I Know Everything Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Valuable Advices!

However as Cui Zhong said, the entertainment industry in China was different than 20 years ago.

China’s entertainment industry in the past was subject to many conditions such as money, image, ability, experience, environment and etc… so it was rare to even see a real singer.

So the various singers were all single specific singers cultivated by the system.

Tang Yuan was actually one of them but he was very talented so he finally rose up from the mass.

So it was an incredible thing that Su Mo was able to come out from that era.

Su Mo drove the entire music industry to develop and was also an important reason for the continuous progress of modern singing in China.

He worked tirelessly to influence the people’s taste in music so the entire music industry in China wasn’t completely taken by foreign singers.

It was the case thirty years ago as English singers accounted for half the market in China music industry and it was the same case for Japanese and Korean singers a dozen of years ago.

At that time, China only had Tang Yuan, Su Mo, Zhou Jing and Xu Ping. They carried the banner and supported it with great difficulties.

It was alright now. With the economic development of the country, people had more money and more confidence.

Although there were still many people who preferred foreign music, there were more and more people who started to like domestic music.

The endless stream of new musicians and singers were the proof of it.

They would never be famous without the customers’ loves and purchases.

But it was still harder for a band than individual singers.

This could be seen from the fact that none of the current empresses or small empresses were from a band.

There were many emperor level bands in foreign land that ranked in the top ten or five in their music industry.

China’s bands were basically only the rock bands that were famous.

There were pop bands too but they were at best well known but never reached the level of small empresses or empresses.

And as Cui Zhong said, a girl band with more than ten members had never appeared before.

Bands weren’t the more people, the better. It involved a lot of things.

It not only required a lot of manpower on their songs, dance choreography etc… Each girl also needed to carve out their own personality.

Singer that only looked good without personality wouldn’t succeed.

Cui Zhong asked Chen Huan’s opinion on this but he didn’t expect him to come up with any plans at all.

It was in fact a form of respect and wanting to hear an outside opinion for reference.

This also showed that Cui Zhong attached importance to this girl band and really wanted to do something different with it.


But Chen Huan knew exactly what to do with a girl band.

In 2018, China produced an 11 person girl band.

They became the number one girl band as soon as they debuted. They killed everyone in their path and stunned everyone.

They may have set even more storms if they didn’t have set back during their run for various reasons.

Chen Huan happened to be in that era he knew clearly how they debuted, stood firm and developed.

Although they had many similarities with the girl bands in Japan and Korea, they also did a lot of things right for a band in that era and also used the internet to build up the hype before succeeding right at the gate.

It was only 2015 now but with the various training and preparation, it would be in the second half of the year when they debut and it would have much difference from his previous life.

The most important thing was the success of the Rocket Girls in his previous life was hugely due to Daddy Tencent. Their selection in the reality TV Show in Tencent Video served as a huge advertisement.

In this world, wasn’t Cui Zhong’s girl band backed by Shanhai Streaming that were the second streaming service in China? And the biggest private company in China Shanhai Group?

They should be successful with such a powerful backer!

After thinking about it, Chen Huan asked, “What do you expect from this girl band?”

“My expectation?” Cui Zhong thought about it before saying, “It would be obviously great if they could make it and survive in the industry! It would be even better if they could persist for at least a few years. We can then get the experience to create more similar bands and even boy bands! You already know it, there are very few place our company could pierce through in the music industry. Idol bands are a great way to make into the industry.”

So it was the case!

Chen Huan understood their plan only at that moment.

Shanhai Streaming had in fact several singers, all of them were second or third rate singers and quite popular as they still have a lot of influence toward young people.

Chen Huan originally thought that Cui Zhong wanted him to write some songs for one of them but it seemed that Cui Zhong was much smarter than he thought.

Those singers already settled their status and even if he gave them a song, it wouldn’t do a lot of change.

It was much better to give it to new singers and let fans settle on the new thing.

For an upstart like Shanhai Streaming, a single new singer wasn’t as good as an idol band.

Because very few companies had done girl bands before so they would have many advantages for doing so and also wouldn’t be compared to others.

There were also less constraints.

The key point lies in Cui Zhong’s mentality.

As the director of Shanhai’s actors department, he wasn’t planning to get them to the top right at the beginning but wanted to do it slowly and surely so they didn’t collapse.

This mentality was the most suitable for the entertainment industry.

If they had the wrong mentality and wanted to directly push them to become into a small empress or empress level while splashing tens of million in it, there was a huge change for it to collapse.

Only those who were fully prepared and worked hard without having huge expectations would succeed in the end.

For example, Ning Wu was like that and was fully prepared when he made Guan Yili debut so he was able to quickly become famous with just one classic song.

“I can write a song for them and guarantee they will get popular from it.” Chen Huan said, “But if you’re willing to listen to my suggestion, I have a good plan that can give them a better chance to succeed.”

“Alright.” Cui Zhong was energized.

It must be something good since Teacher Lu said so.

An idea from a genius like him was very important.

“Don’t you have the platform of Shanhai Streaming? Before debuting the girls, you can just have them do a season of reality TV show, the girls that get the best results in the end will form a band to debut.” Chen Huan said, “The audience may even become fans if they get impressed during the show.”

“Like that, they would get many fans before they even debuted. It isn’t better than your heavy promotion but the fans wouldn’t know the girls’ personality and who to like so isn’t doing this make things clearer?”

Cui Zhong’s eyes lit up at that.

There were still many reality shows today.

Many copyrighted programs brought from abroad or a program they made themselves were broadcasted in each days in different TV stations.

There were definitely a lot of singers on trial shows.

But there was no one who did a singer’s trial shows where those selected formed a band to debut.

In the show’s competition, everyone wasn’t only competing in individual skills but also teamworks… wasn’t this kind of show had a lot of things to watch?

Wouldn’t their personalities, temperament, ability, team spirit and etc… be the best advertisement?

The key point was that Shanhai Streaming was already doing variety programs. Debuting and producing such a female band with their own company by using their own video streaming service, wasn’t that benefit only Shanhai Streaming?

“Great! This is truly the best of both worlds!” Cui Zhong couldn’t help but exclaim out loud, “I often hear that good plans are worth a lot of money and after listening to Teacher Lu, I felt enlightened and felt my thought suddenly cleared away! Thank you so much!”

After a bit, he suddenly said, “However, they already decided on the dozens girls who will debut. If we make such a show, wouldn’t it be just an interlude? The remaining 30 members will only be there for show?”

“Who decided on those dozen girls?” Chen Huan asked.

“It’s of course the previous talent agency. Their judgment is pretty good.” Cui Zhong answered.

“No matter how good their judgment is, what is the use of it? Will it make the fans buy into the band?” Chen Huan asked again.

“This… this…” Cui Zhong was in doubt.

“Have all of them participate and let the netizens choose the group they think it’s the best so the band has the biggest fan base possible.” Chen Huan said, “This is what idols are in the internet era! They will only be the most approved if it’s something they chose! It will also be easier for the band to succeed like this!”

“I understand now!” Cui Zhong gave a solemn nod, “I neglected the power of the internet too much! Thank you for your reminder!”

He was genuinely grateful for Chen Huan’s suggestion.

One shouldn’t look down on those few sentences as that simple plan was really great and gave them many advantages.

He was willing to pay 1 million just for the idea of the variety show.

Not to mention the plans for the girl band debut.

After the idol girl band debuted like that, they would be able to prosper whether it was in singing, variety programs, TV series or movies!

That was the entire entertainment industry chain, it was perfect!

It suited perfectly Shanhai Streaming that were trying to break into it.

If the princess heard of this plan, she would exclaim in admiration and immediately implement it.

Chen Huan wasn’t that close to Shanhai Streaming and just had a normal cooperation relationship. It was commendable of him to give out such advice.

“I’ll be able to give you the song in a few days.” Chen Huan said, “Whether you release it as a single or use it for the variety show, it’s up to you.”


Cui Zhong felt an urge to go back, “Don’t worry, I will report it immediately to the president after I go back, your song won’t be wasted!”

Chen Huan almost forgot.

Shanhai Streaming already paid the 2 million for the song.

And Chen Huan already donated the money to the kids in the mountainous village.

Chen Huan felt a little melancholic at the thought that nothing was gained from this.

He thought about it. The Good Lord wouldn’t be able to force him to donate if he didn’t get paid, which was also a good thing.

I wouldn’t be able to use the money anyway, why should I care about it then?

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