I Know Everything Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Old Tie, Don’t feel bad!

The people around that watched were surprised by it.

“Damn, Sister Xiaofeng is good! He really didn’t practice those before?”

“Zhuang Tao said he has never entered a gym before and never used any of the equipment.”

“Well, what kind of 16-17 years old thinks about fitness?”

“6 points already hurt me when I practiced for the first time and my arm hurt for two days after i went home.”

“But I still think he’s forcing it, 16 pounds isn’t a joke.”

“Damn… He lifted 30 kg! Stop him, Old Zhuang!”

People got stunned as they talked.

Because Chen Huan took the heaviest dumbbells on the ground and started a set of exercise with his right hand.

The 30kg dumbbell was the heaviest in the gym.

If ordinary people brashly did, they may not only easily injure their muscles tissues but also may break their bones.

Zhuang Tao was also stunned, “Chen Huan, quickly let go, slowly let go…”

Chen Huan didn’t listen to him.

The mission given by the Good Lord was to conquer everyone so how could he do it without doing something extreme?

So he didn’t only lift with one hand as his other soon started to lift one too.

The whole thing didn’t take more than one minute. Zhuang Tao quickly grabbed his hands and checked on them when he put them down.

“Eh, you’re completely fine.” Zhuang Tao said in amazement after touching his arms and bones.

The female trainer Gou Hui’s eyes lit up as she quickly rushed toward Chen Huan with a serious expression and touched him.

However, the way she touched was different as her fingers rubbed Chen Huan’s face and she even wanted to touch Chen Huan’s chest.

Fortunately, Chen Huan avoided that.

But this big sister wasn’t embarrassed at all as she still kept smiling after Chen Huan dodged her.

“Yes, he isn’t injured and every muscle in his body contains plenty of power.” Gou Hui said with a smile.

“Keep blowing!” Trainer Kang Zhen walked over and slowly punched Chen Huan’s shoulder and said, “Teacher Lu, how about we do some pushups if you still can? It will test your endurance!”

“Ke, ke…”

Gou Hui laughed mysteriously.

Kang Zhen wasn’t trying to be malicious.

The most important thing in push ups was the abdomen and waist strength and didn’t do much damage to the limb muscles so it could be regarded as low risk work out.

Chen Huan just lifted dumbbells so he was naturally not ready for bench press or other exercise that needed limb strength.

Chen Huan didn’t hesitate as he got down and got into the posture.

Kang Zhen smiled and leaned beside him, “Alright, I’ll count to three and we’ll do 100 pushups… one, two, three, start!”

With that said, he started to quickly do it in a standard posture.

People counting were also heard.

“One, two, three, four… thirty five, thirty six…”

At first, Kang Zheng was surprised and thought they counted too fast as he was only in the twenties.

How could they count even faster than I do?

I’m obviously not that fast!

Could it be…

Chen Huan?

Kang Zhen didn’t stop and just looked over beside him.

He saw Chen Huan doing push ups quickly and with good posture. His body didn’t shake and his breathing was stable as if he was just having a casual meal.

But his speed was twice as fast as himself and yet there was no exhaustion at all!

What the hell is this?

Kang Zhen sucked in a breath, gritted his teeth and immediately started to accelerate.

“Fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty…”

However, the girls counting were getting faster and faster.

What the fuck?

This brat is still getting faster?

Kang Zhen wasn’t the only one shocked as Zhuang Tao was also in a daze.

Chen Huan took 3 minutes to do 100 pushups last time in PE.

How could he do 60 pushups in 20 seconds now!?

Was he on steroids!?


“Wow, only in 37 seconds!”

The girls reported the number and time in shock.

They were fitness enthusiasts or staff members so they knew a bit about fitness.

The world record for pushups in one minute was 199! Chen Huan couldn’t beat the world record but he was definitely at the world class level!

As everyone cheered, it took Kang Zheng another ten second for him to finish his 100 pushups.

He looked at Chen Huan surrounded by people and said with a wry smile, “Old Zhuang, did your student really never train before?”

“No, he only studied before, how could he have the time to train his body?” Zhuang Tao rubbed his face as he couldn’t believe it either.

“I think it’s best if he doesn’t come here.” Li Xuan said bitterly, “Otherwise he will take away all the women here…I bet as long as he doesn’t object, he would be kidnapped away by Gou Hui!”

“Who? What are you guys talking about?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard nearby them and said, “Yo, who’s that pretty boy? How dare he seduce my Huihui?”

It’s bad!

The expression of several people changed.

The one that just spoke was Lin Yao and he wasn’t only the strongest person here but also was very good in boxing and kickboxing. Many people challenged him to the boxing ring but they ended up with bruises.

Zhuang Tao and the others knew it was the case because of the rules.

Otherwise, Lin Yao’s iron kicks could break other people’s legs and could even end up killing people.

He wasn’t someone evil but he liked to seduce women and his favorite was Gou Hui.

Unfortunately for him, Gou Hui had no interest in such a vulgar man with oversized limbs and never gave him favorable attention.

But Lin Yao still pestered her endlessly and hadn’t stopped even when Gou Hui’s husband came over a few times.

Because of this, the owner of the gym also had a headache over this but Lin Yao seemed to have some background and he was a regular here so he couldn’t forbid him from coming.

Now that Gou Hui was fanning on Chen Huan, it wouldn’t be a good thing if Lin Yao saw it.

“Old Lin, listen to me…” Zhuang Tao immediately tried to block his path.

But he couldn’t finish his words before Lin Yao pushed him away and said while glaring at Chen Huan, “Well, where did this idiot come from that he dares to seduce the beauty here?

“Old Lin, don’t get agitated!” Trainer Zhou Wangnan also tried to stop him, “Take a closer look, this is Teacher Lu Xiaofeng! He’s the Lu Xiaofeng who was the Gala at Huaxia TV! He’s also the mathematician praised by People’s Daily! How can you be violent to him?”

Lin Yao stopped for a bit before shoving him away before giving a big smile and said, “Haha, why would I be agitated? Can I just welcome the newcomer?”

With that said, he went toward Chen Huan just in time to hear the girls talk.

“Chen Huan, Chen Huan, what else can you do? Your dumbbell lifts are so good and you even beat Trainer Kang in pushups!”

“Yeah, did you practice in secret? Waw, you’re sweating, so strong…”

“Sister Xiaofeng, I’m going to do some stretching later, can you press my legs for me later, can you~~~””


Lin Yao was worrying how to start the conversion and suddenly had an idea after hearing them.


He laughed and pushed the two girls away, “Is this Teacher Lu Xiaofeng? Welcome to our gym! Hello! Hello!”

Lin Yao stretched out his hand and said politely.

Chen Huan subconsciously also stretched his hand for a handshake but received a huge force that threatened to break his bones as the results.

It hurt!

It was so painful that he was cursing in his mind but he was still able to hold his expression.

Chen Huan frowned as he looked at this brawny man with a bright smile and said, “What are you trying to do? Are you trying to cripple me?”

Lin Yao didn’t expect Chen Huan to not cry out in pain and also didn’t expect Chen Huan to just reveal it without trying to cover it up.

Gou Hui realized that there was something wrong and struck on Lin Yao’s arm to open his hand, “Lin Yao, really, do you feel proud for bullying a kid?”

Zhuang Tao, who came from being, was also angry by that so he shoved Lin Yao away, “Old Lin, are you fucking crazy!? He’s my student, do you still have any pride?”


Lin Yao was pretty unhappy after seeing Gou Hui getting angry at him for Chen Huan so he vented on Zhuang Tao that leaned toward him.

He pushed Zhuang Tao with all his strength as he was swearing.

Zhuang Tao may have fallen to the ground if it wasn’t for Li Xuan and Kang Zhen behind.

“Don’t go too far, Lin Yao!” Li Xuan wasn’t afraid escalated the matter so said, “Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you want to fight everyone here?”

“Trying to mess with a kid, you really have a thick face!” Zhou Wangnan was also displeased.


Lin Yao was seeing red but he couldn’t go fight against everyone otherwise the police would come and it would be problematic at that moment.

The next moment, he laughed loudly, he turned his head toward Chen Huan and said, “Teacher Lu, I was just testing your strength just now and you’re pretty good…If you’re a man, how about we go to the ring and have a spar?”


Gou Hui said with a frown, “I will call the police right away if you dare to attack Chen Huan! I don’t believe that your little connection is comparable to a great mathematician!”

“What connection does he have?” Zhuang Tao started to put pressure on him at this moment, “Lin Yao, do you know how popular Chen Huan is in our school? You know Boss Tang of xx hotel, right? Do you know Chief Yan of the police station in the city? There are many wealthy people and their daughters, nieces are fighting for Chen Huan! Do you believe that if you touch Chen Huan today, you’ll be in prison tomorrow?”

Lin Yao’s eyes really dimmed after hearing that.

There were officials in Lin Yao’s family so he obviously knew the people Zhuang Tao was talking about.

The hostility in his heart instantly diminished a lot after thinking of that.

It would be easy to teach this brat a lesson but it would definitely not be worth it if he ended up getting arrested for this.

Chen Huan was quite excited for it at the beginning but his heart sank when he saw Lin Yao was about to fall back.

The two tests before were quite good but it was far enough from convincing everyone.

It happened that this idiot came to deliver himself. They could compete at anything but he chose fighting, wasn’t it like free delivery? Wasn’t this like God sending a fool so he could complete his mission?

These guys were really good at messing things up!

“Old Lin, right?” Chen Huan quickly spoke, “It just so happens I have a bit of interest in fighting, how about we exchange some pointers?”

Everyone: “…”

They looked at Chen Huan with an expression as if they were looking at a fool.

Teacher Lu, do you know what you are saying!?

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