong’er also went out to find another dozen songs so she could see which one suited her.

The fans were looking forward to Han Dong’er’s second album.

Han Dong’er was a small empress and her fans exploded in number due to ‘I Sing My Song’. She had begun to distance herself from the other two small empresses within three days.

As her ‘supposed boyfriend’, Chen Huan’s action attracted more and more attention.

Many people in the industry projected that her second album would at least further cement her status as a small empress and it was impossible for her to drop.

But if she wanted to hit the empress status, then it depended on Teacher Lu.

If he treated Han Dong’er like he did for Zhao Changshou and tailor made a few songs for her, it would be a solid foundation for her to reach the empress status!

Wei Xi also believed in that so he made many calls.

However, Chen Huan generally didn’t answer his calls.

Han Dong’er was very relaxed as she didn’t urge Chen Huan with her calls or WeChat and just discussed with him about the songs she was interested in while asking him if she should include them in her new album.

Chen Huan was quite experienced in listening to songs so he had quite the judgment for it and he had given many good opinions to Han Dong’er.

But Chen Huan’s priority was to prepare the main songs for Han Dong’er.

He couldn’t shy away from that.

Han Dong’er’s voice range wasn’t that wide but her timbre was very good, very clear, very bright and recognizable.

What was recognizable?

It meant that people would be able to recognize you the moment they hear you sing.

Singers with recognizable voices had an advantage over from other singers.

It was with such a good and unique voice that she was able to reach the top in ‘I Sing My Song’ and it was even easier than for Zhao Changshou.

A natural and unique voice like that was the most important thing to succeed as a singer.

Hard work, opportunities and etc… were all secondary.

Chen Huan chose two songs according to Han Dong’er’s unique songs.

The first was the super popular song ‘Red Bean’ from empress Fei. (Faye Wong IRL)

This song, which many singers covered, was not only an extremely popular pop song but also had great lyrics and sound.

Empress Fei had many unique songs but ‘Red Bean’ was definitely one of her masterpieces.

Unfortunately, even if Chen Huan heard his ex-girlfriend sing it many times, he still couldn’t remember it clearly.

Because the song was sung from the perspective of a woman while ‘Tolerance’ was sung from the perspective of a man so Chen Huan didn’t remember it as well.

Chen Huan could still sing the chorus but he still needed the help of the Good Lord if he wanted the entire song.

So Chen Huan used one of his quotas for the song.

Not counting the one he gave to the Shanhai Streaming’s girl band, Chen Huan had three songs rewarded by the Good Lord.

‘Red Bean’ used one of them and belonged in the category of pop songs.

Chen Huan decided to take in the category of Gufeng music for the second song.

He happened to watch a TV series called ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ in his past life and hear a song called ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’ written by Yu Zheng.

The original singer sang it well but the cover by the singer Zhou Shen who had a soft voice was more in line with the ethereal feeling of the falling snow.

Zhou Shen’s voice was close to a woman and was even more feminine than Zhang Xinzhe/Jeff Chang and was even more suitable than Guan Yili to sing women’s songs.

On the other way, ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’ was perfect for Han Dong’er’s elegant voice.

With that, the two songs were set.

After half a year of study, Chen Huan knew how to write a score.

After he gave Han Dong’er the lyrics and music scores, she called back and forced Chen Huan to sing it for her.

“I will sing well the songs you gave me!”

This was Han Dong’er thanking Chen Huan.

With her ‘Dorky’ and ‘facial paralysis fairy’ personality, it was already her limit to say thank you like that.

Chen Huan could hear the repressed joy in her voice when she talked about the two songs over the phone.

Han Dong’er was a very pure girl and her world was very simple, singing was her favorite thing to do.

She would only speak more when she talked about music.

Chen Huan didn’t mind her personality as the purer they were, the more he liked otherwise if he had multiple complex wives at home, it would end up like the imperial harem where they picked each other brains out.

Han Dong’er was satisfied but Sun Yan was much less satisfied when she took over the phone.

“Didn’t we agree you will bring a few more songs!? Do you even have Dong’er in your heart!?” She yelled and scolded Chen Huan.

Chen Huan didn’t reply to her and just hung up.

Do you think this lord didn’t want to write more songs!?

But my skills don’t allow it!

My heart is already hurt by the fact I can’t create a super album for Don’ger and you’re still adding fuel to the fire!?

Messing with me, I’ll ask Han Dong’er to fire you when she changes her record company and I’ll see if you still dare to annoy me?

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