I Know Everything Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Godly Singers’ Banquet.

The impact of the interview broadcasted by Huaxia TV was huge.

This actually solved many mysteries behind the album of ‘Life’s Only Love’ and the things that happened after ‘I Sing My Song’.

Numerous curious people finally had their answers.

Many people who scolded Chen Huan, Zhao Changshou etc… took the initiative to apologize.

“Sorry, I went to scold before I even knew what was really going on! Grandpa, Grandma, please forgive me for being young and ignorant, I’m really sorry!”

“I owe Sister Xiaofeng an apology! You really isn’t someone greedy, with the kindness you showed, I support you being with my idol Han Dong’er!”

“I don’t know what went through me to actually follow those crazy people! Great now, I scolded someone good. I’m such a pig head!”

“It turned out that they were so kind! I was disappointed in society before but this restored my faith in it.”

“Hehe, I already download ‘Life’s Only Love’ on two different phones. Tomorrow, I’ll go buy a hard copy for collection! I’m not doing this for charity but just to support Sister Xiaofeng and Grandpa Zhao!”

“Now that you said that, I’ll go buy it online!”

“Poor students here can only afford the digital version.”


They weren’t apologizing one by one as they went apologized under the comments of those who already did.

Chen Huan didn’t have his own Weibo but I Like Mantis Shrimp’s Weibo was the hub for his fans.

Her post that said ‘Sister Xiaofeng is great’ had 32 million comments in half a day.

The fans of the Happy Fans Group got even more excited as they regretted even less of being part of Chen Huan’s fans.

The power from the show also showed up in real life.

For example, Tang Yuan called Chen Huan.

“Teacher Lu, are you free tonight?” Tang Yuan asked brightly, “Su Mo wanted to invite us for a drink tonight.”

“Who else is going to be there?” Chen Huan asked back.

“Don’t know yet.” Tang Yuan said, “But don’t worry, they are from the same circle even if there are a couple people coming so they won’t bother us.”


Chen Huan readily agreed.

He also trusted in Tang Yuan.

It would be a joke if those irrelevant people could casually come to a dinner between Tang Yuan and Su Mo.

It could be said that singers that weren’t famous didn’t have the qualification to participate.

At 6pm, Chen Huan took a taxi and went to the dinner place.

It was a well-known private restaurant in Huajin.

Tang Yuan’s assistant was waiting at the door and quickly took him into the courtyard when he saw him.

There were a few yellow lights on in the darkened courtyard.

A coffee table was put in the open space of the courtyard and Tang Yuan was chatting with another person that had his back to Chen Huan while drinking tea.

“Hey, Xiao Huan is here.” Tang Yuan said with a smile as he stood up.

Since the two collaborated with the album, Tang Yuan would use a more intimate term instead of always calling him Teacher.

The man in silk clothing that was talking to him also stood up and turned his head back.

Chen Huan was quite surprised when he saw his face.

He thought that High Schooler’s face was the most beautiful in the world.

But the face he was seeing right now wasn’t inferior to himself at all!

It could be said that his face wasn’t as good as the High Schooler but with the years and the mature man aura, High Schooler couldn’t compete against that.

Each had its strong point!

Thoughts flashed by but when the man showed a bright smile, Chen Huan smiled back and stepped forward, “Teacher Su, I heard a lot about you, nice to meet you.”

“What Teacher Su? Just call Brother Mo!” Su Mo saw Chen Huan coming and patted on his shoulder cheerfully as he said, “You’re even more handsome than in the movie, no wonder you’ll be the one surpassing me!”

His easy going personality didn’t suit his handsome appearance.

Moreover, when Su Mo spoke, he could feel the sincerity from it without having to dig deeper.

“Appearances are given by the parents so we can’t use it for comparison.” Chen Huan said, “But I have always admired your achievements and personality Brother Mo, you’re an example that I have to learn from.”

Su Mo’s personality was really nice.

He had been known for his enthusiastic support of the young generation since his debut.

He didn’t like to be too much in the limelight but nobody could hold him down in the music industry even if it was Tang Yuan.

He was a true idol worthy of worship.

Su Mo had always helped Chen Huan and spoke for him whether it was for Zhao Changshou at the finals or when Grandpa Zhao’s album came out.

It was because he did Chen Huan a favor that Chen Huan came here today and not because he was the emperor.


Amidst the laughter, Su Mo took him to his seat, “You admire me but I also admired too! I love every song you made! But unfortunately, none of them suited me otherwise I would have to fight with Brother Yuan!”

“Come on, I’ve already suffered enough.” Tang Yuan poured a cup of tea for Shen Huan, “’Good Man’ should have been mine but look at the result! Brother Sheng has it now and is rising to the top, everyone in the country takes it as a phenomenon and praises him for his style!”

“Isn’t it because of the added popularity of the TV show?” Su Mo said while shaking his head.

‘Water Margin’ was released a month before the Spring Festival and this TV series cost more than 100 million yuan so it attracted a lot of attention. Zhou Pu also filmed it quite well which made the TV series trend as soon as it came out and got a high rating.

The rating of the third episode exceeded 2% which wasn’t something any normal show could do!

Xiangnan TV who spent a lot of money to buy the rights to ‘Water Margin’ was relieved by that.

Thousands of households heard ‘Good Man’ due to ‘Water Margin’ and this gave the Spring Festival a little bit more charm.

Steed also became more popular.

They used to have their own standing amongst the rock fans but after singing ‘Good Man’, they became an idol band.

Only God knew why a group of 40 years old men were called an idol band.

But in any case, Steed had become really popular and that couldn’t be ignored.

Tang Yuan wasn’t jealous of the fame they gained, he was just depressed that such a good song slipped from his hands.

The more ‘Good Man’ prospered, the more regret Tang Yuan felt.

“Oh, this is?”

Suddenly, a question was heard from the door.

When Chen Huan turned his head toward that way, he saw another familiar face. It was the movie superstar and heavenly king Fei Qingyang.

“Qingyang, come comfort your Brother Yuan.” Su Mo said with a smile and waved with his hand but didn’t stand up, “He’s talking about ‘Good Man’ again so accompany him to drink and drink his sorrow away!”


Fei Qingyang gave a smile and walked over but he first greeted Chen Huan, “Hello Teacher Lu! I’m Fei Qingyang!”

“Teacher Fei, I grew up watching your movie, I don’t dare to accept having you call me teacher.” Chen Huan stood up and politely said.

Fei Qingyang suddenly had a bitter expression, “I’m only 35 years old. I feel older than Brother Yuan when you say this!”

“Scram!”  Tang Yuan laughed, “I’m at the peak of my youth!”

Su Mo laughed together with them before he looked at the time and stood up, “Let’s go, the things inside should be ready! Xiao Huan, you’ll be able to taste authentic Imperial dishes today!”


Chen Huan nodded.

He had never eaten imperial dishes whether it was in this life or the previous one.

Although he wasn’t interested in how an emperor lived, enjoying great food was also a pleasure of life!

Fei Qingyang followed after him.

As they walked, he said to Chen Huan, “Teacher Lu, have you heard of my songs?”

Chen Huan was taken aback for a moment.

A movie superstar was talking to him.

Then he remembered that Fei Qingyang was also a singer but he had only released seven or eight singles over the past five years. It was incomparable to the two albums he made when he just started out.

It wasn’t that Fei Qingyang was lazy as in fact this superstar was very hard working.

His calendar was full 350 days every year which meant he would only rest for ten days during the Spring Festival.

It would be without stop the moment work started.

He needed to shoot movies, shoot commercials, do variety shows and also sing… but compared to his acting skills, his singing wasn’t that spectacular.

“I’ve heard it before.” Chen Huan nodded as he thought about it.

“Do you think I have the potential to become a famous singer?” Fei Qingyang looked at him with expectant eyes.

“Aren’t you already a famous singer?” Chen Huan asked in confusion.

Although Fei Qingyang wasn’t at the level of a small emperor, he still often appeared in some commercial performances and the fee for it was quite high.

“Humph, those are just because they are giving me face due to my status as heavenly king.” Fei Qingyang said, “Actually, I don’t have any classics so how can I be considered as a famous singer? You don’t know how much I envy those superstars singer that are singing on the stage. Like Brother Yuan, Brother Mo, that aura, that style, I shan’t say more.”

Chen Huan understood now.

It seemed that the heavenly king didn’t only come here to eat.

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