I Know Everything Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Look, isn’t this her?

It was soon 9:30pm.

There was a short show before ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

Chen Huan and the other two were waiting in the back and heard constant laughter so they knew it was a good show.

In recent years, in order to cater to the young people’s taste, a lot of sketches, cross talk and songs were made with them in mind.

So many young people returned to watch the Gala on TV but the middle aged and elderly people didn’t like it as they thought it was too noisy.

After all, the rating was everything and the rating of the various programs of Huaxia TV were constantly decreasing every year so they obviously relied on the Gala to boost their rating.

In fact it wasn’t only a problem of TV ratings but the battle between traditional media and emerging media on the internet. It was a battle to grab the viewers!

In this regard, Huaxia TV was a major power doing his parts for the cause.

At this moment, Zhao Changshou had already drunk three mouthfuls of alcohol and had a small bottle of it strapped around his waist.

He would drink a bit from it when he was too nervous.

From the sweat on his face, Chen Huan felt like grandpa would take a few sip later.

It was alright.

Didn’t the original singers of ‘Laughter From the Sea’ drunk when they got the best version and perfectly suited the mood of the song?

Some drunkenness was needed to sing the song so he could sing it freely and heroically with the comfort of not being bound by the shackles of the world.

“Teacher Zhao, Teacher Lu, Student Shui, are you ready?” An excited assistant director asked with a bit of nervousness, “Three minutes before going to the stage.”

“No problem!”

Zhao Changshou answered with a clenched fist and tried to hype himself up.

He also saw his wife laughing while watching the show and that also encouraged him.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu just simply nodded.

The assistant thought that although Teacher Lu and the little sister added together were only 30 years, which was half of Grandpa Zhao, their nerves were much better than Zhao Changshou.

Well, they were background performers and should just concentrate on their own performance.

Unlike Grandpa Zhao who would be under the limelight and be the focus of hundreds of millions of people which was much more tense.

There were old timers that had participated dozens of times that would still make mistakes, let alone a first timer like him.


In the pursuit of realness, it was impossible to lip sync otherwise it would be impossible to fail.

As the assistant director was lost in his thoughts, a huge cheer was heard as the sketch was done.

The host on the other side was already laughing as he presented the next performers.

Zhao Changshou walked out in a big strike with Chen Huan following him with a flute in his hand. Shui Qianyu didn’t hold anything as there were naturally staff helping her carry the guzheng and the stool.

The camera on TV was still pointed at the host but the audience in place could already see them preparing.

Many people cheered at the sight.

Especially I Like Mantis Shrimp Dai Rongrong whose eyes were almost glued to Chen Huan.

The three people put on some ancient style costumes. Zhao Changshou looked quite ordinary.

But Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were completely stunning.

Chen Huan had grown to 175cm and wore a white Hanfu. He looked surprisingly stylish and elegant in it, his handsomeness was very evident to the world.

Shui Qianyu wore a red Hanfu.

Girl’s favorite clothes colors were generally white followed by black but very few girls dared to wear shiny red clothes.

The reason was that bright red colors weren’t something that anybody could pull off.

The elegant white or the cold and mysterious black could be more easily pulled off by the girls.

Countless people’s hearts shook when they saw Shui Qianyu nonchalantly walk toward the guzheng and sat.

Shui Qianyu was very sweet and the red color was very gorgeous but on Shui Qianyu, it gave a feeling of purity.

Large red clothes, white and beautiful faces, big and energetic eyes…

With all the combination, Shui Qianyu pulled the outfit brilliantly and also happened to complement the one Chen Huan’s wore which was worthy of his reputation as a golden couple.

“We heard a very heroic song this winter and we met a very strong Grandpa that is filled with love for his wife.” When the hostess heard the reminder from the director in her ear buds, she started to introduce, “I believe the people don’t need more introduction, everyone must know who he is, right?”

“Zhao Changshou!!!”

The audience yelled out loud.

“Exactly!” The male host waved his hand and said, “Let us welcome Zhao Changshou’s ‘Laughter From the Sea’!”

A warm applause was heard in the studio.

At that time, Zhang Yaya was already in front of her TV.

Her father Zhang Duocai got curious and asked, “Yaya, how come you’re watching TV today?”

“Right, don’t you hate those ancient things the most?” Her mother Wang Wei was also a bit shocked, “It is because there’s a celebrity you like?”

“Not a celebrity.”

Zhang Yaya looked at the time and it was 9:30pm, ‘Laughter From the Sea’ would soon begin.

Whether her guess would be correct or not would be known in a few minutes.

“It’s good that it’s not for a celebrity.” Zhang Duocai said with a nod, “What’s a mere celebrity? It’s just an actor! Our Zhang Family used to be a scholarly family and although your dad and grandfather have nothing to do with it, my daughter is and she will definitely be a talented and knowledgeable person. It’s best to not mingle with boring people like celebrities”

The Zhang family’s business was founded by Zhang Duocai’s father and they left the scholar world at that time which they felt somewhat regretful.

“You can’t say something like that and not all celebrities are bad.” Wang Wei disagreed with him, “Isn’t Zhao Changshou from ‘I Sing My Song’  a good example? There’s still the pride of Lin’an, Teacher Lu, aren’t he a genius? How much money did they donate? Especially Chen Huan who had donated millions at such a young age, will a child like him have a bad character?”

Zhang Duocai could say nothing.

He couldn’t say anything against Zhao Changshou as he was just filled with love for his wife and became a model set by Zhejiang TV before Huaxia rocketed him toward heaven.

Teacher Lu was about the same as he had accomplished impressive things at such a young age and Zhang Duocai had even praised him before.

“I was talking about the kind of celebrity who doesn’t have much talent and relied on their faces to gain popularity, those kinds of people weren’t worthy of admiration.” Zhang Duocai immediately changed what he said, “Yaya, you should have more contact with people like Chen Huan for example.”

“Speaking of Chen Huan, he’s really good.” Wang Wei said in agreement, “But he’s too handsome, who knows how many women he would be with, he may even marry multiple wives.”

In the world, not many people married multiple wives but it wasn’t that rare either.

Wealthy people usually had a few wives and those successful business men with a few hundreds of millions to assets would have two or three wives. For example, the School Flowers in his schools, at least half of them had other moms.

But Zhang Duocai loved his wife and daughter too much and was unwilling to marry another one. He was a rare man amongst those with tens of billions yuan in assets.

“How can there not be women pursuing a great man?” Zhang Duocai said, “If our daughter likes a man that no other woman likes, do you think it’s better that way?”

Wang Wei was speechless.

Zhang Yaya was amused by this, “Alright, don’t talk about it anymore. If I like Chen Huan, I’ll get him when I grow up. But if I don’t like him, it’s pointless no matter how good looking he is or how talented he is.”

The couple couldn’t help but laugh after what their daughter said.

Their daughter was really worthy of being a genius as she already had her own thoughts while being so young.

“It’s starting!”

Wang Wei’s attention was stirred as soon as the host said ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

The camera turned toward the stage.

Zhao Changshou stood alone on stage with a thin drape hiding the flute and guzheng player behind.

“Why is it blocked again!?”

Wang Wei was one of those middle aged women that likes to gossip so she was very interested by the two mysterious instrumentalists.

“Exactly, why is Huaxia TV trying to be mysterious?” Zhang Duocai was like his wife, “But the drape today is much thinner and I can see they are wearing ancient style clothes. The man is wearing a white robe while the woman is wearing a red robe.”

Zhang Yaya just snorted.

As everyone expected, the flute started to play out.

The ethereal and clear sound from the flute made people feel really comfortable and soothing.

The sound of the guzheng was heard immediately afterwards. The two didn’t steal their counter limelight at all but were in perfect harmony.

“Mmh, this guzheng player is about as good as our Yaya.” Zhang Duocai said, “I went to buy the CD and I love listening to this song, the prelude is my favorite part.”

“Her level is indeed similar to mine.” Zhang Yaya agreed.

“Why? You know her?” Wang Wei asked in confusion, “Why I never heard you mention her before?”

“Haha.” Zhang Yaya laughed coldly, “I don’t want to think of that smelly girl’s name.”

“Shui Qianyu!?”

Wang Wei blurted out.

Zhang Yaya in all her life only called her ‘smelly girl’.

“It can’t be?” Zhang Duocai didn’t believe it, “How could Shui Qianyu be propelled into the stage? Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s song is very professional!”

“As long as the songwriter is called Lu Xiaofeng and as long as Lu Xiaofeng is that smelly girl’s childhood sweetheart, then everything is possible.” Zhang Yaya calmly said.

“A Laughter From the Sea, both shores’ tides were washed away…”

Zhao Changshou started to sing with passion at that moment.

If someone carefully observed, he was more nervous and his voice slightly trembled compared to when his sung it in ‘I Sing My Song’.

But it didn’t matter as most viewers were casual and ordinary people that wouldn’t detect the slight flaw.

They just enjoyed the great song.

‘Laughter From the Sea’ was absolutely a classic.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel immersed in it as Zhao Changshou walked around and sung loudly.

After a while, the singing stopped as the ensemble from the instruments continued but the drape was slowly being taken away to reveal the two people’s faces.

The first thing people noticed was the sitting Shui Qianyu.

Shui Qianyu had her head bowed down but at the instruction of the director from the ear bud, she raised her head and smiled at the camera.

“Look, isn’t it her?” Zhang Yaya said as she pointed to the girl in red Hanfu.

Her guess came true but she wasn’t happy at all.

The gap between them wasn’t big at the beginning but since Chen Huan exploded in popularity was known to the world, the gap between them widened.

Shui Qianyu not only performed at Zhejiang TV but also at Huaxia TV, how great was that?

It was ridiculous that those people who participated in the musical instrument competition of Zhejiang thought that Shui Qianyu was running away from the battle. They are too arrogant and ignorant!

Zhang Duocai and Wang Wei were dumbfounded.

But they were even more stunned the next moment.

Because it was Chen Huan who was playing with Shui Qianyu.

It was actually Teacher Lu!?

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