I Know Everything Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Mistaken?

February 26th.

The principal of Virtuous Middle School Zhu Xiaoxi took a rare rest and sat in his home teasing his favorite bird.

He didn’t have many hobbies at middle ages but raising birds was one of them.

For this reason, he bought a small villa with a loan in order to have a yard and lawn to raise birds.

Zhu Xiaoxi raised a total of 8 birds and had 20 bird cages so the view in his lawn was quite a sigh.

Thanks to him being a principal of a school otherwise who knew how many complaints he would have received with all the chirping early into the morning.

It was also for that that Zhu Xiaoxi went out of his way to help the neighbors’ children to get into a good school so that was why the two neighbors family decided, “Principal Zhu, raise them as you please, we’ll just take them as alarm to wake up in the morning!”

“Dad, you have a call!”

While Zhu Xiaoxi was playing with the bird, her daughter loudly said after opening the sliding door of the living room.

“Who it is?” Zhu Xiaoxi asked casually.

“I don’t know, it starts with a 001 and seems to be from the United States.” Her daughter answered.

“The United States?” Zhu Xiaoxi scoffed, “Scammers really know how to pretend now, hand it up for me!”

There were more and more scammers and fraud on the internet this year. Many calls claimed to be from abroad and many people were fooled by it. It even ended up on the news.

“No, this number has been called three times already and doesn’t seem to want to stop at all.” Her daughter said, “How about you answer it for a moment? What if there’s really something?”

“Alright, give it to me!”

Zhu Xiaoxi said.

The phone stopped as the daughter made her way over but it ringed again when she arrived in front of him.

“Here, this is the fourth time.” His daughter said.

Zhu Xiaoxi nodded and thought it was really strange.

“Hello.” Zhu Xiaoxi took the call.

“Hello.” A man’s voice came from the phone and spoke in mandarin, “I am Su Wei, the second secretary at the China Embassy in the United State. May you be the Principal of Virtuous Middle School Zhu Xiaoxi?”


It turned out to be a scammer!

Zhu Xiaoxi had a cold smile as he just hung up the phone.

“The person on the phone said he was the second secretary of the China Embassy in the United States. Haha!” Zhu Xiaoxi gave the phone back to his daughter, “The scammers today’s even use the flag to get one over on us!”

“Haha!” His daughter also laughed with him.

You could have said anybody but said you were the secretary of an embassy, who are you trying to scare?

But the phone rang again the next moment.

Her daughter didn’t tell him this time and just hung up after seeing the number.

The calls stopped after that.

But the phone started to ring again after ten minutes.

Zhu Xiaoxi returned to the living room after playing with the birds. He happened to pick up the phone and saw it was the number from an old friend.

“Hey, Old Li, what are you doing?” He said to the phone with a laugh.

“Cut the crap, Old Zhu, did you just hang up on the second secretary of Chinese Embassy in the United States?” His friends directly asked.

“Huh? How did you know? Did you also get htat scammer?” Zhu Xiaoxi asked as he laughed.

“Scammer your ass! He’s real!” His old friend responded with a bitter laugh, “Secretary Liang from the Municipal Government called me to let you know as soon as possible! He will call again, there’s something he wants to discuss!”

“Huh?!” Zhu Xiaoxi unconsciously had a wry smile on his face.

Zhu Xiaoxi’s attitude completely changed when the call from the United States came again, “Hello, Secretary Su, I’m sorry, I thought it was a scammer so I hung up directly.”

“It’s alright.” The voice on the other side eased after hearing his explanation, “Principal Zhu, I came to ask you today if you have a teacher named Chen Huan in your school?”

“Chen Huan? Teacher?”


“No, no.” Zhu Xiaoxi shook his head, “We don’t have a teacher with that name.”

“Weird.” Su Wei said with confusion, “I didn’t spell it wrong… think about it, maybe it’s not a Teacher currently teaching.”

“I’m familiar with all the teachers in our school and there’s definitely no such person.” Zhu Xiaoxi made that clear before he said with hesitation, “But there’s somebody called Chen Huan in our school.”

“Oh, who is he then?” Su Wei got curious.

“He’s a second year in our school.” Zhu Xiaoxi said.

“Huh…” Su Wei laughed dryly when he said this, “It seems that I made a mistake. I’m sorry for disturbing you during the New Year’s Festivities.”

Seeing he was about to hang up, Zhu Xiaoxi wanted to probe a little more, “Is there anything wrong since you’re asking this?”

“Oh, there’s a very sensational paper published in one of the United States’ top mathematical journals. The author is Chinese and from Lin’an.” Su Wei explained while he was at it, “But because the school and the name is in Pinyin, maybe we made a mistake!”

Zhu Xiaoxi was stunned, “Mathematics? Chen Huan?”

“Yes.” Su Wei sighed, “But it’s impossible for a 17 years old, how could he….”

He didn’t finish what he said and obviously felt that there was nothing more to say either.

But Zhu Xiaoxi couldn’t help but say, “What a coincidence! Student Chen Huan from our school is a famous math genius! He was selected to represent our country at the International Mathematical Olympiad in the United States after the Winter Camp last month!”

“Huh!?” Su Wei was shocked, “He’s a math genius? But… it’s still impossible! No matter how much a genius he is, it’s impossible for him to write this thesis!”

“What thesis?” Zhu Xiaoxi couldn’t help but insist, “What if he really did?”

“Haha.” Su Wie laughed, “It’s not that I look down on him but this thesis is related to a very important mathematical problem which attracted a lot of attention in the United States and the world. It was also published at the Journal of the American Mathematical Society which was at the same standing as journal like Biology, Science and Cell Press!”

“For more than a hundred years, our country’s mathematicians were only being able to publish 5 times in it! Those mathematicians were the absolute best in our country! You said your student can write a thesis at this level, aren’t you looking down too much on mathematicians!?”

Zhu Xiaoxi got silent.

He didn’t know what the Journal of the American Mathematical Society was.

But he knew that those that were published in journals like natural science were known internationally.



Cell Press.

Those three were like a badge of honor for the scholars.

Anyone that could publish in those journals would be qualified to teach in a world class school even if they didn’t achieve anything else for the rest of their life.

Chinese scholars didn’t publish more than 100 papers in those journals and not more than 50 people were able to do it.

50 people weren’t a lot.

One would know how few these 50 people were if they counted all the professors and teachers in China.

It proved how high of a standing the Journal of the American Mathematical Society had if it could be compared with the other three.

Although Chen Huan was a genius and crushed his peer in the winter camp, he couldn’t reach that level.

This should be a thesis that only people at the caliber of Yu Dingbian and Chang Guancheng were able to write.

What a shame!

Their Virtuous Middle School would be super nutty if it was really Chen Huan who wrote it!

Zhu Xiaoxi shook his head with a smile.

He was too naïve.

How could a sophomore in high school be able to write such a thesis?

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