I Know Everything Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Doubt came up to the door.

Chen Huan still underestimated the princess’ willfulness with money.

It didn’t take long for the Habao Payment transfer of 50 million after Cui Zhong left.

He only signed a letter of intent with Shanhai Streaming but that had no legal binding to him.

But even so, they still transferred the 50 million after tax and that showed how sincere they were about it.

It was exactly like when they hired him for a song.

Well it was even faster for the song as they wired him the money before they signed anything.

But it was 50 million this time!

It seemed that he had to play this role well and owe her a favor.

Chen Huan sighed and shook his head. He became even more determined to keep the princess and God of Wealth close.

Then he donated another 50 million to the rural school construction project.

The money was already gone before he could feel the warm of it. This feeling was really uncomfortable.

But who told him to run his mouth?

In order to not be punished in the future and for the continuous cooperation between him and the Good Lord, so he would take it as atoning for his ‘crime’.

“Ding Dong!”

“The magnanimous system has sensed the sincerity in the weak host’s apologies so won’t hold you accountable since it was the host first offence.”

“As a reward for the weak chicken host who knows what is wrong and can correct it, the great system will remind you of something.”

“During last semester, the system issued a mission that the host should use his own strength to conquer the hearts of the trainers and students of the ‘Weili Gym’ during the winter vacation to obtain the system reward. But the winter vacation is nearly done and the mission hasn’t been completed yet. It would soon be invalided so please hurry up and complete it!”


That’s right!

How did I forget there was such a mission?!

Chen Huan face palmed.

Was I so busy recently that I started to forget things like an old man?

After thinking of such a terrifying thing, Chen Huan quickly dialed Zhuang Tao’s number.

“Teacher Zhuang, it’s Chen Huan! Are you resting?”

“Not yet, what’s the matter Teacher Lu?”

“Ahem,  you don’t need to be so polite to your student.” Chen Huan said with a solemn tone, “Teacher Zhuang, I wanted to ask you, are you still working out?”

“I am!” Zhuang Tang replied.

“Then did you forget that you said you will take me to a gym?”

“How could I forget about it? It’s just that you were so busy, you went to Huajin for the Olympiad training camp and then you were at the gala, so how can I go bother you for a work out? Wouldn’t everyone in the country beat me up?”

“Alright, alright, give me the address and I’ll come over tomorrow morning.”

“Please, people usually don’t have the time in the morning.” Zhuang Tao said with a laugh, “It’s better in the afternoon! Around three o’clock! You can also come a little later, just drop my name at the reception.”


Chen Huan then hung up the phone.

The Good Master said that he must use his strength to win over the trainers and students.

It should be easy enough to convince those fitness experts with simple minds with his ‘Big Grappler Hands (Beginner).

There shouldn’t be any big accident as long he didn’t come off as arrogant.

*Ring* *Ring*

His phone started to buzz again.

Chen Huan couldn’t recognize the number.

He didn’t have the habit of answering strangers’ numbers so he hung up and went for a bath.

It wasn’t very comfortable to take a bath during winter in Lin’an but after getting used to it, it was easier to sleep after taking a bath.

The next moment, the same number called again.

Chen Huan saw many situations like that and turned the phone to silent.

After his bath, he saw that the number called many times again and even sent a text.

“Greeting, Mister Chen, I am Qing Yuan, the Director of the Public Welfare Department of Habao Pay. We have received a huge sum of 50 million from you and we wish to discuss the specific with you regarding this money but you didn’t answer. I hope you will contact us after seeing this text.”


Habao Pay?

Chen Huan subconsciously knew that this message wasn’t a scam.

Because Habao Pay wouldn’t be the number one Asia’s payment tool if the information that he donated 50 million away was already leaked.

This was also the phone he gave when he registered an account on Habao Pay.

This seemed to be real.

Another text came while he was thinking about it.

“Greeting, Mister Chen, I’m Qing Yuan. I’ve sent my work ID and cell phone number to your Habao Pay’s personal messenger, please verify it.”

Chen Huan immediately went to open his Habao Pay and saw that he received two messages from the officials.

He opened the first message and saw a smart looking woman on the work ID which contained her names, Job serial numbers, department and position she held.

Sure enough, it was indeed Qing Yuan, the Director of the Public Welfare Department of Habao Pay.

The second message was her cell phone number which was the same as the one that just called.

Chen Huan was quite trustful at this moment so he called back.

“Oh, thank god, you called back!” A smooth woman’s voice was heard on the other side of the phone, “Teacher Chu, it isn’t easy to talk to you!”

“Did I dial the wrong number?” Chen Huan sputtered out after being startled by her.

“Mr. Chen, is our information wrong and you’re not Teacher Chu Liuxiang?” The woman also exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Huan’s mind quickly turned.

Did someone tell her?


If someone wanted to leak that secret, they would give it to the one that paid the most and that definitely wouldn’t be someone from Habao Pay. Those websites that did rumors were the one that would be willing to give bigger prices.

So why was she testing him?

Chen Huan suddenly realized something.

If this woman was really the Director of the Public Welfare Department of Habao Pay, then she should know about the two other donations he made via Habao pay.

Chen Huan and Lu Xiaofeng shouldn’t be able to have that amount of money and if they wanted to find someone who had that amount of money, then they would think about the mysterious Chu Liuxiang.

Thinking of that possibility, Chen Huan immediately responded, “I don’t know where you have received that information but such a guess is ridiculous. Director Qing, did you look for me just for those rumors?”

Qing Yuan could only give up her urge after hearing Chen Huan’s refusal.

“No, Mr. Chen, I called for the 50 million.” Qing Yuan said, “I saw that you donated to the same project, Rural School Construction Project, so I wanted to ask if you have any request or wish after donating more than a billion to the project?”

“We can have this kind of perk after donating enough?” Chen Huan joked.

“Of course you have the right to express your thoughts and opinion after donating so much.” Qing Yuan said, “The other needs tens of thousands of people to come together before they could build a school but you can build multiple schools by yourself so it is naturally different.”

Chen Huan nodded softly at this.

This was the norm in society so it wasn’t surprising.

Even charity couldn’t avoid that.

Of course, this was also a good approach.

If donating 1 yuan was the same as donating 1 million yuan, how many people would still continue to donate?

Receiving honor was also one of the reasons people did charity.

“There’s nothing else to say that the structure must be of quality and that all the money must be put into the school.” Chen Huan said, “It won’t be good if the money end in the hands of a middle man or someone used the school to make money so only one school was built when the money was enough for two.”

“Okay, you don’t have to worry about this.” Qing Yuan said, “Although I can’t guarantee that 100% of the money will be used for the schools, we can guarantee that no more than 10% of it will be lost. We have a lot of experiences after so many years of operation.”

Chen Huan understood the thing about the loss.

All charitable funds, especially private ones, had huge expanses for their work.

It showed Habao Pay’s ability if they could guarantee no more than 10% loss.

After that, Chen Huan said, “I’ve no other requirements.”

“Don’t you want those schools to have your name?” Qing Yuan asked, “For example, Chen Huan Primary School, Lu Xiaofeng Middle School or even Chu Liuxiang Primary School.”

Alright, she was probing again.

Chen Huan obviously wouldn’t be so easily tricked so he said, “I do what I can and I don’t need those empty praises.”

“I have seen many wealthy people and also many celebrities but a celebrity like you who donated a hundred of million for charity and yet doesn’t covet fame or vanity, it’s the first time I meet someone like you.” Qing Yuan exclaimed, “Even when our boss donates something, it will end up on the news the next day.”

Yo, this aunty has quite the courage!

She even dared to criticize Yang Feng!

Chen Huan smiled and shook his head after hanging up the phone.

He wasn’t an idiot and knew what Qing Yuan was trying to do by calling him.

She wanted to probe him about Chu Liuxiang but the most important point was to tie him down with Habao Pay.

It would greatly improve their reputation if people knew Chen Huan donated so much money through Habao Pay.

After all, Chen Huan was the most popular newcomer in the country.

Taking advantage of Chen Huan’s fame for free was the cost-effective move for Habao Pay.

However, Chen Huan had no intention to cooperate with her.

One, he didn’t want to be under the limelight all day long. Two, he felt very hurt after donating so much money away.

Wouldn’t it be like sprinkling salt on an open wound if they publicized about it!?

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