I Know Everything Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Hahaha.

Chen Huan’s mind turned rapidly.

There were many rich people among those he knew.

For example, Tang Yuan and Su Mo should have more than 1 billion yuan in assets.

Bu Yiyi’s net worth should be more than 100 million.

But Chen Huan had no reasons to borrow money from them.

It wasn’t that they wouldn’t lend it to him but borrowing money for charity, Chen Huan felt like he wasn’t that crazy yet.

How about relying on himself?

It would be very hard!

Su Mo would get 1 million for each song he sang so he had to sing 50 songs to get 50 million.

As for shooting advertisements, he would have to shoot 10 of them to reach 50 million.

This was what the most popular Su Mo would get.

Although Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was very popular recently, he didn’t reach that status yet.

The advertisers also weren’t sure that Chen Huan’s fans could earn them money.

This kind of thing happened before.

There was a very popular newcomer and was hired to do advertisement but the result was it almost had zero effect so the millions were wasted.

So before Chen Huan was tested, the market for him wouldn’t be that high.

If he wanted to earn 50 million, Chen Huan would have to write another ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and make it popular within 24 hours.

But that was impossible.

Ordinary people under normal circumstances wouldn’t be able to make 50 million in one day.

Chen Huan also couldn’t do it.

What to do then?

Maybe he should contact one of the three major record companies and promise them 20 classic songs and charge them 50 million for it?


It didn’t mean that they would refuse to give him as the money would be sent to Chen Huan’s bank the moment he opened his mouth.

Teacher Lu was just that nutty in the songwriting field.

Not to mention these 20 songs, they wouldn’t hesitate to buy it at a premium price of 150 million for 50 songs!

Those 50 songs would last them at least ten years and enough to produce seven or eight small emperors or empresses, how much money would they make from it?

But Chen Huan was unwilling to do it.

What kind of idiot would he be to go lose 20 songs for a single one?

It wouldn’t be worth it even if I wouldn’t be able to get a mission for a year.

He only got that much if he worked that much.

This Grand Lord Huan rather not keep the reward.

But it was best if he could keep the reward since he wasn’t rich yet.


Chen Huan’s phone rang while he was doing a sad face.

As a national level celebrity, Teacher Lu had now three phones.

The first phone was the one known by many people but it was off most of the time and he only looked at the message from time to time.

The second one was the one known by friends and family. Chen Huan would answer it if the number came from a saved contact.

The third one was only known to a very few relatives and only 10 people knew of it including the Shui Family of three.

The one that was ringing was the second one.

Chen Huan looked at it and saw it was from Cui Zhong.

“Teacher Lu, do you have anything to do during summer?” Cui Zhong went straight to business as soon he opened his mouth.

Chen Huan was taken aback and said, “Why?”

“We have a script here and hope you will play in it.” Cui Zhong frankly said, “The main male lead and there’ll be big investments and production!”

“I’m not that familiar with playing in a movie.” Chen Huan thought about it before refusing.

He knew Shanhai Streaming wanted to sign him and make him their poster child.

But Chen Huan didn’t have any interest in acting so he never agreed.

Moreover, they definitely spent a lot of thought on how to cultivate him and would certainly pack his calendar full. Chen Huan didn’t like those crazy work schedules that barely have time to sleep.

“It’s not a movie but a TV series.” Cui Zhong immediately corrected but felt a bit embarrassed talking about it.

Chen Huan became popular all over Asia with a single movie and was also the most eye-catching newcomer in the movie industry. Wasn’t calling him to make a TV series looking down on him?

Sure enough, Chen Huan refused without hesitation he heard it was a TV series, “Forget about it, I don’t like it.”

“Don’t!” Cui Zhong immediately cried, “Teacher Lu, this is a big production for our Shanhai Streaming this year and we are very sincere about it. We guarantee our pay and treatment will satisfy you!”

Pay satisfaction?

Chen Huan was moved at that moment.

Was heaven helping him?

“What kind of TV series is it? Who’s the director? How much investment?” Chen Huan thought about it before asking.

Cui Zhong felt admiration toward him at that moment.


This was truly Teacher Lu, he was truly a great mathematician!

He didn’t ask how much the pay was and didn’t care how much money he made but first wanted to see how serious the company was about it.

The other party would only consider it if there were good personnel and large investments  so it wouldn’t ruin their reputation.

He felt energized by it.

Every time he mentioned signing Chen Huan to a contract, he refused to talk about it and said he was too busy studying so didn’t want to act.

But Chen Huan seemed to be interested today which meant something changed.

However, that wasn’t important as long Chen Huan was interested.

“The TV series we’re going to shoot is called ‘Young Di Renjie’.  The plot is mainly about solving mysteries and cases.” Cui Zhong explained, “If everything goes well, we planned to make 8 arcs and each arc would be around 5 episodes.”

“The screenwriter for the TV series is the first class writer Teacher Lan Xin and the director is someone you knew, Director Zhou Pu who filmed ‘Water Margin’. In order to hire him, we planned to spend around 1 million per episode.”

“This 1 million is just for the various preparations such as location, equipment etc… If you agree to come, I can personally guarantee you that we can pay you 1 million per episode which is definitely never heard before in the TV series industry!”

“Where are you broadcasting it?” Chen Huan asked, “It is streaming again?”

“Not this time. Our president hopes to further expand into the traditional TV industry.” Cui Zhong said, “If it is shot well, Huhai TV and Jiangdong TV will buy the first diffusion rights. Then, we will release on our streaming platform the next day.”

“I see, the preparation for this TV series is well done.” Chen Huan said, “Then I wish you success!”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.


Cui Zhong was completely at loss when he heard the beeping sound.

What the hell happened?

They were just having a good discussion and Chen Huan seemed to show interest but why did he suddenly hung up the phone?

For a moment, director Cui started to doubt life.

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