I Know Everything Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Newcomers.

Smart people knew to strike the iron while it was still hot.

‘Laughter From the Sea’ got so much attention during the Gala that Zhao Changshou, Lu Xiaofeng, the origin of this song etc… became the center of their attention.

Then people’s enthusiasm went to ‘I Sing My Song’.

The second place Li Bi and third place Jin Guwei took this opportunity to release their album.

Li Bi’s album was called ‘Pride’ and Jin Guwei’s album was called ‘Youth Power’.

Two of the three giant record companies of the country, Phoenix Record and Yanhuang Music, gave their all on those albums.

Both albums received a big budget and they did plenty of advertisement before releasing them.

They were very smart about it as they all used Zhao Changshou’s name when advertising.

“The genius girl singer that went head to head with Grandpa Zhao Changshou!”

“An energetic idol singer that could make Grandpa Zhao Changshou nervous!”

“Top 3 in ‘I Sing My Song’, female singer with cheerful personality!”

“’Pride’, an unyielding album by Li Bi!”

“The little prince of love songs Jin Guwei and third place in ‘I Sing My Song’ took the torch after Grandpa Zhao Changshou retired and became the new great in the music world!”


A month after the Spring Festival, the trending about the Gala would slowly dissipate.

During that time, it was natural for the people to go check out some popular show.

The people were also relatively free during this period of time as children and young people were on vacation and they also were more likely to be interested in idols that suddenly emerged.

Calling them suddenly emerging wasn’t the right word.

Because Li Bi and Jin Guwei were super idols that went on par with Zhao Changshou.

Although the coverage of Zhejiang TV wasn’t that high, both of them were still very popular among the TV viewers and the internet.

It was also thanks to Zhao Changshou and Chen Huan.

‘I Sing My Song’ received high ratings due to the song Teacher Lu made for Zhao Changshou and it was also very popular on the internet so even the main competitors of Zhao Changshou received a lot of attention.

Li Bi and Jin Guwei also had their own uniqueness and even though they didn’t dare to claim to have millions of fans but they still had many hardcore fans.

They both had around 2 million fans before their albums were released.

Their followers in Weibo soared after they released their albums and reached 10 million in an instant.

The people naturally knew that many of them were fake.

According to the usual standard, unless they were heavenly kings/queens or emperors/empresses, only half of those idols’ Weibo followers should be counted.

It would be already considered good if 20% of them were true for those debuting singers and celebrities.

But no matter what, they succeeded in creating the hype so now it depended if they could follow it up with their ability.

They could become famous in one fell swoop if they had skills backing the hype and advertisement. They could at least stabilize their status as a popular singer.

But if their skills couldn’t keep up and their album wasn’t good enough, the tens of millions in budget would be all for nothing.

What were the results for them?

It wasn’t bad at all!

Li Bi’s ‘Pride’ immediately started to advertise right after the Gala and was released for online and offline sales the week after. In two weeks, it had 1,5 million downloads and 60k hard copies sold!

This result reached the level of a well-known singer but Li Bi achieved it in only 2 weeks!

Jin Guwei’s ‘Youth Power’ used a similar advertising strategy and release time as Li Bi. He reached 1,2 downloads and 52k hard copies sold two week ago.

The people understood on one hand that after the crazy sales of Zhao Changshou’s ‘Life’s Only Love’, the spring finally came back for the music industry!

Otherwise, Li Bi’s and Jin Guwei’s album wouldn’t have sold so well.

On the other hand, people also knew that the right timing also contributed to their excellent success which allowed them to succeed right at the beginning!

Phoenix Record and Yanhuang Music were greatly encouraged by this as they invested even more in advertising to push the sales.

It wasn’t about advertising a promising singer but about placing a bet on if they could push them into a small empress or small emperor!

All the amount of advertisement and effort would be worth it if their company could get a small emperor or empress out of it.

After all, the small emperor and empress was the backbone of a company and had a lot of influence on young people while being also the most profitable!

With the average age of the small emperor and empress, they would be able to earn hundreds of millions if they attracted the youth audience for ten years.

This didn’t include the influence they possessed and their status in the industry.

The crazy advertisement naturally included fan meetings, variety shows appearance and so on.

The higher the exposure, the better the sales was and the easier to get their desired results.

Chen Huan was surprised by it.

So he called Wang Zhao to ask about it.

Wang Zhao was a writer with character, free spirited and an interesting person.

He was familiar with the major record companies but wasn’t deeply involved with them so it was normal for Chen Huan to ask him about it.

“Brother Zhao, how can those two companies be so strong that they could produce and release and album in just two months?” Chen Huan asked, “Our ‘Life’s Only Love’ is a special case but they can do it too?”

There were 6 super classics songs already written at the start and Zhao Changshou was already familiar with them.

The remaining four songs couldn’t be regarded as important songs so not much effort was put on them. No matter how proud Fu Bufan, Wang Zhao and the others put in it, it couldn’t compare with the six songs that Teacher Lu made.

Therefore, it was possible for them to produce and record the album in ten days before releasing it.

That was why Chen Huan thought that what Li Bi and Jin Guwei did were remarkable.

The two month of production before release for a new singer was a wonder to him since they didn’t have any cheat helping them.

“Teacher Lu, you really don’t get it?” Wang Zhao knew indeed what was behind it, “There are two or three songs in the album that were already sung in the competition, right?”

“The two companies started to prepare before the competition’s final and had around 3 months of preparation in total.” Wang Zhao said, “Both Li Bi and Jin Guwei had prepared at least three songs at the finals but ‘Laughter From the Sea’ rose above all unexpectedly so they didn’t have the chance to show their songs.”

Chen Huan finally understood now.

“As far as I know, the two companies have a big portfolio with also top quality songs in it.” Wang Zhao continued, “The moment they knew ‘Laughter From the Sea’ would be in the Gala, they decided to increase their investment in two new singers and gave them a few good songs. Li Bi’s ‘Pride’ was made like this.”

“It seems that I contributed quite a bit to Li Bi and Jin Guwei’s success.” Chen Huan said with a wry smile.

“Of course!” Wang Zhao said, “The two companies have to thank you for it! You not only helped with their development, they even used your name!”

After a moment, he asked, “They really call you for it?”

“They called.”

Chen Huan said, “Fu Bufan and Brother Yuan both called. Their two companies both gave 1 million to our charity fund so I agreed to it.”

“They are sensible.” Wang Zhao laughed.

It was much better to donate the funds to ‘Life’s Only Love’ than to give the money to Chen Huan.

It was impossible for Teacher Lu to take this money but it was already a great gesture from them if they gave the money to the charity so he naturally agreed with it.

“Li Bi and Jin Guwei took action fairly fast.” Wang Zhao started to talk about the other people, “From what I know, Totem Music wanted to take this opportunity to make Ling Ruiyun release an album but Ling Ruiyun himself refused it. This action was praised by Su Mo! He praised him for not being impetuous and having his standard. Lord Seven wanted to reprimand him at the beginning but with Su Mo praises, he couldn’t blame Ling Ruiyun.”

Lord Seven was Fan Qijing and also the owner of Totem Music.

Fan Qijing usually did what he said and was extremely decisive.

Everyone was going with the trend so he didn’t feel any qualm about it.

Ling Ruiyun dared to show his character and refuse so he was obviously unhappy about it.

But he couldn’t ignore Su Mo so he could only endure it in the end.

“It’s always good to take its time.” Chen Huan said with a slight smile.

“For example, like Han Dong’er’s new album?” Wang Zhao said, “My songs are already done, we’re just waiting for the main songs from you.”

“I still need a bit of time.” Chen Huan let out a sigh, “I feel like I used everything recently so I need to find my inspiration back slowly.”

“You’re right!”

Wang Zhao wasn’t surprised by this.

It would be weird if Chen Huan just casually wrote a song like ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

A godly song like that must come with a stroke of inspiration!

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