I Know Everything Chapter 200

Chapter 200: New Year’s Eve, Before Stage.

Wednesday February 18th, New Year’s Eve.

No matter how dissatisfied the people were and how much they complained, the Gala was the program with the highest rating and viewers of the year.

They didn’t have to care about what the young people said as long as they were over 30 years old, they would obediently go watch the Gala.

This was about the same custom that the Japanese people had.

Young Japanese people were very enthusiastic about bread, milk and western food but after the age of 50, they would return to the life of rice, miso soup and Japanese cuisine.

The Gala had already become an indispensable part of the Chinese people.

In the afternoon, it was bustling like a farmer market at the studio hall of Huaxia TV.

Here, people could see big name celebrities walking around in simple clothes and could see the beautiful and elegant female celebrities yelling about something.

There was a group of dancers that were already ready but couldn’t help but tremble in nervousness due to the busy and tense atmosphere.

In addition, they ate their lunch earlier since they weren’t allowed to eat in the evening due to fear of something unexpected happening during their performance so they get hungry at 5 or 6 pm.

Fortunately, people were well fed now and skipping a meal wasn’t a big deal.

Chen Huan, Shui Qianyu and Zhao Changshou all sat in a small room.

They have already finished with their makeup and only waited for their turn.

Because ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was an appointed performance, they were treated very well and could seat in a small private room as they waited comfortably with the heater on.

Many actors, especially the dancers, would be lucky to have stools to sit in the corner of the hall so some of them just simply sat on the ground. It was completely different than from the glamorous image they would show on the stage.

The Gala started the moment it reached 8pm.

Jiang Hui left the room earlier and went to the spectator seats so she could happily watch the show.

Zhao Changshou was a little nervous because it was the first time he would be on a stage like that even if he rehearsed multiple times on it already.

The closer it was to the time for him to perform, the more nervous he was.

The main events of the Gala were at 9pm and 10pm.

 For example, the most important speech would be held after 10 pm because most people would be tired after watching it for two hours as around that time, people would have their big dinner that could support them to continue watching until the New Year’s bell.

Although there were fewer and fewer people who watched the Gala until midnight as it was less than one-third of the nation’s population, they still kept the speeches part.

The 9pm period was usually the most important part for the singing section.

Therefore ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was arranged in that time slot.

To be more precise, it would be at 9:35 pm.

There was a small kettle on the table and others may have thought it would be water but Chen Huan knew it was alcohol in it.

During the rehearsals, Zhao Changshou didn’t drink alcohol so he could increase his performance appeal but he would need to drink some alcohol during the real performance in order to calm his nerves and put himself in the mood.

It was 8:30 pm now and Zhao Changshou kept looking at the kettle as he obviously wanted to drink.

Chen Huan didn’t mention it but talked about other things to distract him.

“Grandpa, guess how much our album sold?” The teenager asked.

“How much?” Zhao Changshou thought about it before he said, “It reached 7 million online sales last week right? and hard copies seemed to have reached 400k? Now it should be 10 million online sales and 600k offline, right?”

Zhao Changshou understood music better after making an album.

He certainly didn’t understand the complicated stuff but he could still understand that the sales numbers would drop after some times.

This wasn’t common sense.

Some people’s albums were low from the beginning and didn’t even have the chance to slowly dwindle.

‘Life’s Only Love’ was a typical superb album. The title the public gave it went from never seen before for the last 10 years to never seen before the last 30 years.

30 years…

If it was 30 years, where do they put Tang Yuan and Su Mo at their peak?

Where were they when the other party sold five to six million hardcopies?

No matter how great ‘Life’s Only Love’ was, it was absolutely impossible for it to exceed 3 million hard copies. This was something that Chen Huan even admitted to Tang Yuan and Su Mo during the dinner.

It couldn’t be helped.

How could today’s youngsters have the time to play hard copies?

Downloading it with their phones was already a big support.

Of course, one could say that the digital album sales of ‘Life’s Only Love’ would be difficult for the three emperors to catch up.

It exceeded 7 million downloads in less than two weeks and ranked first in China.

Guan Yili had set a sales record for a single not long ago. His throne hadn’t been established for long before it would be overtaken by ‘Life’s Only Love’.

Moreover, ‘Life’s Only Love’ was an album while ‘Tolerance’ was a single.

Everybody could see how impressive the album was from this.

“Grandpa, you underestimated the power of Huaxia TV.” Chen Huan laughed, “As of yesterday’s data, we sold 15 million online copies and 800k offline copies.”

“What?” Zhao Changshou got his mind off that he was about to get on the stage and said, “That many!?”

“This can’t be considered as a lot.” Chen Huan shook his head.

“Not a lot?” Zhao Changshou opened his eyes wide and said, “I heard them say that even Teacher Tang online sales are only 5 million and while hard copies are 200k! Our results are already very impressive! It is already a very good surprise that we get such a huge increase after two weeks!”

His words were a bit ambiguous but Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu knew that when Zhao Changshou said ‘Good Surprise’, he was referring to having more donations and not getting more money.

He already said he would donate the rest of the money after paying all the necessary expenses.

“It’s definitely a lot compared to normal people and Huaxia TV’s interview certainly helped.” Chen Huan explained, “But you forgot that we are about to perform at the Gala. The promotion value of doing this is absolutely beyond your belief. Although you won’t appear on this stage again, your album will definitely benefit from it.”

“So it can increase a lot again?” Zhao Changshou also couldn’t help but look forward to it.

This album was the culmination of his entire life and even if he wasn’t well known, it was unavoidable that he would leave his name in the music industry,

“It should at least double.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “One month after the Gala, it would definitely have a 50% increase, just wait and see!”

Zhao Changshou’s breath quickened when he heard Chen Huan.

He knew everyone’s sales prediction.

If it really was as Chen Huan predicted, his name would be remembered for hundreds of years even if he didn’t want to!

Zhao Changshou looked forward to the show now that he thought about it.

He clenched his fists and inwardly encouraged himself.

Old Zhao, Old Zhao, whether it’s to help Teacher Lu, your wife or yourself, you have no reason to fail this performance!

He looked up at the time and it was almost 9pm.

Zhao Chanshou took a deep breath and took a sip of his drink.

The burning white alcohol flowed into his throat and brought him some heat.

This heart was like how his heart felt, burning hot.

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