I Know Everything Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Great Mathematician Chen Huan?

It was almost noon when Chen Huan answered Yu Dingbian’s call.

He already received a copy of The Journal of American Mathematical Society a few days ago so he was already prepared for it.

As the saying said, there was no point in wearing fancy clothes if nobody sees it.

After shocking the world with his talents and achievements, wouldn’t that be stupid to keep hiding it?

It would be extremely stupid to keep people from knowing the honor you gained!

In one’s life, one shouldn’t desperately pursue many things but since one already obtained it, there was no reason to reject it.

As for why Teacher Lu Xiaofeng didn’t write hundreds of great songs and establish the greatest reputation in the industry?

So the reason was very simple, it’s so many songs, do you take me as a computer?

He didn’t have that many songs in his memory so there was no reason to pretend as if he had.

As for the hidden identity of Teacher Chu Liuxiang, it was simple.

Creating some sense of mystery was something every great man should have, right?

Wouldn’t it be fun to see their reaction and admiration toward him when they realize he was Chu Liuxiang in the future?


“I really didn’t expect it. it turned out that Professor Devries and Karuide came at the Spring Festival mainly to talk about ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ with you!” Yu Dingbian exclaimed over the phone, “I originally planned for you to build yourself a good foundation for a few years and wait until you are 25 years old before pushing you toward this level of conjecture… who knew that you would progress much faster than anyone thought!”

Advanced mathematics was actually divided into two stages.

The first stage is to solve the problem, to solve all the mathematical numbers.

This was the most important point that pre-graduate students studied.

The second stage was argumentation.

The so-called top ten math problems, seven conjectures and etc… belonged to argumentation.

Argumentation tended to be more complex and ordinary people couldn’t understand it. Even if the argumentation was solved, they wouldn’t understand even if they put all the answers in front of them.

Even many math teachers didn’t understand this aspect of argumentation at all.

It wasn’t they didn’t understand it.it was just they didn’t have the ability to research and learn further into it.

Many people even thought that those problems and conjectures were boring and had no practical use or significance.

But it wasn’t true.

Mathematics was the foundation of all natural science.

These seemingly vague things and argumentation was the foundation of mathematics.

It was precisely in those confusion conjectures and problems where was hidden the most essential part of science.

Not being used now didn’t mean it wouldn’t be used in the future.

Those were important foundations especially in computing or artificial intelligence.

A true mathematician was sculpted by proving those conjectures, problems and in turn proposing conjectures and problems.

Some of the math teachers that were teaching math and arithmetic couldn’t be considered as true mathematicians.

Chang Guancheng and Yu Dingbian were called mathematicians because they contributed in the fields of argumentation in mathematics so they were recognized as real mathematicians by the world.

There were no more than 20 mathematicians like them in China.

In the past, this was something Yu Dingbian felt proud but also sad about.

Right now, he also felt proud but also a bit ashamed.

It was an argumentation on mathematical conjecture and his student actually surpassed them in one go, and stood directly at the forefront of the mathematical field.

He was already so old but he wasn’t as good as a 16 years old! He felt shame!

But Yu Dingbian was very excited at the same time.

‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

It was a problem that was unable to be proven for hundreds of years but it might be proven by his student, how could he not feel proud at that?

Moreover, this last breakthrough was made by a Chinese! This raised the aspiration of the Chinese people!

“The people from above wanted to do a reportage on you but I helped you refuse them.” Yu Dingbian also added, “I said that you were working on ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ and was preparing to tackle ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ so they suspended their interview… but propaganda still needs to be done. However, you don’t need to come forward for it.”

Chen Huan was overjoyed by the news, “Thank you Master!”

He liked to be famous but he didn’t want to be like a monkey in a circus and repeatedly repeat the same thing and take interviews all day long.

“From now on, you can be considered as famous.” Yu Dingbian said with a smile, “But you don’t have to worry, mathematicians are different from entertainment celebrities. After a while, the public attention will shift away. It would not last near as long as your fame as your Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.”

“This is the best.” Chen Huan replied happily.

It was indeed the case.

Entertainment celebrities along with sports celebrities would have continued news and hype on them.

The celebrities in the scientific field lacked popular genes so matter how good they were at their field, the lens and the topic would fade away from them.

“While we are on it.” Yu Dingbian said, “Since ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ is solved and ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ is pretty much solved, does it mean that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ is just a matter of time, right?”

He was quite nervous when he asked this.

There was someone who claimed to have solved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ a hundred years ago but after everyone’s review and arguing, it fell short.

In argumentation, being short was like being a thousand miles away which meant it was completely incorrect. There was no such thing as being half correct.

Chen Huan was now closer to ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ than anybody else but Yu Dingbian was worried that Chen Huan would get stuck at the last step and fall short.

Like any other mathematicians, Yu Dingbian hoped ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ to be proved as soon as possible.

Yu Dingbian felt even more nervous and excited since it was his student.

“We can’t say that it’s a matter of time.” Chen Huan shook his head, “But at least we can hope to succeed. I believe this is the correct path but every step is filled with hardship. I can only continue to try my best to prove it and maybe we will succeed in the end.”

Chen Huan understood that although he had obtained all the proof process of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, he must tell low-key at this moment.

It would be less shocking only if he took it slow.

It would arouse people’s suspicion if he came out of nowhere and solved a world-class mathematical problem.

“Well, it reassure me that you have such a calm mindset.” Yu Dingbian said with a gratified smile, “Just rest for a few days, Me and Old Chang will bring along a few other mathematicians to discuss ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ with you in a few days. All your previous partners at foreigners, it make us feel embarrassed!”

“I look forward to your visit.” Chen Huan quickly expressed his mind.

That group of mathematicians was among the top in China.

With them helping him, wouldn’t he have a comfortable status and job in the future?

With such a backup plan, he wouldn’t have to worry about the future no matter what happened.

Anyways, ‘Advanced Mathematic (Intermediate)’ was more than enough for him to earn his keep and teach math to those students so nobody would be able to doubt his skills!

Yu Dingbian didn’t lie to him as after confirming that Chen Huan was that 16 years old high school second year, the state owned news immediately started to report on him.

This news directly made it to the news on 7pm TV.

“Chen Huan, second year high school student of Virtuous Middle School at Lin’an Zhejiang Province, has made outstanding contributions toward ‘Fermat’s Theorem’. This means that humanity has taken a step closer toward the proof of the world-class mathematical conjecture. Student Chen Huan…”

The news reported on Chen Huan for a full minute and showed Chen Huan pictures five times!

This was already the level of treatment that only an outstanding scientist could get.

While CCTV generously praised Chen Huan, he also heard a sound from the system.

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak chicken host not only took another step toward the proof of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ but also was recognized as a great mathematician and attracted plenty of attention.”

“In order to further encourage the host, the system will give out a bad luck charm.”

People couldn’t react to it at first.


A second year high schooler actually made outstanding contribution toward the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’?!

Did they make a mistake!??

Everyone that went to school had heard of the seven major mathematical conjectures before. Although they didn’t understand ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, they knew it was something very difficult.

It was at the same level as the ‘Goldbach’s Conjecture’.

People had tried to prove the conjecture for hundreds of years but if it was our Chinese people who took it to the next step?

And he was still a second year in high school?

Since when did the mathematical field have such a genius?

There was a post on the internet that was liked and reposted like crazy at that moment.

It was from I Like Mantis Shrimp’s Weibo and she was Chen Huan’s huge fan.

Her post only wrote a single sentence with a picture.

The picture showed Chen Huan in a white robe playing the flute.

At the Gala when ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was performed, people already took hundreds of picture of Chen Huan unmatched handsome appearance and it circulated everywhere on the internet. It was unknown how many people put it as their lockscreen on their phones.

That picture was taken by I Like Mantis Shrimp when she was at the Gala.

She hadn’t posted it before.

It was a great sight now that everyone saw it.

But it was the sentence written that stunned everyone.

“Congratulations to Student Chen Huan for having his ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ being posted by one of the top journals in the worlds, the Journal of American Mathematical Society, and also for becoming the mathematician at the forefront in the research for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’!”


No way!?

Everyone realized at that moment that the Chen Huan in the news broadcast was the unparalleled handsome teenager Chen Huan!

But it could only be him, right!?

Wasn’t Chen Huan from Virtuous Middle School, him? Wasn’t he Sister Xiaofeng!?

But this was too unbelievable!

Wasn’t he writing songs? Why did he go to solve a math conjecture!?

And it was such a difficult one too!!

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