I Know Everything Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Settled!

Chen Huan waited for a whole afternoon but still didn’t receive any call from Cui Zhong.

The teenage boy started to feel nervous.

He thought, did I mess up?

Did they really think I regarded money as dung and fortune as cloud so gave up the idea of hiring me?


I just happen to be short on money so I will agree if you just try a little harder!

At this moment, Chen Huan completely didn’t think about how much it would be a pity to donate 50 million.

A talisman and a song was nothing.

The key thing was that he would be unable to receive any mission for a year and that made Chen Huan nervous.

He regarded the 50 million as punishment and a lesson so he didn’t think it was a pity at all.

In the long run, as the Good Lord gave more missions and he got more rewards from them, 50 million wasn’t an unacceptable amount for him.

Didn’t Lord Xing say that a person feels light when the money is gone.


Chen Huan thought about it for a long time but concluded that it didn’t matter.

He couldn’t yield.

If he took the initiative to call them and they would still give him the leading role, the meaning behind would be completely different.

He would rather think of another way than to lower his status by asking them.

He would wait until tonight but if they didn’t call again, he would ignore them.

He would then go find someone to borrow money from tomorrow morning.

It didn’t matter that it was embarrassing.

His face wasn’t anything worth mentioning compared to the Good Lord’s mission.

Of course, Chen Huan didn’t wait long.

Cui Zhong called after dinner and told him he came to Lin’an and would soon come to his house.

Chen Huan was filled with confidence after hearing that.

This showed they desperately wanted him to act in their TV series.

Good, good. Due to the sincerity you showed, this lord will go easier on you.

Cui Zhong arrived at Mingde Alley after he finished making a pot of tea.

“Teacher Lu, you were just too rude.” Cui Zhong said while leaning down comfortably on the chair after drinking a cup of tea, “We’ve been friends for so long, what can’t be said between us? Why suddenly hang up like that?”

Chen Huan gave a surprised expression and said, “Wasn’t I clear enough? I can’t play this role so what’s wrong with me wishing you luck to find someone else?”

Cui Zhong grinned and said, “No need to lie to me, I don’t think it’s that simple. You asked me about it which means that it picked your.”

“So I can’t even ask questions now.” Chen Huan laughed and shook his head, “I’m just curious that you guys must be in a lot of pressure after putting so much effort into the scriptwriter, directors and actors.”

“How can we accomplish great things if we can’t even handle this pressure?” Cui Zhong said, “Time will only remember the best people… I looked at you ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ for half a day but I still couldn’t understand anything but I still admire your talent. It’s like you’re the son of heaven!”

“You’re quite honest.” Chen Huan lightly nodded.

“The president sent me here as soon as possible to tell you that we are very eager to work with you.” Cui Zhong said, “You don’t have to worry about the pay and it would definitely match someone of your status. The shooting will take place during June, July and August so it wouldn’t affect your school days.”

“Wait.” Chen Huan stopped him, “In July, I will represent China’s math Olympiad team to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad in the USA and I’ll stay there for five days.”

“No problem.” Cui Zhong said, “We will adjust the shooting time so it won’t delay you.”

“You mean I’ll go to the battlefield right after finishing filming? Don’t I need to prepare?”

“Hey!” Cui Zhong just shrugged, “Although I was a pretty bad student, a mathematician that was able to contribute to ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ won’t fail in a math Olympiad, right? Wouldn’t that look down on you?”

 ̄□ ̄||

Chen Huan didn’t know what expression to make, maybe the one above was the suitable one.

But Cui Zhong was really right on point.

Chen Huan completely mastered the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ and would be able to beat anybody in IMO unless he met an otherworldly genius like Teacher Tao.

There was no need to mention him beating everyone.

Getting the gold medal in IMO didn’t depend on the one who had the best score but on the one who had the worst.

This wasn’t a joke.

Because the scores of the 6 people would be counted together.

One could at most score 42 points but what would happen if one of them scores only 30 points?

So one team’s lowest score was only 35 points which was five points higher than the team with 30 points as the lowest, how much gap in points would they have in the end?

There was one year where South Korea lost by one point to China and America in the end because their worst member was too far behind in points.

All Chen Huan could do was to get full marks as he couldn’t control what the other five did.

One must have good teammates to win the gold medal .

When he came back from his thought, Cui Zhong continued his monologue, “We will give you the treatment worthy of a heavenly king, assistants, driver, Mercedes cars, five stars hotel suites, you will get them all. Then you can also choose to not participate in the promotional tour but we will ensure that no matter what advertisement it is, you will be the main focus of it.”

Chen Huan couldn’t understand that, “Would it be okay if the protagonist of the TV series doesn’t go promote it? Wouldn’t I get scalded to death?”

“You would definitely be scolded until you get a concussion if you were anybody else.” Cui Zhong said, “But you’re different, you didn’t go to promote ‘Love Letter’ either and what kind of status do you have now? Great mathematician! Godly songwriter! With such a high status…. Alright, alright, I’ll be honest here. Your mysteriousness can pick people’s curiosity and people are fascinated by Sister Xiaofeng!”

Cui Zhong finally told the truth under Chen Huan’s pressuring gaze.

He also couldn’t do anything about it.

It would be the best if Chen Huan was willing to go promote the movie but the problem was with Chen Huan’s personality, he would be unwilling to do so.

If they forced him to promote it and go to variety shows everywhere, he would probably just leave.

Cui Zhong still understood his personality a bit after knowing him for more than half a year.

Chen Huan thought that this wasn’t bad at all and could take it easy.

Wasn’t Lu Xiaofeng just someone that liked to be lazy?

“Look, this movie has the best pay in the world, the casting is also treated like heavenly king and you don’t have to do any promotion since Shanhai Streaming will use all of his power to promote this TV series and you’re also the only protagonist of the TV series. You will have our Shanhai support in the future if you work with us this time.” Cui Zhong said while counting his fingers, “Aiyo, Teacher Lu, with such great conditions given out, wouldn’t you feel sorry the person that planned this so painstakingly for you if you don’t sign?”

Chen Huan just smiled and didn’t say anything.

He just slowly sipped his tea.

Cui Zhong was very nervous but knew that it was the moment for Chen Huan to decide. He shouldn’t hurry and displease Chen Huan or his hope would be squashed.

They certainly showed plenty of their sincerity and now it was up to Chen Huan if he wanted to further increase his fame.

He kept thinking about it and thought only fame could attract Chen Huan.

How could a teenager not like being loved and worshipped by thousands of people?


It wasn’t right.

After the Gala, Chen Huan’s popularity soared, it was said that many advertisers went to find Chen Huan and the price increased to 3 million for a single advertisement but he didn’t even answer the phone or reply back to the texts. He wasn’t tempted at all.

This actually showed he didn’t care about fame at all.

Otherwise why would he go to school?

Beside, Teacher Lu actually put forward ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ that was renowned in the world and that put him at the top tier student in the world.

Which celebrity was also a highly educated School Tyrant?

Would someone with such a brain go to Huhai Opera, Hua Opera or Bei Film?

Cui Zhong felt unconfident when he thought of that.

“The princess helped us greatly during the release of ‘Love Letter’.” Chen Huan finally said, “I don’t have many virtues but I remember favors. So I agreed when you asked for a song from me.”


Cui Zhong immediately seized the opportunity, “There’s nothing to say against how the princess treats her friend, it’s always the best! If you join us this time, it would be even easier to talk in the future!”

What he said was a bit ambiguous.

Zheng Rongrong was very generous to those who could help and be useful to her.

But would she care about someone that was useless to her?

But then again, how many people wouldn’t do the same as her in this world?

Even if they were your parents, they couldn’t help you but needed your money and time to take care of them, you’ll be able to stand it for a few years but after a dozens of years, what would you do?

No filial son could be found by the bedside of a parent of a chronic disease, this was a saying that went through thousands of years.

So Chen Huan didn’t think that Zheng Rongrong was someone bad but thought that someone that wasn’t valued and the ability to be used by people were a bit too weak and useless.

He also knew that if he gave face to Zheng Rongrong, she would remember this favor in the future and pay it back double.

The daughter of the richest man was just that bold!

“Since the princess already planned for my role, I’ll pay her back then.” Chen Huan said with hesitation and finally gave his decision.


Cui Zhong felt a wave of relief washing over him and felt like he was floating. He didn’t even know what to say anymore.

“Right, I require 50 million in remuneration after tax for my role, it is alright?” Chen Huan asked.

“No problem.” Cui Zhong immediately answered.

Although the princess seemed to be joking, he knew that her bottom line was actually at 100 million.

Although Chen Huan’s 50 million in pay looked high and much higher than the current five superstars of the TV series industry, Chen Huan’s reputation and fame supported this amount of fee.

Not to mention that Zheng Rongrong wanted to play the long game to catch the big fish so what was this small fee compared to signing Chen Huan in the future?

Cui Zhong was afraid of the uncertainty so he said, “Let us sign a letter of intent first so the finance can be accounted for and be able to quickly wire you the money.”

“Alright.” Chen Huan said, “If it’s possible, can I receive the money tomorrow morning?”

Cui Zhong was surprised, “Do you need to use the money?”

“For some private matters.” Chen Huan replied.

Cui Zhong’s mind turned.

It seems that Teacher Lu isn’t completely immune to the human’s desire. The reason he agree so easily is because he urgently needed money, right?

However, he needed 50 million which is quite a big sum.

Cui Zhong thought so but he didn’t have any intention behind it.

Shanhai Streaming had nothing else but money!

The princess is rich and has no restraint!

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