I Know Everything Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Miserable!

The biggest contributor of ‘Life’s Only Love’ donation, the famous mathematician student Chen Huan was in a state of excitement.

The only thing that could make Sister Xiaofeng so happy was certainly the rewards from the Good Lord.

And it is.

‘Life’s Only Love’ was on sale for 2 months and they already donated twice but he didn’t hear the pleasant sound from the Good Lord which confused Chen Huan greatly.

He couldn’t help but feel anger whenever he thought of the tens of millions being thrown away. If he didn’t get anything after all that, it would be really like throwing the helve after the hatchet.

Chen Huan obviously wasn’t against doing charity.

But it had to wait until he had enough money for food and clothing!

But now he was penniless and still had to use whatever remaining wealth he had to do charity, what kind of mindset was that?!

So how could there be no rewards?

How could there be no rewards!?

In the end, Chen Huan waited and waited before he finally heard that system sound when CCTV finished its broadcast.

“Ding Dong!”

“The cunning and greedy host has touched the heart of more than 200 million people with donation of the revenue from the album so the compassionate and generous system would reluctantly reward the host.”

“The system will give out a confusion talisman and a song of your choice. Rejoice trashy host, you can continue to pretend to be a master again!”

Chen Huan: “…”


That’s not right, Good Lord!

Chen Huan was furious.

Let’s talk about it.

Didn’t you give me some rewards when I donated before?

Aren’t you rewarding me because I reached the step where I was known to the whole country?

Do you know how much I donated away in total?

The online sales of ‘Life’s Only Love’ in two months reached 32 million! 5 yuan for an album, 50% shares, excluding all other expenses, it was 50 million!

The offline sale in two months was 2.2 million copies and it was more than 30 million in profit!

This lord had donated 80 million previously, I’m not asking for three or four rewards but you should at least give me two for this right?

And this time CCTV reported this for three episodes and the rating reached 17%!

With such a high rating and charity action known by all, aren’t you embarrassed if you don’t give me at least two rewards for that?

Even if you don’t give me extra rewards, I still should have at least 4!

What about the remaining two?

Did you eat them?

Spit it out!

Chen Huan screamed at the scamming system and kept scolding it for more than an hour without stop.

Because Chen Huan already anticipated the rewards.

He thought if he got four more rewards from the system, he would at least get 2 songs and if he added the 3 songs he already obtained before, he would have 5 songs in total.

Although he was about to make a song for Shanhai Streaming’s girl band, the remaining four songs would be enough for Chen Huen to make a few main songs for Han Dong’er while leaving a song in reserve.

In the end?

You just gave me a talisman and a single song!

The spell is some confusion talisman!

Come on!!

Why would I need this?

When I meet an enemy, you want me to throw the talisman at him and confuse him?!

You should have just given me a lightning strike talisman, it would have been much more useful than this one!

I can still take it if you have given me two songs.

But you only gave me a single song, how am I going to make an album for Dong’er?

Do you want me to use the ‘Little Swallow’ and ‘Calabash Brothers’ nursery songs that I’ve heard when I was little to make a song for the girl band!?

It may look good but do you dare to actually watch it!

Chen Huan was just venting like he did many times before and thought the system wouldn’t respond to him like usual.

But it was different this time.

“Ding Dong!”

The constant abuse that came from Chen Huan’s mouth suddenly stopped when the sound came out.

Oh? Does the Good Lord have a perverted personality? It would only respond after it was scolded hard enough?

Ah… Chen Huan, you’re still too nice.

He would have scolded without restrain and until it couldn’t hold it anymore if he knew this.

“The uncultivated trash host has made the great system furious! Because the charity and fame gained aren’t yours alone as you shared it with other people so you only got that much.”

“The system has the greatest calculation method but the trash host abused this great system without knowing the situation so the system decided to punish the host.”

“The trash host must donate another 50 million to charity within 24 hours or the system will withdraw all the rewards received this time and no more missions will be given out for a year.”

Chen Huan: “…”



No, Good Lord!

I was wrong, Good Lord!

Chen Huan immediately panicked.

He didn’t expect that he would be cruelly punished after complaining for a while instead of the good news of the reward being rectified.

50 millions?

Good Lord, you’re killing me!

I have only one or two thousand on me, where am I going to get 50 million!?

And I have to do it within 24 hours!? Are you kidding me!?

The teenager fell immediately into deep distress.

Obtaining 50 million for Chen Huan wasn’t actually something difficult for him.

He would receive the domestic shares for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ soon.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was a heartthrob book filled with cruelty as well as hope and despair. It had set off a storm in Japan and dominated the sales ranking for 6 consecutive weeks. The great writers in that country called it a miracle never seen before.

At that rate, there would be at least around 20 to 30 million in shares from that country when the dividend came in three months.

It may come as a surprise but the books in Japan cost at least ten times more than those in China.

Moreover, Japanese had the same habit as Americans as they much preferred paper books. Therefore even if their population was only one-tenth of that of China, their sales volume wasn’t lower than that of China.

It was also sold in dozens of other countries in Asia and also dozens of countries in the west, even if it was sold less there, it should average at least one or two million yuan for each country, right?

Did he still have to worry for 50 million after getting the royalties from so many countries?

But the problem was that the Good Lord required him to do it within 24 hours!

To ask those books distributors to settle the royalties in 24 hours was akin to dreaming!

If he couldn’t make it, not only the confusion talisman and a song of his choice would be taken back.

Ignore the two rewards, if he didn’t receive any mission for a year, wasn’t it like revealing his true color as an ordinary and untalented guy?

How would Xiao Shuishui think of him at that moment? What would Dong’er think of him? What would those School Flowers and his fans think of him?

This problem was related to his dignity!

Chen Huan really wanted to slap himself at that moment.

This was the fate of someone that couldn’t control his mouth!

I thought that the Good Lord wouldn’t care about how I complained so I became more and more presumptuous but great now, it came back for revenge!

No! I can’t just admit defeat!

It was my fault this time but I will never give up so easily!

Isn’t it just 50 million?

I definitely will find a way to get it and not let the Good Lord succeed!

The moment the rewards fell into the hands of this Lord, there’s no way for them to be taken away!

There would be no sacred aura added if there is no mission from the Good Lord for a year. Didn’t it mean that I, the grand Chu Liuxiang and Lu Xiaofeng reached the point of exhaustion and no more inspiration?

It is obviously impossible!

I will never let such terrible things happen!

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