I Know Everything Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Opposite Sides.

Many people started to comment under the post of I Like Mantis Shrimp.

“Aren’t our Lord Huan great? He can even become a master in the mathematical field, who can stop him?”

“Genius! We have witnessed the birth of a unique genius in China!”

“Haha! My mom definitely can’t critique my love for my idol anymore! My idol is a mathematician on top of being a songwriter, it means that two are not exclusive from each other!”

“The poster above is too naïve. How can you be proficient in two fields unless you’re a talent at the level of Sister Xiaofeng?”

“It’s not only being proficient. Sister Xiaofeng is outstanding in the two fields! Didn’t you see the one minute report CCTV made on him?”

“Exactly! If it wasn’t important or prestigious abroad, how could CCTV put so much effort in the reportage?”


The big bloggers in Weibo also posted about it and praised him.

Although most of them didn’t understand much about it, they knew as long as it was something positive reported by the CCTV it would be fine for them to post about it. They had to jump into the hype train after all.

This was also because Chen Huan didn’t have a Weibo or his Weibo would have been flooded by those Weibo celebrities.

Of course, there were plenty of variety amongst those who posted.

“Being on the internet was my job and I don’t mean to look down on people on the net but I still have to tell everyone that what Chen Huan achieved is something that the mathematicians in our country were unable to do for the last 20 years!”

“I’m filled with admiration for his talents and research as a former student of mathematics! A genius like him who uses his mind to write songs for entertainment is a crime against humanity’s scientific field! I hope he returns to the field of mathematics and contributes more to our civilization!”

This was posted by One Meter who always commented in a wise manner.

The comments under the post also started to increase.

“Although I don’t understand it, Teacher One Meter seems to make a lot of sense.”

“Come on! Stop pretending to be a wise person, does Sister Xiaofeng need you to decide what he wants to do?!”

“Exactly! Sister Xiaofeng is so smart, how could he not know what he wants to do?”

“I think the posters upstairs don’t know what the Journal of American Mathematical Society is. They are at the same level as Cell Press, Science and Biology! Only 32 theses are published by them each year and there are ten thousands of theses over the world each year so you can imagine how hard it is to get published by them! even then they have to publish Chen Huan’s thesis so you can imagine Chen Huan’s talent in that field! That is why One Meter said so!”

“The most important point is that he’s only 16 years old. If he continues to study seriously, he can be the next Einstein of mathematics! Tell me how great it would be for our country if we had an Einstein? How many years will he be able to push us forward and take our country to the peak?”

“Hey, enough! Do you think it’s appropriate to put the burden of the entire country on one person? Aren’t you forcing Sister Xiaofeng to be the hero? In what era we are in that we still use righteousness to force people!?”

“Yeah, I also agree with the poster above! Unless it involves a life and death situation, you should let people decide! Wouldn’t Sister Xiaofeng be sad for the rest of his life if you decide for him?”

The arguing wasn’t just at One Meter’s Weibo.

There were many people discussing this over dinner tables, coffee tables etc…

With a population of 1,5 billion people, it was normal for China to have world-class mathematicians.

But it would surprise them if that mathematician was a 16 years old.

It would be even more sensational since that mathematician was also the best songwriter of the country.

A 16 years old made incredible achievement in two completely different fields and ordinary people could only be amazed by it.

That was why it was so fervently discussed.

Nothing could stand against the trend and investigation.

After the people heard of him on the news, they basically dug up everything they could about Chen Huan.

The discussion became even more heated when they saw Chen Huan’s status as an orphan, his unparalleled handsomeness, his popularity with girls etc…

This was one of the bad points on the internet.

Once someone became famous enough, everything about them and what they did would be scrutinized and nothing could be hiding away.

Under such circumstances, it was really surprising that Qiantang Evening News was able to keep Chen Huan’s identity as Chu Liuxiang a secret.

At Shui Family home, Chen Huan and the Shui family of three also talked about it over dinner.

“I saw the comments on the internet.” Shui Qingshan said, “What I hate the most is those moral high ground talk. Many people are asking to go to the institute of mathematics and research those advanced problems. Those are obviously whimsical thoughts from idiotic and selfish people.”

“That’s right.” Xia He agreed with him, “Everyone knows that scientific research is dull and boring, Xiao Huan is only 16 and didn’t even start his youth life. How can he be like an old man and stare at math symbols all day long?”

With that said, she sneakily glanced at her daughter and thought that wouldn’t her darling daughter cry to death if her son-in-law became like that?

Shui Qianyu asked Chen Huan, “Chen Huan, what are your thoughts?”

“Let’s discuss this in the future when I actually want to do this.” Chen Huan immediately said, “For now, I just want to study comfortably. We can talk about it after I graduate from University.”

Shui Qianyu gave a sweet smile and didn’t ask anymore.

“What after University?” Xia He interrupted, “You should only consider it after you have a child! You should start a family, what achievement are you going to do if you don’t have a family?”


Aunty Xia, don’t you think it’s still early to talk about this!?

Chen Huan glanced toward Shui Qianyu but Xiao Shuishui just pretended to eat her meal, however her ears were beet red.

Let’s forget about it.

It’s still too early, too early.

Chen Huan reminded himself before he did like Shui Qianyu and concentrated on his meal.

“By the way, how good is your math?” Shui Qingshan helped divert the subject, “Can you become a university professor?”

Shui Qianyu was the one to reply at that time, “Dad, you’re so funny. People that can contribute to ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ are people at the level of the professor in the top three universities of China!”

“Do you mean that… Chen Huan now can be a professor at Peking University?” Xie He exclaimed.

“He could if we take his ability and achievements.” Shui Qianyu said, “But you also need the necessary academic qualifications if you wanted to become a professor. Chen Huan is only a second year in high school, it’ll be weird if he was a professor, right?”

“Hahaha, you’re right!” Shui Qingshan laughed.

This was the case in China and also in other countries.

Normally, one had to graduate from a master’s degree to become a lecturer. Then they could become an associate professor and professor. This process was the norm.

But it wasn’t without exception.

For example, they could jump grade.

There were such situations abroad or in here, especially abroad. There were geniuses that could get their PHD at the age of 20 and be a lecturer in a prestigious university at the age of 21 before becoming a full on fledged professor at the age of 24 in a top university. There was still a genius like that and he was Chinese.

He took a sat test when he was 8 years old and scored 760 points out of 800 points. It meant he could enter university at that time.

But even such a genius had to wait until he was 20 to officially end his studies.

Therefore if Chen Huan wanted to become a professor, he would have to take it step by step. It would be impossible for him to become a professor at 24 or 25. Even at 30 he would attract people’s doubts.

Doubts about qualifications were unavoidable no matter the grades he got.

So Chen Huan didn’t plan to become a professor at all.

The academic achievement in ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was enough for him.

He would also rather do that type of research than become a professor.

“Hmm, are you going to give an answer to that discussion on the internet?” Shui Qingshan asked, 

“No need.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I don’t even have a Weibo and don’t have a way to communicate with the, let’s just forget about it.”


Shui Qingshan gave him a thumb up.

People only saw the popularity rise that after a celebrity opened a Weibo.

But numerous didn’t notice the pressure behind it.

Just seeing those comments scolding every day was enough to make anybody irritated.

So that was why there were basically no celebrities who looked at the comments they received.

It was basically handled by their assistant or specialized personnel.

They only gave them their own reply to specific comments or remarks which was also planned.

Didn’t this resemble the celebrities from 30 years ago on how they dealt with the letters the fans sent them.

It was exactly the same!

Chen Huan knew he couldn’t handle it with so much attention right now so he was determined to not open a Weibo.

No matter how bad people were bad mouthing Chen Huan, it wouldn’t affect him without a direct channel for them to communicate with Chen Huan.

He wasn’t that he was afraid of them but there was just no reason for him to deal with it.

He was a person that wanted to climb higher in life and gain more skills and achievements earlier. Dealing with that would only slow down his progress.

As for making money…


It was better to not mention it with the Good Lord here. It would only become saddening.

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