I Know Everything Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Screaming non-stop.

“Xiao Huan, don’t be stupid!”

Zhuang Tao turned pale in fright.

In this situation, he could only use the tone of an elder to reprimand Chen Huan.

In the Chinese education system, even if it was only a normal PE teacher, as long as he wasn’t bad and treated the student well, students would generally respect him.

On the other hand, even if it was a big teacher of the major subject, the student wouldn’t care if the teachers didn’t treat them well.

What happened in the ring was beyond Zhuang Tao’s control.

Even if Lin Yao didn’t break Chen Huan’s limb, it would still be humiliating to be beaten up until a swollen face and broken nose.

At that time, Lin Yao would be hated and tortured by the School Flowers and he would also receive some of it.

Could he still make it if those little girls learned that he took Chen Huan here to be humiliated?

Even if that kind of disaster didn’t happen, how could he feel good if he saw his student being beat up in front of him?

The title of teacher didn’t only bring respect but also responsibility.

He had them even if he was just a PE teacher!

“Yeah, Sister Xiaofeng, don’t be riled up.” Gou Hui also whispered softly, “This guy fights very violently and is trained for this, you’re just a student, how can you fight against such a vicious person? If you really want to do it, this sister can play with you later!”

Gou Hui saw Chen Huan and liked him a lot.

She thought that this renowned Lu Xiaofeng was just a pretty boy scholar but after the two exercises, he showed he was not worse than those fitness experts.

Especially his muscles that weren’t like those buff men but was like the well-proportioned body with a lot of power behind.

This kind of little man, even if they didn’t sleep together, just touching him a bit would make her physically and mentally very happy.

She couldn’t bear to see Chen Huan being beaten up by a violent man like Lin Yao.

Chen Huan hadn’t said anything yet even after listening to everyone’s opinion.

Lin Yan over there was worried his plan would fail so he hurriedly said, “Hey, Teacher Lu, how about it? You don’t have to worry, we are just exchanging pointers. I definitely won’t hurt your face as I’m also afraid that trouble will come find me.”

He spoke very sincerely but none of the people present believed his words.

Chen Huan didn’t know about it but Lin Yao already fought multiple people in the ring.

This guy was very vicious with his strike and sneaky about it so those that suffered couldn’t say much about it.

Lin Yao was really tough and was close to a level of professional in boxing and kickboxing. He was quite talented at that.

That was why everyone was worried when Chen Huan wanted to fight him.

If Chen Huan was injured, Lin’an pride would be injured, everyone would be unhappy about it and the gym would be in trouble.

However, nobody expected Chen Huan to stare at Lin Yao and directly said, “Let’s get on the stage!”

“Don’t be like this, Tea… Huh!?” Lin Yao wanted to persuade Chen Huan again but then asked in surprise, “You say what?”

“Do we need to change clothes and get some gear?” Chen Huan said.

“No need, no need, like this it’s fine, we’re just exchanging some pointers and it’ll be very friendly!” Lin Yao was overjoyed and quickly jumped into the ring before waving at Chen Huan, “Come on, Teacher Lu!”

“Xiao Huan, what’s wrong with you?” Zhuang Tao grabbed Chen Huan in fright and yelled at him, “Are you crazy? Teacher knows that you’re young and hot tempered but this isn’t a joke!”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Huan patted his arm, “Teacher Zhuang, I may not be good at other things but I’m very skilled in fighting.”

“No way! I definitely can’t let you get on!” Zhuang Tao didn’t agree to it.

“Did you forget how I dealt with the few bastards I encountered that time?” Chen Huan asked helplessly.


The miserable men in the photo that he had seen in WeChat appeared in Zhuang Tao’s mind.

In the photos, some punks were lying on the ground wailing in pain with their limbs twisted abnormally.

At that time, Zhuang Tao thought it was photoshopped pictures by those little girls but now that he thought about it, didn’t Chen Huan fight there?

If Chen Huan really had skills like that, he wouldn’t necessarily suffer against Lin Yao.

In fighting, strength was never the most important point as skills affected the majority of the outcome.

While he was in his thoughts, Chen Huan looked around and said, “Thank you everyone for your concern, I’m not an impulsive person and will call for help if I can’t win. You guys will come save me at that time, right?”

“I’ll let you beat you until you wake up!” Gou Hui threatened and those words could only be said by the women.

She said that but she also had a 6 pounds dumbbell in her hand and was throwing it around while glaring at Lin Yao on the ring.

Lin Yao saw her movement and knew she was threatening him that the dumbbell would fly toward him if he dared to go too hard.

But it only increased the anger and jealousy in Lin Yao’s heart. He smiled on the surface but swore in his mind that he would teach this stinky brat a big lesson even if he had to be beat up by Huihui after.

This was one way for the lion to show his dominance and was absolutely necessary to do so.

Chen Huan had already decided no matter what he said so Zhuang Tao could only give an uncertain expression as everyone didn’t try to stop him anymore and only watch Chen Huan ascend to the ring with fear.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Yao let out a sigh of relief after seeing Chen Huan getting on the stage. He took a step back with absolute confidence in his victory before beckoning his opponent with a grin.

He already clenched his other hand tightly and was ready to slap it on Chen Huan’s face when he step forward.

As long as he controlled his strength properly when hitting the cheek, he wouldn’t break the cheek bones but it would be inevitable for Chen Huan’s face to start to swell and for him to roll on the ground in pain.

Chen Huan didn’t hesitate and directly rushed at him.

Shit’s gonna happen!

The group of trainers and fitness enthusiasts were stunned by this.

Just looking at that running posture, Chen Huan was an amateur among amateurs!

Whether it was boxing or kickboxing, they must pay attention to not be rash and look for opportunities!

If he was so brash while his opponent took his time and waited for opportunities, wouldn’t he end up at the losing end?

Moreover, he was facing Lin Yao who was the strongest member in their gym!

Didn’t he see the ferocious smile on Lin Yao?

“AH!!!” The two front desk girls couldn’t help but cry out in worry after sneaking over here to watch.

Zhuang Tao got nervous and scolded himself for being bling and not stopping Chen Huan.

He instantly ran toward the ring in hope to pull Chen Huan away.

Even if Chen Huan got beat up by the first punch, it was better than getting constantly trashed.

Gou Hui felt the same as her heart went to her throat and held the dumbbell tightly in her hand.

If it wasn’t the fact she might hit Chen Huan’s body if she threw right now, she would already throw it.

At that moment, Chen Huan was at the range of Lin Yao’s fist.

Don’t blame me, you’re the one looking for death!

Lin Yao already thought victory was at hand and punched out like lightning toward Chen Huan’s cheek.

The two were less than 40 cm apart and the punch could hit Chen Huan’s face in less than a second.

Lin Yao was already hearing Chen Huan’s scream in his mind.

But what he didn’t expect was Chen Huan raising one of his hands when his punch was 20 cm away from Chen Huan and avoided Lin Yao’s punch before he grabbed his wrist, pulled and turned.


The people didn’t see what happened and only heard someone scream non-stop.

It’s over!


Wait, this didn’t sound like Teacher Lu!

Several thoughts crossed their minds and they almost couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing the situation clearly on the ring.

It was like… it was like he had no bones or joints!

Lin Yao wasn’t pretending as he was in so much pain that tears came out. His voice even became hoarse after screaming so much.

But Lin Yao kept screaming as he couldn’t move while his body was twitching constantly. It showed how much pain he was in.

Chen Huan stood beside with a casual expression as if he wasn’t the one who did it.

The people watching were dumbfounded.

Lin Yao certainly couldn’t be regarded as big in the country but he was the king in Weili Gym.

He was the one who usually beat people and not the other way around.

But he instantly fell from his pedestal today against Chen Huan and his miserable state was just never seen before.

Everyone knew that Lin Yao treated his body harshly or he wouldn’t be able to train into a body like that.

But such a person was screaming in pain like that, how painful it was?

All the clients, staff and trainers shuddered uncontrollably.

Zhuang Tao stopped midway toward the ring.

After a while, his eyes left the miserable Lin Yao and he stammered, “Xiao… Xiao Huan, you also used this technique with the bastards from that day, right?”

“Yes!” Chen Huan said with a smile, “But I didn’t expect Old Lin to be so soft and went down after a single move.”

Li Xuan’s face twitched, it wasn’t going down after a single move but getting killed after a single move!

His hairs stood on end after seeing that Lin Yao couldn’t let out any sound after screaming so much.

Teacher Lu is so vicious!

He looked harmless on the surface but went for the killing move the moment he acted!

But it was still Lin Yao.

If it was anyone else, wouldn’t they lose even faster and be in an even worse state?

Gou Hui stared at the scene blankly and had a hard time closing her mouth.

But she immediately thought of something, “Sister Xiaofeng, Sister Xiaofeng! Quickly use your magical skills, Lin Yao is about to die!”

Everyone’s gaze returned to Lin Yao, they found that he couldn’t even scream out now and just kept twitching while making incomprehensible noises in his throat as if he was getting choked.

“He won’t die, he won’t die!” Zhuang Tao returned to earth and shook his hand widely, “Last time, Chen Huan beat up a few gangsters and they didn’t die after the police came a dozen of minutes later, they just had foam in their mouths.”

“Then should we call the police?” One of the front desk girls asked mischievously.

Everyone: “…”


Lin Yao was in so much pain that he was barely conscious, otherwise he would have gone to fight with Zhuang Tao and the front desk girl.

However, it didn’t prevent the spectators from taking out their phones and snapping pictures of Lin Yao’s tragic situation.

It was a rare scene after all!

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