I Know Everything Chapter 206

Chapter 206: It’s really you!

The Journal of the American Mathematical Society actually published the thesis at noon of February 25th.

It was only distributed in the United States in the past but in the current internet era, it also signed some contracts with European publishers and entrusted them to publish it in Europe.

The cover of this issue of Journal of the American Mathematical Society was ‘CH’s Proposition’. This short title attracted the attention of many.

CH’s Proposition was also known as Chen Huan Proposition had been talked about by a lot of people in the past six months.

Many of the famous mathematicians would talk about the proposal and argue about the process when they get together.

The research on this proposition wasn’t only about the original theory and the people who researched it weren’t only those at the Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences but thousands of mathematicians all over the world.

They didn’t expect it to be proved after just six months and this was too fast for those mathematicians that worked on conjecture that plagued them for hundreds of years.

Since The Journal of the American Mathematical Society published the proof ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’, it meant that it wasn’t gibberish and it was published after multiple mathematicians reviewed it.

It proved that the proposition had been proved since it was published in such a top journal.

Once ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ was proved, the base for ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was set and began the proof process.

As long as ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was proved, the last lock on ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would be lifted and inch closer toward clearing the fog.

Almost all the Europeans and Americans’ mathematicians were excited when they thought that they would be able to see ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ being cracked during their lifetime and started to solemnly read the thesis.

They thanked the first author Chen Huan, the second author Ivan Devries, Gustave, Andre, Robert, Karuide, Beni and a dozen more mathematicians.

It was under their constant research that ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ was proved so everyone was one step closer toward the mathematical gem of the crown.

It was under those circumstances that the public opinion in the United States and Europe started to get agitated.

Although mathematics wasn’t on the mainstream media in the world, it involved a super mathematical conjecture such as ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and it was the biggest step taken in decades so the media obviously talked about it.

The media was also very interested in the first author that put forward ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and also contributed the most in the proving process of it.

But so far, they could only see simple identity information.

“Chen Huan, Lin’an, China, Virtuous Middle School.”

It was that simple.

Such an important proposition and conjecture was actually put forward by a Chinese. This was unbelievable for some people that always claimed that Americans were smarter than Chinese.

Fortunately, mathematicians were simple people.

Professor Devries and others came forward as proof that the whole process of ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ was put forward by Chen Huan.

Chen Huan had shown his outstanding talents during their lengthy discussion and debate.

Professor Devries and Karuide even went to Huajin to discuss with Chen Huan for two nights before they figured out key points of ‘Chen Huan’s proposition’.

Those professors wouldn’t deceive the public so it proved that Mr. Chen Huan was a genius in mathematics.

The doubts slowly stopped after well-known mathematicians endorsements.

It was because of those skepticism and controversy that the Chinese in the United States learned about Chen Huan’s thesis.

Su Wei, who just called, was the one that was responsible for figuring out this matter.

Once they verified the identity of the person, they would immediately send the news back and the country would report it in detail.

Such a top mathematical conjecture had never been led by a Chinese person. if it was true, it would be a great boost in confidence for all Chinese.

The first thing he did was to find Zhu Xiaoxi’s number.

After a bit of misunderstanding, he sadly had to give up.

Chen Huan was definitely not a mathematician. There were very few professors at the level of Professors Devries in China and it was impossible for him to be a teenage student.

So Su Wei immediately called his colleague in China and asked them to ask renowned mathematicians if there was any mathematician that was named Chen Huan or similar sounding name.

The first person they asked was the directors of the mathematics department in Peking University Chang Guancheng.

Chang Guancheng was also baffled by it as he also grew curious after reading the thesis.

If they still couldn’t find it, then they could go ask those second authors of the thesis.

However, he wasn’t very close to Professor Devries but Yu Dingbian was quite close to Professor Karuide as they had been friends for a few decades.

So he called Yu Dingbian.

Yu Dingbian naturally saw the thesis but like Su Wei, he didn’t believe it was written by his student Chen Huan.

There must be some mistake somewhere.

With that in mind and after hanging up a call with xx, Yu Dingbian called the UK where Professor Karuide was.

“Mr. Chen Huan?” Professor Karuide softly nodded before he said, “He didn’t want to reveal his identity before but now that the thesis has been published, he doesn’t need to hide it anymore.”

“He’s really called Chen Huan?” Yu Dingbian heard the pinyin over the phone.

“Yes, his name is Chen Huan.” Professor Karuide had much contact with Chen Huan so he could accurately pronounce his name, “It’s a very strange things now that we talk about it, Mr. Chen Huan is only a student and 16 years old in second year at high school. But unexpectedly, he is so talented and a real genius!”


Second year in high school!?

Chen Huan!?

Yu Dingbian stopped to breathe.

He wasn’t wrong.

How could a journal as prestigious as The Journal of the American Mathematical Society misspell the first author of the thesis? They were right all along!

That great mathematician was called Chen Huan!

And he was also at Virtuous Middle School in Lin’an!

However he was not a teacher but a student!

Oh My God!!!

Chen Huan, it turned out that it was really you!!!

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