I Know Everything Chapter 210

Chapter 210: The benefits of charity.

The Spring Festival generally lasted around 1 month for Chinese people.

They entered the atmosphere of the New Year and it would last until the fifteenth of the lunar calendar.

During this period of time, the news generally wouldn’t report any negative news that went against the holiday atmosphere but instead tried to find some positive things to report on.

Without doubt, Zhao Changshou mentioning that the profit of ‘Life’s Only Love’ was being donated away would obviously have a follow up report by Huaxia TV.

Tang Yuan wanted to keep a low-profile at the beginning.

He wasn’t a hypocrite as he wouldn’t flaunt it out just because he donated it since he thought it was below his stature.

But CCTV demanded the details of the donation from him and there was nothing he could do against it so he could only ask his assistants to give them the details of the donations.

He really couldn’t do anything.

How could he not give it when CCTV asked for it?

It was something that Tang Yuan couldn’t handle alone so he asked his assistant for help.

These people had been with him for more than 10 years and those with bad characters had long been fired by him.

As Lan Kai said, these people may not be the best but they shared similar personality traits as Tang Yuan and were reliable.

It was much better compared to the people around Zhu Shengyu.

Zhu Shengyu’s first agent was his brother. He not only misappropriated his hard-earned money in three years but also took multiple loans under his name before running away.

It was a wildly talked matter back then and Zhu Shengyu had to work extra hard and a bit more than two years to recover from it.

His second agent was also not good so he simply let his wife take care of it but his wife’s family weren’t easy to deal with so the situation distressed him greatly.

Let’s stop mentioning this.

The money donated from ‘Life’s Only Love’ all came from the album sales.

Album sales were generally divided into two types, online and offline.

Online transactions were direct cash so the money was immediately there.

But that money was in the music websites. If the singer wanted to take their shares, they would get it every month if they were from the three major companies, every six months if they were from first class companies and it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that the ordinary singers and companies would only get it after a year.

For ‘Life’s Only Love’, with Lan Kai and Tang Yuan’s influence, they would be able to get their shares every month without default.

‘Life’s Only Love’ had been released on December 22th and they would receive their shares on January 22th.

Relatively speaking, offline sales were much simpler.

Because ‘Life’s Only Love’ was very popular since it was heavily advertised and released soon after the end of ‘I Sing My Song’, there were many people enthusiastic about it so it was highly demanded.

Therefore, those distribution channels bought them in bulks before distributing them to the various stores.

So the money earned was already in the accounts.

However with the constant increase in sales and in demand which brought more money, it was also calculated on a monthly basis.

This money was donated away by Tang Yuan’s assistants to those mountainous villages in need after they pay all the necessary expenses.

People nowadays were much smarter about charity as most of the money wouldn’t directly go to the village but into objects and equipment.

They would use all the money to pave roads and build infrastructure and etc… instead of fatten the purse of some rats.

The first donation of ‘Life’s Only Love’ was the construction of 20km roads in the southwest mountainous region.

With the interview from CCTV and the Gala’s help, they received much more money for the second month so they ended up donating 100km of road construction in rural areas.

It was important since all the 23 villages were connected and the two hills were easy to access now. The people and their products had a hard time to leave the mountains but now they had a bright future in front of them.

Huaxia TV followed after the construction team in their construction on the first batch of roads and their preparation for the second batch of roads.

The program team also went to interview the people in those villages and saw their smiling faces since it would be easier for them to contact the outside world now.

Especially the children.

Many of their parents and grandparents hadn’t stepped out of their villages in their entire lives. The rest left the mountainous villages because they wanted to sell their things and that was it.

The time had changed but their life didn’t change much.

But now, there was someone who suddenly wanted to connect those two mountainous areas with the outside world so they could easily leave the mountains in two to eight hours. It was an imaginable thing for them.

The simpler someone was, the easier to resonate with them.

The people felt hope when they saw the smiling faces of the children and the elderly on the TV.

Hope that came from the heart.

That program lasted for three days.

The highest rating was 17% and the rebroadcast was also able to reach 8%.

Although the rating was affected since it was diffused by CCTV in the Spring Festival and that people watched more TV during the Spring Festival, ratings like that were still very rare.

Another benefit of the show was the sale of ‘Life’s Only Love’ was rising again.

It was true whether it was online or offline sales.

Everyone who participated in this matter became a good role model on the internet.

Those who didn’t participate couldn’t help but sigh in regret and thought that they missed such an opportunity to gain fame and renown.

With this kind of positive image gained, nobody would dare to smear their reputation unless they made a huge mistake.

For example, Bu Yiyi liked to argue a lot so many people loved her but there were also a lot of people who hated and were jealous of her.

But recently, there were fewer people attacking.

It wasn’t that many people were enlightened but those scolding and attacks on Bu Yiyi’s were trending keywords before. 

Positive news would also be more prominent when negative news decreased.

Young people would be more likely to like her when they saw her positive light so her new fans increased from it.

Bu Yiyi never expected to benefit like that so she was excited like a child when she called Chen Huan.

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