I Know Everything Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Creditor at the door.

The Gala had ended for several days now and the New Year officially began.

But the aftermath of the Gala didn’t end yet.

In particular ‘Laughter From the Sea’, which was definitely the best show of the night, had attracted a lot of attention.

Whether it was online or offline sales, the ‘Life’s Only Love’ album kept being sold at a crazy rate.

Even during the off season due to the Spring Festival, the sales of the album in music shops and the three major websites were still very high.

The hard copies average 100k copies sold every day, how terrifying was this?

All the people in the music industry were completely stunned by this but they had to believe it.

The three major record companies were the first to move.

Even if they knew that Zhao Changshou said he wouldn’t sing anymore as he had to take care of his wife to help her recover and that spending the rest of his life with his wife was what he cared about but it didn’t mean that they were willing to let the opportunity to make money slip away from them!

As long as they could sign Zhao Changshou, they could just hold 10 concerts for him and had him sing the ten songs in ‘Life’s Only Love’, they would be able to earn more than 10 million per concert by just doing that!

They would strike the iron while it was hot a few months later and release another album, it should at least get half the number of ‘Life’s Only Love’, right?

If things went like this for a few years, how great would the benefits and reputation the company got?

Maybe Teacher Lu would write a few more songs due to this and they might even produce a few more singers like Guan Yili, how could it not be great?

Absolutely brilliant!


However, neither Phoenix Record, Totem Music nor Yanhuang Music succeeded in that.

Zhao Changshou didn’t even answer any call from them. His new phone number was only given to people who helped him.

After they realized they couldn’t contact him, they went to find those people who helped him but found out it was no use.

Director Hua Zhongpu didn’t admit he had the number even if he was going to be beaten to death.

The members of Steed just hung up.

Tang Yuan and Lan Kai went on a vacation in the mountains.

Wang Zhao shut down his phone and himself from the outside world.

Han Dong’er always left her phone to Sun Yan anyway so it was impossible to find her.

The small emperor Fu Bufan admitted he had Zhao Changshou’s number but he said, “Keeping my friends secret is like my personal dignity, asking me to give it out is like asking me to go die, is that what you mean?”

How could they still ask him for the number after he said that?

The sleek Bu Yiyi was much smarter about it.

“Teacher Lu didn’t allow me to tell it to people or he won’t ever give me any song for the rest of my life! Spare me, I’ll thank you back when I become a real singer!” The Young Flower Dan said it so sadly that it made it hard for people to insist.

As for the main boss Chen Huan, not many people were qualified to call him.

And there were no people that could force him to do anything.

Compared with Zhao Changshou, everyone was even more reluctant to have a fall out with Sister Xiaofeng. Otherwise, what were they going to do when they would be unable to get his songs in the future?

Teacher Lu was only 16 years old! He still had at least 40 years for his creative mind. It meant that they didn’t want to develop in the music industry if they dared to offend him.

In other words, offending Teacher Lu was akin to helping their competition.

You would spend a lot of money to cultivate a singer’s popularity and make money from it but suddenly a random person came out of nowhere and sang Teacher Lu’s song to specially compete against your singer… even fools would know the end results.

Even if Teacher Lu’s singer wouldn’t be able to crush their singer, it would be difficult for their singer to succeed after being blocked like that.

A singer and an album take dozens of millions to cultivate so how couldn’t they feel the pain even if only half was taken away?

And that was just only one.

What if it happened a few times?

Would still be able to live?

Therefore, not many people would come call him after Chen Huan shut them down.

To be able to exist at the top of the industry, those bosses were obviously human and wouldn’t do something that stupid.

However, some people would always think of a way.

After a few days, Cui Zhong of Shanhai Streaming came to visit Chen Huan with a bunch of gifts.


He was Chen Huan’s creditor.

Who told the princess of Shanhai Streaming Zheng Rongrong to spend hundreds of million in advertisement to force ‘Love Letter’ into the top 20 box office results of the country?

Such a generous collaborator sent someone over and wanted to continue to work together. Chen Huan had to give some face.

What was the most important thing for someone independent?





Unbreakable will?


It was none of them!

The most important thing was to have a thick tight to hold!

Zheng Rongrong was obviously a super diamond-level and unrivaled thick tight. How could Chen Huan stupidly push it away?

So he agreed to give a suitable song to Shanhai Streaming singers.

In fact, Cui Zhong didn’t care much about it as he didn’t hold much interest toward celebrities such as singers.

Teacher Lu was the best prodigy songwriter so it was obviously best to get some.

But his most important mission was to sign Chen Huan for the princess and make him the head and the superstar of Shanhai Streaming for the next 20 years, just like Chen Hao, Sun Dahe or Jin Weijie.

In Shanhai Streaming, doing what the princess wanted was the top priority so signing Chen Huan was the top priority.

Of course it would be best if Chen Huan also signed a contract as Teacher Lu at Shanhai Streaming at the same time.

But Cui Zhong was almost 40 years old so how could he be so naïve?

It was already a wild wish to hope to sign Chen Huan to an entertainer contract but wanting to include best songwriter Sister Xiaofeng at Shanhai Streaming, they must be dreaming.

So Cui Zhong didn’t have much hope in it.

He was going to start with a small cooperation and slowly cultivate their partnership before talking about other thing.

Once he got used to working with the company, he would start to rely on the company more and Cui Zhong would have an opportunity at that moment.

“Teacher Lu, you’re the talk of the country recently!” Cui Zhong was sitting in the small courtyard of Chen Huan’s home and exclaimed, “If they said that before the Gala you were the best songwriter, then after the gala you cemented your reputation as the greatest in the music industry! This is really unexpected!”

With the Gala and the interview, Chen Huan would be considered as a great noble person of the music industry as long he didn’t do any heinous things.

This had nothing to do with ability and was purely his status manifesting its use.

“Those are just empty praises.” Chen Huan waved his hands with a calm face.

Cui Zhong would definitely think that Chen Huan was pretending if he didn’t know him.

But as long as someone had close contact with Chen Huan, they would know he was like this.

Otherwise could you think that a promising protagonist of a movie that set a box office record would directly go back to school after the movie?

Could you think that the best songwriter of the country that could sell each of his songs for 2 million would obediently go to class every day?

There weren’t many people that would be willing to live an ordinary life if they were in his place.

“I feel that it doesn’t matter what it’s said, the most important thing is what people do.” Cui Zhong exclaimed again, “You have made so much money but you didn’t even buy any luxurious car or house and you didn’t spend your money in any other luxury either but instead did some charity work. A person like that is really worthy of people’s admiration!”

Speaking of this, it really brought sadness.

Chen Huan felt pain in his heart but could only show a big smile.

“Right, I came this time because our company took over a talent agency last year. They have a girl band with more than ten people who are between 16 and 18 years old.” Cui Zhong said, “The company is wondering if this band could work? If it could be successful? Teacher Lu, you’re someone capable in the industry so I want to hear your opinion.”

“What do you think of it?” Chen Huan asked back.

“I think we can give it a try.” Cui Zhong didn’t hide his thoughts in front of Chen Huan, “Japan and Korea all have bands like this and some with even more people. The entertainment industry in China isn’t the same as twenty years ago and should be able to accommodate such a large band. China also doesn’t have any band like that so they should have potential as the first group like that in China.”

“However, most of the band in Japan and Korea doesn’t last long and the bigger the band is, the more it was the case.” Chen Huan reminded him, “For example, the Japanese band with more than 100 members would change their members every two or three years, the things happening around the band must be very complicated.”

“Oh, I forgot to mention that the dozens of members are the final candidates that are waiting for their debuts. They still have around 30 girls in training and waiting for their turns.” Cui Zhong said, “The president went there specially to take a look and found out that the girls were very good. She also thought that the trainers and agents were very professional so she bought the company.”

“What’s next?” Chen Huan asked, “A bold and wise person like Miss Zheng wouldn’t do it without any plans, right?”

“I heard she went there to discuss something at that time and bought the company while she was at it and then gave it to us to deal with it.” Cui Zhong explained with a helpless look, “But with her direction now, everyone is focused on developing in the movie industry and we also have our TV series and streaming service to take care of so how can we also have the time to deal with that?”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile at that.

The princess was indeed the daughter of the richest man in China. The way she used money was so easy going.

Other people bought clothes and shoes like drinking water but she bought companies like it was soy milk and fritters. Her bearing was unmatched.

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