I Know Everything Chapter 213

Chapter 213: It must be him!

“Okay, I see, let’s do this first then.”

Zheng Rongrong lightly said before hanging up the phone.

She turned back around to other people in the room and said, “Sorry Director Zhou, Chen Huan refused, should we change to another actor? As I told you before, whether it’s Cai Zhangyi, Lu Jiufeng or Duan Yi, our Shanhai Streaming can hire them!”

The names she gave were well known young actors in the TV industry. They were very famous and it was guaranteed to bring viewers.

Zheng Rongrong could be considered to have gone all out for Lan Xin’s script.

No, the truth was that Zheng Rongrong had the thought of giving up at the beginning.

Lan Xin’s script wasn’t easy to get and the 43 years old super-tier writer was best at detective plot.

Whether it was in modern or ancient time, whether it was a TV series or movie script, the scripts she wrote never felt repetitive and were all great.

So Lan Xin’s script wasn’t only expansive but also highly sought after.

Zheng Rongrong had already started to contact Lan Xin since last and it took a lot of effort before convincing Lan Xin to give her ‘Young Di Renjie’ that Lan Xin took two years to write.

Since it was a big production, they must choose the best for everything.

After getting a good script, they must get a great director.

The popular ‘Water Margin’ caught Zheng Rongrong’s eyes during the Spring Festival.

Zhou Pu was a first-class director to begin with but now he was at the peak of his craft. He was obviously worthy of being of Shanhai Streaming’s super production.

However, Zhou Pu wasn’t that easy to hire.

Shanhai Streaming wasn’t considered to be in the TV series industry and even if they did multiple TV series before, Zhou Pu didn’t consider them as professional of the industry.

Zhou Pu would be careful with his decision even if he was paid a lot and a huge budget was allocated to the production.

He negotiated with them as Lan Xin’s script attracted him and he thought that the plot was quite interesting.

Shanhai Streaming’s sincerity was quite real as the president Zheng Rongrong personally came over to talk to him and Zhou Pu felt quite satisfied that the daughter of the richest man went to talk to him.

But making a TV series wasn’t about sincerity and money.

Zhou Pu understood that the industry viewed him as a TV Series super director after he filmed ‘Water Margin’ but he had to be even more careful with his image now.

Zhou Pu knew that Shanhai Streaming had money.

He didn’t need to worry about the behind the scenes staff, the scenes editing, equipment and the daily life accommodation.

The only thing he had to consider was the actors.

The main supporting roles and small roles were easy to find and the female lead wasn’t very hard. Only the main lead young Di Renjie needed the best actor possible.

Honestly, He didn’t need Zheng Rongrong to smack money to people if he wanted to make TV Series, Zhou Pu credential alone could attract movie stars let alone TV series stars and those specialized in young man’s roles.

However, after thinking about it, Zhou Pu felt he mustn’t fall into the cliché and must choose the best and most suitable one instead of choosing something that somewhat fit the role.

First of all, the young Di Renjie couldn’t be too old. 18 to 20 years old were the most suitable and it was fine he looked slightly younger too.


Because of experience.

Young men in the past were usually referring to people around 18 years old. If he was older, he would be a scholar undertaking the imperial exams and wouldn’t have time to wander around.

Di Renjie started to take the imperial examination in his twenties to become a judge and this TV series happened when he was young and traveling around so Di Renjie in his twenties would look out of place.

So they couldn’t use any actors that were above 25 years old.

So they couldn’t use Cai Zhangyi, Liu Jiufeng and Qiu Tianfu, the three popular and skilled actors who specialize in young roles.

The most suitable one was Leng Jian but his acting skills were concerning. He would be absolutely unqualified to play the historical intelligent judge and the backbone prime minister of the country.

Leng Jian could still play some role that didn’t need extensive acting skills and could just blindly play the handsome guy.

The second point was that since Shanhai Streaming made such a big move, they couldn’t film it like a regular TV series but should do it in a movie style TV series.

This was Zhou Pu’s big plan. He believed that if Zheng Rongrong was really ambitious and bold, she would agree to his plan.

Since it was a Television Film model, it goes without saying that the production must be excellent. The protagonist’s acting skills and various preparations must also be appropriate.

The third point was that Zhou Pu felt like he used the same actors too much and it limited his creativity.

So he wanted to use a newcomer he wasn’t that familiar with.

But it was also impossible for Zhou Pu to take a complete newbie as it would be completely irresponsible for the TV series.

Those TV stations that paid for the first broadcast right weren’t fools. Could some random newcomers make them fork out their money?

Obviously not.

Zhou Pu suddenly thought of Chen Huan when he saw all the combined conditions.

In addition to being a great songwriter, Teacher Lu was also a certified movie actor!

He also saw ‘Love Letter’ and although it was a bit immature, that pure love was particularly good and gave a unique charm to it which fitted perfectly the artistic conception of ‘Love Letter’.

Besides, Chen Huan’s reputation was huge enough.

In addition to being a high-profile movie newcomer, he was also the best songwriter of the country and made a splash at Gala recently.

He was even able to contribute to a super math problem and wrote a thesis that was published in one of the best magazines of his category. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call him a School Tyrant. (A title for the best students in the school.)

Among the people from the same generation, there was nobody as popular and sensational as him.

Moreover, being good at math meant that he had good logical thinking.

Good logical thinking meant that he had great deduction skills.

That was how Di Renjie basically judged!

The godly detective Di Renjie wasn’t a title he earned now but it was a title he earned after he had handled a 17k case in a year and he hadn’t been wrong or made an unjust accusation a single time, it was like a miracle!

Wasn’t someone like that an expert in logical reasoning?

So Chen Huan happened to be the best candidate for Di Renjie!

Therefore, the first request Zhou Pu made was to hire Chen Huan.

The Great Princess was a very capable person after all.

But after hearing Zhou Pu’s request, she didn’t dare to promise him and only said she would try to ask him.

A genius that reached the status of Chen Huan wasn’t something that could be tempted by just money even if he was short on money.

To some extent, Chen Huan was at the same level as her.

The refusal brought back by Cui Zhong was also expected by Zheng Rongrong.

But to Zhou Pu, it was a huge disappointment.

“I still believe that in terms of aura, acting skills, popularity or others, Chen Huan is definitely the best candidate for the role. I hope you will try harder to get him and if you really can’t, only at that moment I will go to the actors I’ll worked with  before but they will not be nowhere near as good as Chen Huan.”

Zhou Pu said before leaving Zheng Rongrong’s office.

Zheng Rongrong fell deep in thought in her office for fifteen minutes before she called Cui Zhong to come to her office.


Cui Zhong greeted her with a solemn and careful voice.

“You said earlier that Chen Huan seemed to be interested but suddenly lost interest…” Zheng Rongrong calmly said, “Repeat what you two said word by word to me.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Cui Zhong immediately started to recount the conversation to her before he ended with, “I’ve been thinking about it and thought maybe Chen Huan is trying hard to catch? He was very interested in it but wanted better condition so he just hung up?”

“What does he want?” Zheng Rongrong asked flatly.

“I don’t know.” Cui Zhong said bitterly, “Maybe fame? Maybe money?”

Zheng Rongrong snorted, “The amount he donated via ‘Love Letter’ already exceeded 50 million. Do you think a sixteen years old like him puts importance to money after donating so much?”

Cui Zhong sheepishly said, “Maybe fame then?”

“Are you stupid?” Zheng Rongrong started to get irritated, “Although there is not much difference in terms of popularity compared to those young popular actors, he’s far above them in terms of status! Chen Huan already starred in ‘Love Letter’, could a single TV series bring him much fame or prestige no matter how good it is?”

“Then, president, what do you think his intention was?” Cui Zhong said with an embarrassed smile.

“I also don’t know, the thoughts of genius are always incomprehensible.” Zheng Rongrong sighed, “But there is some truth in what you said, the few questions asked mean he has some interest.”

After a pause, she said again, “Let’s do this, go ask him again and we’ll promise him no matter what he asks. As long as he agrees, everything can be easily discussed.”

Cui Zhong started to sweat, “President, if he asks for a price of 100 million, should we still try to get him?”

Zheng Rongrong gave him a disdainful gaze and said, “Do you think I can’t afford 100 million? But do you think that Chen Huan is someone that doesn’t know any tact and what’s excessive? I think he’s thinking of other things, no matter what he asks, you can discuss it and we are very sincere about him coming!”

“I understand!” Cui Zhong wasn’t completely clueless, “I will immediately fly to Lin’an so he can’t just hang up on us!”

Zheng Rongrong nodded in approval at that.

Cui Zhong’s ability was certainly not the best but his loyalty and effort were still alright.

It was less worrying to let this kind of old man do it.

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