I Know Everything Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Displaying a little bit of talent.

March was the early spring season.

But the weather in Lin’an was still quite chilly.

3:30pm, Chen Huan wore a sweater with a jacket and carried a backpack as he made his way to Weili Gym.

Weili Gym was located around 500 meters from Virtuous Middle School. I was a mid to high end gym and most people that went there were fitness enthusiasts.

The membership fee wasn’t enough to be profitable but private lessons were very profitable and there were also various products on sales.

If they really wanted to have their fill and fun in the gym, it wouldn’t be considered much if it ended up costing tens of thousands a month.

Many celebrities had their own dedicated fitness coaches in high-end gyms as they needed professional help for bodybuilding, weight loss or other exercise… Otherwise how could the celebrities have those sculpted bodies by just losing weight?

Of course Weili Gym wasn’t that kind of high-end gym so when Chen Huan walked in, the two front desk girls that had never seen a celebrity screamed.

“Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Chen Huan!”

The two beautiful young girls had stars in their eyes.

Chen Huan was the pride of Lin’an.

This was the first time they saw him in person.

They were speechless.

He was so handsome, insanely beautiful, no wonder so many School Flowers were going crazy for him!

“Hello.” Chen Huan was experienced with this, “I have an appointment with Teacher Zhuang Tao for a work out, did he arrange anything?”

“Oh, it’s Teacher Zhuang.” One of the girls nodded, “He said that you can just directly go to him after coming, he also paid for a single session already… I just happen to be free, I’ll take you to him!”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Chen Huan’s was always sweet.

The girl had a smile on her face as she led Chen Huan while the other one looked at them with a regretful expression.

The two of them decided before who was going with Chen Huan with a rock-paper-scissor game earlier, as the one who lost, she could only look as she lost the opportunity to interact with Sister Xiaofeng.

“Here is our treadmill area, this is the strength training area, this is the arm strength training area, this is the core strengthening area, this is the spinning area, this is…” The young lady was enthusiastic about the tour as she took Chen Huan around.

Chen Huan noticed that the way looked familiar before realizing they were turning in circles.

Zhuang Tao at that moment was sitting in a pulling machine working on his biceps.

He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the young lady smile like a blooming flower.

Kang Zheng, a trainer he knew, said in envy, “Tsk, good looking people are really different!”

“Right.” Another muscular man said as he was flexing dumbbells, “After a few more years when he goes to Huajin for studies, he wouldn’t have to lift his fingers when he goes to those high-end gyms and would be able to get a different girlfriend every day!”

“Get out of here.” Zhuang Tao gave him a glare, “Our Chen Huan is an honest man. He had plenty of School Flowers that he loved, why would he hook up with married women in gyms?”

“Tsk, what’s so good about little girls? You just don’t know about the charm of those married women…” Li Xuan said with remembrance. 

He wasn’t only a fitness expert but was also an expert with rich experiences in picking up women.

“However, Teacher Lu is too skinny, if he was thrown to a pile of women, he would be sucked dry in an instant.” Another fitness coach, Zhou Wangnan said with a grin.

Men were always interested and talking about these.

“You guys don’t know but he’s quite strong.” Zhuang Tao replied as he remembered the time when Chen Huan did pushups.

Those robust muscles he had wasn’t something that casual exercises would make.

“Oh, really? Then I have to check it thoroughly later.” Gou Hui, a female trainer in black gym clothes, chuckled.

She was in her thirties and was pretty good looking with a standard toned body. People usually looked for her to be their personal trainer whether they were female or male.

If one wanted to become a personal trainer, they must express themselves well and be friendly no matter what their personality was so they could work well with their clients and sell more of their time.

It was only 3 pm and it wasn’t the peak time for the gym so the few people were talking leisurely there.

Chen Huan was finally brought to the right place.

“Teacher Zhuang!”

Chen Huan greeted Zhuang Tao with a smile.

“You’re here!” Zhuang Tao stood up and exposed his exaggerated muscular figure with a tank top and short, “Come, let’s warm up first and then I’ll teach you how to use the equipment! Don’t worry, we’re just doing some warm ups today!”


The young lady led Chen Huan to the changing room to change his clothes to loose exercise clothes just like basketball uniforms.

But even so, the young lady’s eyes were still filled with stars.

Generally, young people didn’t have any big guts but their muscles were usually soft.

Chen Huan was different as the exposed muscles and calves had good shape but she couldn’t see the abdominal muscles…

Following Chen Huan, the young lady had the urge to tear Chen Huan’s clothes away so she could take a look. Her mouth was drooling.

Zhuang Tao didn’t say anything but the few people were either trainers or experienced fitness enthusiasts so they could see what Chen Huan’s body was made of.

“Teacher Lu, how about we have some fun after you warm up?” Li Xuan proposed with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m Your Teacher Zhuang’s good friend, we will do some simple exercises competition.”


Chen Huan didn’t shy away and directly agreed.

He was here to conquer everyone anyway so he would just start with this one who stuck his neck out.

Gou Hui laughed and said, “I thought Sister Xiaofeng would be like a weak scholar and speak politely but didn’t expect him to be so easy going!”

Zhuang Tao ignored the other and took Chen Huan to the treadmill before pointing at the option console and said, “Come, first use gear 5 to quick walk for 5 minutes, then jog at gear 8 for 5 minutes and finally run at gear 12 for 5 minutes, alright?”

The normal warm-up wasn’t that strong and Chen Huan was clearly someone that trained before so Zhuang Tao added a bit more.


Chen Huan stood on the machine and turned it on.

He started to slowly move when the treadmill moved.

In the gym, those that used the treadmill were usually the casuals or those who just started as it could strengthen the cardio at best.

For really high intensity work out, they would have to use the other machines.

Nobody paid attention to the people on the treadmill usually.

But Chen Huan was running there today so the group of young people that were exercising stopped and came to stare at Chen Huan running on the treadmill.

Chen Huan wasn’t only the incomparably beautiful and handsome but he was also the most popular person in Lin’an.

He wasn’t some internet celebrity but a proper renowned figure that was the pride of an entire city.

The Noblest Sister Xiaofeng wasn’t just an empty title.

In the beginning, it was because of the kindness he showed toward Grandpa Zhao Changshou by helping him but they later reported that he donated dozens of millions of yuan to the children in the mountainous village, it was universal love!

Donating tens of millions for people like Zheng Qian, Yang Feng and Yu Zitao were like eating a bowl of noodles.

But it was different for Chen Huan.

He was an orphan and had only an old house with no other assets.

He already earned a few millions by just writing songs.

But he donated tens of millions just like that without hesitation which was equivalent to Zheng Qian donating away 40 to 50 billion USD, how amazing this was?

(It seems that this author doesn’t know how wealth works.)

So everyone admired Chen Huan as his personality could stand against the public test.

Besides, Chen Huan was also very talented!

He was recognized as the best songwriter of the country as well as published a thesis in an international mathematical journal and was honored as a ‘mathematician’.

As the people before would say, Chen Huan was the number one genius in Jiangnan!

Therefore everyone in the gym paid attention to Chen Huan.

This was Chen Huan’s first time at the gym after all. Zhuang Tao stayed beside Chen Huan and watched. He would intervene and help out if there was something wrong.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan was very steady.

Whether it was fast walking, jogging or sprinting, he was to handle them and although he sweated a bit, his breathing was steady and that showed his great cardio.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Zhuang Tao patted on his shoulder when he stepped out of the treadmill and said, “Good brat, I knew you had potential.”

Li Xuan had been doing his own work out nearby. He waved toward Chen Huan and said, “Come one, Teacher Lu, let us do some dumbbells practice!”

Zhuang Tao nodded and said, “With Xiao Huan’s strength, let’s start with 8 pound.”

8 pound was relatively easy to lift for a young man but they would start to feel sore after continuously lifting it 20 times.

Zhuang Tao estimated that 8 pounds definitely not Chen Huan’s limit as exercising started from easy to hard and adapting first before going harder was a good way to work out.

Li Xuan wasn’t there to deliberately provoke anyway so he went to take 8 pounds dumbbells for Chen Huan with a smile and showed him how to do it, “Look, just lift it up slowly and slowly come down. Don’t do it too fast or the muscle won’t be able to stand it and be very stiff tomorrow. Let’s start with 20 on your right hand first!”

As long as the weather permitted it, Chen Huan would jog around 10 km per day and between days, he would also do leapfrog, sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises. That was how he got the muscles on his body.

But the Good Master reward of ‘Big Grappler Hand (Beginner) had greatly improved Chen Huan’s use of strength.

The familiarity with body joints was engraved to Chen Huan’s mind due to it.

That was why he was able to easily beat those little bastards that time.

Ever since he had the Big Grappler Hand, he would practice it about half an hour every day and it also improved his body control.

Therefore, Chen Huan didn’t feel any pressure with the 8 pounds dumbbells and easily completed it.

Li Xuan was a little surprised with Chen Huan’s ease and said, “It seems you really have good fitness! Old Zhuang, how about we try 16 pounds?”

Dumbbells were generally divided in two types, the heavy and light dumbbells.

Light dumbbells were 6, 8, 12, 16 pounds and 16 pounds was the heaviest of them all.

The average person wouldn’t be able to bear with it after one set with this weight of dumbbells.

Zhuang Tao pondered before asking Chen Huan, “What do you think?”

“I’m alright!”

Chen Huan replied.

He changed to his left hand and easily completed the set with 16pounds dumbbells.

He wasn’t even out of breath or sweat this time.

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