I Know Everything Chapter 202

Chapter 202: 1 masterpiece!!

It wasn’t only the Zhang couple who reacted that way as many youngsters exclaimed in front of their TV.

“Ahhhhh, Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Sure enough! Such a godly man can only be our Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Licking the screen, licking the screen, I can’t help it…”

“You perverted women, why are you only noticing Teacher Lu? Don’t you see that imposing women?”

“Exactly, she has style!”

“I’m studying guzheng and it’s impossible to be as good as her unless you’ve studied ten years of guzheng!”

“It doesn’t matter that she plays well, the key point is she looks so cute, who’s she?”

“Idiot! I knew you guys were fake fans from a single glance! She’s the cute Shui Qianyu in Teacher Chu’s ‘A Bowl Of Plain Noodle’!”

“Yes, I know her too! I went to the small noodle shop to eat, she’s a very cute little lady.”

“I didn’t expect that Shui Qianyu is also so talented. Chen Huan is so fortunate!”

“Hey, don’t spout some bullshit, Sister Xiaofeng is mine!”


The cooperation between Zhao Changshou, Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu became better and better amidst the discussion.

Especially in the middle of the performance when Zhao Changshou took a swing in his bottle of alcohol and yelled. He sang with more energy and freer.

His was one tone higher than when he rehearsed.

But Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were clever so was able to adjust their playing to match him perfectly.

The live broadcast director couldn’t help but sigh in relief after seeing the adjustments.

“These two little fellas have a really promising future.” He turned toward his colleague and said, “Maybe we will see them again at the Gala.”

“Haha, let’s wait and see.” The assistant director said with a nod, “Not to mention that he gained appreciation from the people above by just his songs alone.”

“There’s still the Lantern Festival!” The director suddenly said in realization, “Maybe they will get on the stage again.”

“Haha, do you think Teacher Lu is that shameless? He completely doesn’t care about that achievement at all.” The assistant director said while shaking his head.

“That’s right!”

The director said, “He’s a big figure that could dine with three big singers so the attraction of our Huaxia TV isn’t that big to him!”

Zhao Changshou finished singing while the two chatted.

The melody also slowly drifted away soon after.

At that moment, ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was officially finished.


A thunderous applause was heard.

Zhao Changshou stepped back to stand between Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu before the three of them bowed slightly to the audiences.

The applause at the studio became louder and louder.

The light shining on them also slowly dimmed.

It was also explosive on the internet as a flurry of comments came out.

“So are all of you feeling happy? Am I the only one who’s sad?”

“What? Did you become stupid? Such warm and classic synergy and you’re still sad?”

“The second poster is the one who is stupid! Didn’t you think about that after this, the Grandpa will withdraw to his mountainous village? This song, this performance, it’s a masterpiece!”

“Exactly! I thought of it and there wouldn’t be any classics such as ‘Laughter From the Sea’ anymore! This is probably the reason they are saluting like that, right?”

“No, no! I don’t want to believe it! Grandpa is singing so well and Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan worked so well together, how could it be the end?”

“Haha, do you think with Sister Xiaofeng’s status, he will rely on such a song to survive? Do you think he will come out to play the flute himself if it wasn’t from the Grandpa?”

“The Grandpa already said it was the last time he would perform on ‘I Sing My Song’! He was asked to come tonight and sang one more time but there shouldn’t be a third time!”

“Buhuhuhu…. I want to cry now that you’re talking about it!”

“Idiot! We could hear this version of the song, what’s to be unhappy about? We personally watched the birth of ‘Laughter From the Sea’ and imprinted it into our memory forever, this should be something happy!”


There were really many talents on the internet.

This time’s performance of ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was really a masterpiece.

Zhao Changshou, Chen Huan, Shui Qianyu and even Tang Yuan said that he wouldn’t perform again as he had to take care of his wife.

When she got better, he would take her to sightseeing beautiful places.

They didn’t have the opportunity to live happily for the first part of their life so it was his greatest wish to have the opportunity to make up for it in their old ages.

Everyone felt it was a pity but this was Zhao Changshou’s decision and nobody could say anything about it except Chen Huan.

Chen Huan himself didn’t stop him.

Everyone had their own plans. He was on the contrary happy that Zhao Changshou wasn’t tempted by the fame and money but still persisted with his original plans.

Chen Huan couldn’t handle tragic events in his past life. Even if it was on TV, he would yell at it and never watch that TV series again.

The same goes for movies.

But Chen Huan changed a lot in this world.

His mind became more peaceful and calm.

Sometimes, incompleteness was also beautiful and part of life.

Whether one wanted it or not, whether one saw it or not, they were here and not going away.

Although it was a great shame that the Grandpa wouldn’t perform ‘Laughter From the Sea’ again, it was already great that it ended in such a wonderful way.

Chen Huan was even more reluctant to see Zhao Changshou sing such a song for the rest of his life instead of his current retirement. He would have to go around the country for commercial performances and sing ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

That would be a real joke!

Since Chen Huan didn’t object to it, Shui Qianyu obviously wouldn’t either.

But Shui Qianyu still felt a bit reluctant when she was saying goodbye to the audiences.

She wasn’t reluctant to leave this stage but was unwilling that her first cooperation with Chen Huan would end just like that.

How great would it be if she could do it again?

Xiao Shuishui thought so in her mind.

She thought that Chen Huan was Lu Xiaofeng and Teacher Lu was so talented that how hard could it be for him to make one more great song?

Moreover, he promised her that he would make some guzheng songs for her and have her play at the Golden Hall in Vienna.

Alright, it’s decided!

She would make him accompany her when the time came and have him play the flute in every song!

“Ding Dong!”

“The very observing system saw that the weak chicken host performed perfectly on the Gala and was viewed by more than 4 million people which reached the criteria for triggering a special reward!”

“In order to reward this gaining fame behavior and basing the reward for each 100 million people, the system will give the following rewards.”

“Rewarding one truth talisman, two songs of your choices and the ability to recall a movie perfectly.”

“This time’s rewards are exceptionally generous and the system hopes that the weak chicken host can continue to work hard to continue to achieve greater things so you can get more reward.”

“The Nobody Is Better Than Me System has even more treasured reward to give and they are worth your hard work to obtain them! You can do it, boy!”

Hearing the notification in his mind, Chen Huan revealed a sincere smile as he lifted his head.

Good Lord, it seems that the god that created you came from China.

Because he knew how to give out gifts during the Chinese New Year!

Obtaining so much at one go, this must be a prospering year incoming!

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