I Know Everything Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Talking Freely.

Fei Qingyang was really not joking around.

He was still chatting with Chen Huan about songs after the foods came out.

“Both Brother Yuan and Brother Mo think that I have a very deep and magnetic voice but I just can’t sing those high-pitched and technical songs. It really vexed me quite a lot.” Fei Qingyang said, “They said I’m only suitable to sing catchy songs! What a joke! Do I look like someone who has no aspiration? So I won’t make an album before I find suitable songs!”

Chen Huan nodded at that.

This was the reason he didn’t release any album.

It was no wonder that such a serious person could achieve such a career.

As long as one was not satisfied, he would always try his best to get more.

People were more likely to succeed if they gave their all.

Well, it was easier to succeed but additional factors were still needed if one wanted to succeed such as being lucky.

Fei Qingyang was obviously unsuccessful now.

Chen Huan also could understand Fei Qingyang’s thoughts.

If Fei Qingyang was still the young man that just started, he would definitely release an album to satisfy his desire to sing.

But he was a heavenly king now, how could he shamelessly release bad songs?

Wouldn’t he throw away the work he had painstakingly gained?

Singing was similar to advertisement for those at the level of heavenly king.

They could accept it as long they made money when they just started but they must be cautious the moment they gained some reputation. It would be a very painful thing if they destroyed their image for a little money.

Tang Yuan now advertised for less than 10 brands now.

But how many Bu Yiyi had?

She had more than 30!

The status between the two was completely different! It should be the other way around!

To be even more exaggerated, Su Mo only advertised for 5 brands and all of which he was close to otherwise he would already find it annoying to represent even if there was one or two.

Fei Qingyang was obviously someone that cared a lot about his image.

“Alright, don’t start complaining as soon as you see Xiao Huan to win some sympathy before you ask for a song.” Tang Yuan chipped, “Writing songs is about fate. Xiao Huan didn’t produce any work for several months, right? but as soon as he met Grandpa Zhao, he wrote six popular and classic songs in a row!”

Su Mo smiled and said, “That’s right, look at me, I didn’t even ask yet. I’m waiting for Xiao Huan to make a song that is suitable for me before I’ll run up to him!”

“Can I be compared to you?” Fei Qingyang gave a wry smile, “You already achieved the top in the music industry so it doesn’t matter if you have songs or not. What about me? I just want to wash away my shame in the music scene! Lest people tell me to go back to my movies and stop embarrassing myself in the music industry!”

After a pause, he turned toward Chen Huan and said, “Teacher Lu, can you hear me sing a bit and tell me if I’m a good singer?”

After that, Fei Qingyang sand a few lines of ‘Laughter From the Sea’

Chen Huan slowly nodded as he listened, “Your voice is quite nice.”

His voice resembled how he talked as it was a bit deep and magnetic but his breathing wasn’t good enough and it was obviously innate.

Singers like that could sing some pop songs but would be unable to sing the more difficult ones.

However, a singer like that was definitely not at the level of those godly singers but a singer that could sing songs that suited their voice were already very good.

Fei Qingyang got excited when he heard this and quickly took a glass of alcohol and clinked with Chen Huan before gulping it down, “Teacher Lu, when you have a song that suits me, you must think of me! I, Fei Qingyang, isn’t very skilled but I will never shortchange my friends!”


Chen Huan readily agreed.

There would be many interactions with the entertainment industry in the future. He already have a good relationship with Chen Hao and getting a good relationship with Fei Qingyang, who had also good reputation, was also good.

It was just a song so it wasn’t that difficult with the help of Good Lord.

Right Good Lord?


“Qingyang, you’re so lucky.” Tang Yuan poured him another class of wine, “Since Xiao Huan has promised you, there’s definitely a way for you to get a masterpiece! He was even able to give a song to a singer like Guan Yili so it won’t be a problem for you!”

“Yes, Guan Yili’s voice is really special.” Su Mo also chipped in, “My voice is a bit low and smoky and was considered already as nice. He’s like a man but not like a man, it’s like a woman but not like a woman, I’ve never heard something like this before. But a voice like that singing ‘Tolerance’ was extremely clear and so natural that absolutely nobody will mistake him as a woman! This is the powerful ability of Xiao Huan!”

“Many people already said that Xiao Huan was a master of lyrics and composition, those are not empty flattery!” Tang Yuan exclaimed, “If we met Xiao Huan 20 years ago, we wouldn’t have to work so hard for our fame!”

“That’s not right!”

Chen Huan suddenly looked at him, “You’re praising me so much, are you guys scheming something behind my back?”

“No way!” Tang Yuan gave an honest face, “We’re just admiring your talent, don’t think too much…Come on, let’s drink!”

As he clinked his drink with Chen Huan’s, Chen Huan also drank the juice in his glass.

That’s right.

I’m drinking juices.

He’s just a 16 years old that can occasionally drink alcohol, do you guys even dare to request me to get drunk?

“Speaking of admiration, I have to mention the special edition broadcasted last night.” Su Mo poured wine for Tang Yuan and juice for Chen Huan, “Xiao Huan, Brother Yuan, I toast you! Thank you for being so kind hearted!”

Su Mo was a very emotional person as he usually did and spoke things like this.

When he saw the show last night, he tried to invite Tang Yuan and Chen Huan for dinner impatiently.

Su Mo felt like he couldn’t express his respectfully for people like him no matter how he said it.

The society became less demoralizing because of people like them.

“I just tried my best, it was mainly Xiao Huan.” Tang Yuan also raised his glass and said, “Come on, Xiao Huan, it was great to know you! We are very happy to have someone like you in the music scene!”

“Add me in, toast to you two!” Fei Qingyang smiled and clinked his glass with them, “Be sure to call me if there’s something like that in the future, I still have some money, influence and call some people!”


Chen Huan also made it clear, “I won’t hold myself back with so many powerful and rich people around then!”


So Mo laughed happily.

Tang Yuan and Fei Qingyang also laughed.

The four glasses clinked amidst the laughter.

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